Ganesh Mantra


Ganesh Mantra: Meaning, Significance and Benefits

Worshiped before any god in the Hindu religion, Lord Ganesh is the god of wisdom and knowledge, and worshiping him will aid in removing any obstacles with ease. Ganpati Bappa, as identified by a large number of people, is the patron of art and science, and is believed to be the most worshiped god of the Hindu religion. It is recommended to honor Lord Ganesh before starting any rituals involving other gods as it was a blessing given to him by Lord Shiva, seeing his love for his mother Parvati.

According to Hinduism, Shree Ganesh indicates the beginning of everything good and positive. Once, Mata Parvati was alone and wanted someone to guard the entrance to their home. She created lord Ganesh with her own hands and powers. As she was inside, lord Shiva returned and had his encounter with Lord Ganesh. Since maa Parvati asked lord Ganesh not to let anyone in while she was inside, Lord Ganesh did not let lord Shiva in, and he didn’t know his actual identity. Getting angry at Ganesha, lord Shiva decapitated his head. When the news reached Devi Parvati, she got enraged and threatened to destroy the world if her son was not returned to her. But, since the decapitated head could not be used to bring Ganesha back, the head of an elephant was used to bring back life to lord Ganesh’s body. After that, lord Ganesh was also bestowed with the name, Gajanand.

Lord Ganesh is the son of Mahadev and Devi Parvati, and the brother of Lord Kartikeya, goddess Lakshmi, and goddess Saraswati. Lord Ganesha is also the personification of the three virtues of the Hindu religion, Buddhi, siddhi, and Riddhi, which means knowledge, spirituality, and prosperity. It is believed that Lord Ganesh himself is the incarnation of Buddhi, and the other two personifications, Siddhi and Riddhi are considered goddesses. These two goddesses are known to be the consorts of Lord Ganesh.

There is a lot of speculation regarding the marital status of lord Ganesh in many of the Hindu scriptures- Mudgala Purana and Shiv Purana, where the marital life of lord Ganesh has been talked about. According to Shiva Purana, which focuses on lord Shiva, it is mentioned that Lord Ganesh has two consorts, Riddhi and Siddhi, and through them, he received two sons, Shubh, from goddess Riddhi, and Labh, from goddess siddhi.

Ganesh Mantra

Ganesh mantras: How do they help

Just like any mantras dedicated to other gods, Ganesh mantras hold a lot of importance and every word uttered during the chanting of Ganesh mantras has immense power. With complete faith and devotion, if the mantras are recited, it is believed that the person is sure to be blessed in every aspect of life. Ganesh mantras are very useful as it helps to remove every obstacle and brings positive results.

Lord Ganesh is the absolute power behind a successful result and is widely known as Ganpati. The meaning of “Gan” is group and the universe is made up of a group of energies and atoms. If there is no one to keep all these groups in check and maintain the coexistence of these different groups, there will be utter chaos and destruction. Lord Ganesha is very important as he is in charge of all these groups and is responsible for maintaining the peace within these groups. Being the supreme lord, lord Ganesh brings order to the universe.

How to chant the Ganesh mantra

  • To get the complete benefit of chanting Ganesh mantras, one should maintain some rules and regulations to start their journey in a proper way.
  • Before starting the recitation, one should begin with a clean body and soul. Start with taking a bath and wearing clean clothes.
  • Open up the soul and mind completely to Lord Ganesh and let him settle in the consciousness.
  • Let go of all the worries and negative thoughts while chanting, and sink within the energy that is being created while uttering all the words. A form of the force field is created when the mantra is being spoken. Let it take control of your body and soul.
  • At the beginning of starting any ritual of worshiping lord Ganesh, start with chanting the mantra dedicated to a specific cause.

Important Ganesh mantras

1. Vakratunda ganesh mantra

There are various ways in which Lord Ganesha is represented, with various patterns changing over time. Every portrayal of his image has a story behind it and every story holds deep meaning. Lord Ganesha is worshiped in different forms, such as a little boy playing with his brother and family, him sitting on the lap of his father or mother, in the form of dancing, standing with his hand in the position of giving blessings, or heroically taking down demons.

The Vakratunda Ganesh Mantra is:

वक्रतुण्ड महाकाय सूर्यकोटि समप्रभ ।

निर्विघ्नं कुरु मे देव सर्वकार्येषु सर्वदा ॥

Vakratunda Maha-Kaaya Surya-Kotti Samaprabha

Nirvighnam Kuru Me Deva Sarva-Kaaryeshu Sarvadaa

Meaning- Oh god with curved trunk, large body whose aura is like light of crores of sun, Please make my entire work obstacle free, forever.

Benefits of chanting the Vakratunda Ganesh mantra
  • Chanting the Vakratunda Mantra is very beneficial as it is the most effective mantra when it comes to removing obstacles.
  • Regular chanting of this mantra opens up all kinds of ways and opportunities, that might have been hidden for a while because of some certain situations,
  • Lord Ganesha is known to be the lord of wisdom and knowledge. Hence reciting this mantra religiously with devotion provides the performer with a lot of knowledge and helps them understand the secrets of the universe.
Best time to chant Vakratunda Ganesh mantra Ganesh Chaturthi, early morning
Number of times to chant this mantra 108 times
Who can recite Vakratunda Ganesh mantra Anyone
Chant this mantra facing Idol of Lord Ganesh, North or East

2. Ganesh gayatri mantra

Ganesh mantras are very beneficial when one is attempting to destroy fear. Fear is a part of being human, and there are many things in life that are influenced by fear. But one should not let themselves get ruled by fear and try their best to overcome it. The regular chanting of the Ganesh mantra with devotion can help greatly to defeat all kinds of fear, be it natural or supernatural. By continuous chanting of the Ganesh mantras, a kind of force field is created around the performer that protects them from everything that they fear. Ganesh Gayatri mantras is a very good mantra for regular chanting as it brings positivity.

The Ganesh Gayatri Mantra is:

ॐ एकदन्ताय विद्धमहे, वक्रतुण्डाय धीमहि, तन्नो दन्ति प्रचोदयात्॥

Aum Ekadantaya Viddhamahe, Vakratundaya Dhimahi, Tanno Danti Prachodayat

Meaning- We pray to the one with the single-tusked elephant tooth who is omnipresent. We meditate upon and pray for greater intellect to the Lord with the curved, elephant-shaped trunk. We bow before the one with the single-tusked elephant tooth to illuminate our minds with wisdom.

Benefits of chanting the Ganesh Gayatri Mantra
  • Chanting the Ganesh Gayatri mantra with a clean soul helps to ease the tension and stress.
  • It is also recommended to chant this mantra regularly to those who are suffering from a long term illness, as it will calm their mind and keep their body healthy.
  • With this mantra, one can expect their fear of anything, natural or supernatural, getting reduced and providing the performer all kinds of peace and calm.
  • Ganesh Gayatri mantra is also widely used to evoke wealth and material benefits, as lord ganesha is responsible for the success of a being.
  • Chanting this mantra also encourages modesty, righteousness and wisdom.
Best time to recite the Ganesh Gayatri mantra Wednesday, Ganesh Chaturthi
Number of times to chant this mantra 108 times
Who can recite the Ganesh Gayatri mantra Everyone
Chant this mantra facing Idol of lord Ganesh, North or East

3. Ganesh mantra

The appearance of Lord Ganesha varies in many ways, but according to popular belief, Lord Ganesha can be seen in a mystical appearance, with the head of an elephant with the trunk, resting on a human body, and belly protruding out, and four arms. Each arm has different functions. The upper hands hold a noose (Pasha) and ax (goad). The bottom hands have different roles too. One of the hands is making the Abhay Mudra, while the other hand is holding a bowl full of modak. Lord Ganesh is shown to be accompanied by his vahan mushak raj, or the mouse lord.

The Ganesh Mantra is:

ॐ गं गणपतये नमः |

Om Gan Ganapataye Namah

Meaning- It means bowing down to the Almighty Ganpati with all our existence and accepting all his great qualities in our self being.

Benefits of chanting the Ganesh Mantra
  • Lord Ganesha is the god of positive beginnings, and is worshiped before starting the rituals of worshiping any other hindu god and goddesses.
  • Before starting a new venture, it is highly recommended to start with chanting this mantra with devotion, as it will remove any negative energy.
  • The continuous recitation of this mantra while doing any professional work is very beneficial as it wards off all the evil energies that could be responsible for failure.
Best time to chant the Regular Ganesh Mantra Early morning, before starting a puja
Number of times to chant this mantra 108 times
Who can recite the Regular Ganesh Mantra Everyone
Chant this mantra facing Idol of lord Ganesh, North or East

4. Rinn Harta Mantra

The importance of mantras has been accepted by everyone for thousands of years, whether by the believers or the nonbelievers. Mantras play a very significant role in every ritual of the Hindu religion and can be heard in every Hindu home and temple, accompanied by the sound of bells and the sweet smell of incense and flowers. The soulful chanting of the mantras, stops everyone and binds them to pay respect to the gods and goddesses. The peace that is emitted while listening to mantras being recited is unmatched, and people all around the world have started to recognize their power.

The Rinn Harta Mantra is:

ॐ गणेश ऋणं छिन्धि वरेण्यं हुं नमः फट्॥

Om Ganesh Rinnam Chhindhi Varenyam Hoong Namaah Phutt

Meaning- ‘Rinn Harta’ is another name for Lord Ganesha, and the English meaning is ‘The giver of wealth.’ In Hindi, the meaning of Rinn harta or Rhinaharta is derived from the words ‘Rinn’ or ‘Rinnam’ meaning ‘debt’ and ‘harta’ meaning ‘remover.’

Benefits of chanting the Rinn Harta Mantra
  • It is no mystery that lord Ganesha is very generous when it comes to providing wealth and wisdom. Worshiping lord Ganesh will make the person a very successful man in no time.
  • If one is struggling financially, and finds it very difficult to make money and to save it, regular recitation of the Rinn Harta mantra will remove all difficulties, and benefit the person in great ways.
  • True to its name, this mantra is great when someone is facing problems in terms of loan and debts. ‘Rinn’ itself means debt, and ‘Harta’ means remover. This means chanting this mantra can help the person to become debt free.
Best time to chant the Rinn Harta Mantra Early morning after bath
Number of times to chant this mantra 108 times or 125000 times
Who can recite the Rinn Harta Mantra Everyone, those struggling with debts
Chant this mantra facing Idol of lord Ganesh, the direction west

5. Siddhi Vinayak mantra

Most mantras that invoke lord Ganesh are called the siddhi mantra, which means that they are the personification of knowledge and wisdom. By chanting the siddhi mantra, one evokes the feeling of tranquility and peace. Siddhi mantras are very beneficial when it comes to removing negative energy and giving the soul ultimate satisfaction. Each Ganesh mantras are extremely powerful and full of energy. Worshiping Lord Ganesh any day doesn’t harm anyone, and is very beneficial, but during the Ganesh Chaturthi and Ganesh Jayanti, which is the birth anniversary of Lord Ganesh, if lord Ganesh is worshiped, it is extremely beneficial.

The Siddhi Vinayak Mantra is:

ॐ नमो सिद्धि विनायकाय सर्व कार्य कर्त्रे सर्व विघ्न प्रशमनाय सर्व राज्य वश्यकरणाय सर्वजन सर्वस्त्री पुरुष आकर्षणाय श्रीं ॐ स्वाहा ॥

Om Namo Siddhi Vinayakaya Sarva kaarya kartrey Sarva vighna prashamnay Sarvarjaya Vashyakarnaya Sarvajan Sarvastree Purush Aakarshanaya Shreeng Om Swaha.

Meaning- O Lord of Wisdom and Happiness, only you make every endeavor and everything possible; You are the remover of all obstacles and you have enchanted every being in the Universe, you are the Lord of all women and all men, amen.

Benefits of chanting the Siddhi Vinayak Mantra
  • Siddhi is believed to be a goddess and a consort of lord Ganesh. The sanskrit word means achievements. So chanting this mantra will help the person to achieve whatever they desire.
  • With the regular chanting of this mantra will make the person see the right path and follow the same.
  • This mantra makes the person spiritually enlightened and opens up many doors of opportunity. They can gain material satisfaction and social influence.
Best time to chant the Siddhi Vinayak Mantra Early morning after bath
Number of times to chant this mantra 108 times or 125000 times
Who can recite the Siddhi Vinayak Mantra Everyone, those starting a new venture
Chant this mantra facing North or East, idol of lord Ganesh

6. The Shaktivinayak Mantra

The Ganesh Chaturthi is an annual festival that is held in many parts of India, but especially in Maharashtra and Telangana, where lord Ganesh is celebrated for ten whole days. It starts from the beginning of the Ganesh Chaturthi and ends at the end of the fourteenth day of the fortnight (Anant Chaturdashi). The auspicious time falls especially during late august or early September. Celebrations are traditionally held on the fourth day of the first fortnight (Shukla Chaturthi) in the month of Bhadrapada in the Hindu calendar.

It is a very special occasion as, during this auspicious time, worshiping lord Ganesh can be extremely beneficial and bring the worshiper very good fortune and success. People celebrate this festival in all their living spaces and even their offices. Similar to Durga puja in Bengal, Ganesh Chaturthi is celebrated likewise, with extraordinary idols of lord Ganesh put on display in the pandals, and in homes, an appropriately sized idol of Lord Ganesha is worshiped. During the end of the Ganesh Chaturthi, the idols of Lord Ganesh are then submerged in the water, with the hope of celebrating the same next year.

The Shakti Vinayak Mantra is:

|| ॐ ह्रींग ग्रींग ह्रींग ||

Om Hreeng Greeng Hreeng

Meaning- In Hindi, Shakti means power, and Vinayak means ‘the Supreme master.’

Benefits of chanting The Shaktivinayak Mantra
  • Regular recitation of the shaktivinayal mantra will help the performer in many ways, including their professional life.
  • Chanting this mantra will make the person very successful and remove all the obstacles that have been the cause of trouble all this time.
  • This mantra is also very beneficial to keep the health in good position, and since reciting any ganesh mantra removes negative energy from around the person, it will keep the person's mind and body peaceful and rested, resulting in a healthy lifestyle.
Best time to chant the Shaktivinayak Mantra Early morning after bath
Number of times to chant this mantra 108 times
Who can recite the Shaktivinayak Mantra Everyone
Chant this mantra facing North or East. Idol of lord Ganesh

7. Ganesh Mool Mantra

Magha Shukla Chaturthi, also popularly known as Ganesh Jayanti is the festival to celebrate the birth anniversary of Lord Ganesha, who is the god of wisdom and knowledge. Similar to Ganesh Chaturthi, this festival is equally celebrated in a grand way mostly around Maharashtra and goa during the Shukla Paksha Chaturthi day (fourth day of the bright fortnight or the waxing moon) in the month of Maagha (January/February) of every year. The iconic conical shape of lord Ganesha is made out of turmeric and sindoor and worshiped following the mantras.

The Ganesh Mool Mantra is:

ॐ श्रीं ह्रीं क्लीं ग्लौं गं गणपतये वर वरद सर्वजनं मे वशमानय स्वाहा॥

एकदन्ताय विद्‌महे, वक्रतुण्डाय धीमहि, तन्नो दन्ती प्रचोदयात् ॥

ॐ शान्तिः शान्तिः शान्तिः ॥

Om Shreem Hreem Kleem Glaum Gam Ganapataye Vara Varad Sarvajanjanmay Vashamanaye Swaha

Ekadantaya Vidmahe Vakratundaya Dhimahi Tanno Danti Prachodayat

Om Shanti Shanti Shanti

Meaning- The Ganesh Mool mantra is the most succinct and powerful Lord Ganesha mantra of all. This mantra celebrates the unique and divine form of God Ganpati (Ganesha) and his powers. The Ganesha Mool (root) Mantra, beginning with the incantation of ‘Om’ evokes positivity, purity, energy and the presence of Lord Ganpati in one’s life.

Benefits of chanting the Ganesh Mool Mantra
  • One of the most effective mantras, the Ganesh Mool mantra is very powerful and when it is chanted, it creates a force field of positive energy around the performer.
  • The way the words are uttered and the way it sounds when recited, it puts the listener in a form of trance.
  • The Ganesh Mool mantra is widely used by the purohits during pujas and yagnas to please lord ganesh.
  • This mantra, when recited with complete trust and devotion, will bring the performer success and prosperity.
Best time to chant Ganesh Mool Mantra Early morning, Ganesh Chaturthi, during puja and yagyas
Number of times to chant this mantra 108 times
Who can recite the Ganesh Mool Mantra Everyone
Chant this mantra facing Idol of lord Ganesh. North or East

Namavali Ganesh Mantras

Lord Ganesha is the god of knowledge and wisdom. Worshiping him brings success and fulfillment and there are many mantras dedicated to him to evoke his blessings. These Ganesh mantras are also known as the Siddhi mantra, which means it has complete perfection. Lord Ganesha is the most popular god of the Hindu religion and worshiping him will ward off any trial, and will guarantee prosperity. Lord Ganesha is called by different names, and each word of each name has a specific meaning.

1. Ganadhyakshaya Mantra

ॐ गणध्याक्षय नमः।

Om Ganadhyakshaya Namah

Meaning- Ganadhyaksay – Gana means ‘a group’ and ‘Adhyaksh’ means ‘one who is leader of the group.

Benefits of chanting Ganadhyakshaya mantra
  • One can use this Mantra to ensure the well being of a particular state or a city.
  • One can even chant this Mantra to improve or build upon one’s personal leadership characters.

2. Gajananaya Mantra

ॐ गजाननाय नमः।

Aum Gajānanāya Namaḥ

Meaning- Gajanan here means One who carries the elephant head. In Sanskrit, gaj means elephant. This Mantra says that if God can carry the elephant’s head to survive and fulfill his duties, even we should put aside our ego and live our lives dutifully.

Benefits of chanting Gajananaya mantra
  • This Mantra motivates such humble living and chanting of it helps one attain their inner peace and consciousness.
  • Chanting this mantra will reduce anxiety and keep the soul calm.

3. Vignanaashnay Mantra

ॐ विघ्ननाशाय नमः।

Om Vighnanashaya Namah

Meaning- Ganpati is also worshiped to remove obstacles from one’s life. Here vigna means obstacles and nashnay means One who removes obstacles.

Benefits of chanting Vighnanashaya mantra
  • If one is facing problems with his social life, at work or with interpersonal relationships, it can be made easier by chanting this mantra.
  • Chanting this mantra will bring a sense of maturity to the performer because of which they will become more understanding.

4. Lambodaraya Mantra

ॐ लम्बोदराय नमः।

Om Lambodaraya Namah

Meaning- Ganesha is known to love his food, and has a big, round belly. ‘Lambodar’ thus refers to him as a God who has a big belly.

Benefits of chanting Lambodaraya mantra
  • This mantra is very special as chanting this mantra will remove all hate and discomfort from the performer's heart.
  • It also makes them love and be one with the universe.

5. Sumukhaya Mantra

ॐ सुमुखाय नमः।

Om Sumukhaya Namah

Meaning- Sumukh means ‘One with a pleasing face’. Lord Ganesha lost his head, and replaced it with that of an elephant’s. However, his good spirit and pure soul shone through even on his elephant face, and this made him look beautiful and calm.

Benefits of chanting Sumukhaya mantra
  • Chanting this mantra regularly will remove all the self doubt from a person's mind and let them see their own true potential.
  • With this mantra, they will look past their shortcomings and work on being a better person.

6. Gajkarnikaya Mantra

ॐ गजकर्णकाय नमः।

Om Gajakarnakaya Namah

Meaning- Gaj means Elephant and Karnikay means ears. With the elephant’s head and elephant ears, Ganesh was unable to listen to everything from all sources.

Benefits of chanting Gajakarnakay mantra
  • This Mantra allows us to be just like him, and hear and accept only that which is good.
  • Chanting the mantra shields us from external negativity and helps us overcome the stress caused by it.

7. Vikataya Mantra

ॐ विकटाय नमः।

Om Viktaya Namah

Meaning- Here ‘Vikat’ means difficult

Benefits of chanting Viktaya mantra
  • The world is full of difficult situations, and often one may find himself disheartened and unable to focus.
  • This Mantra reminds him that his ultimate goal is salvation, and no matter what happens, he should not lose sight of it.
  • This Ganpati Mantra will keep his eyes on this long-term goal and motivate him towards salvation.

8. Vinayakaya Mantra

ॐ विनायकाय नमः।

Om Vinayakaya Namah

Meaning- ‘Vinayaka’ is the name of Ganesha in the golden age. Vinayaka means ‘something under control’ and also means ‘the Lord of resolving problems’.

Benefits of chanting Vinayakaya mantra
  • Chanting this mantra regularly must be one of the healthiest habits since it is very beneficial when it comes to success in professional and personal life.
  • One will never have to work under someone, and soon will become the boss of the office, and their own life.
Best time to chant the Namavali Ganesh Mantras Early morning
Number of times to chant these mantras 108 times
Who can recite the Namavali Ganesh Mantras Everyone
Chant these mantras facing Idol or picture of lord Ganesh

Overall benefits of chanting Ganesh Mantras

  • With the blessing of Mata Parvati, Goddess Lakshmi was allowed to consider lord Ganesh as her son, and along with him, they provided blessings of financial success and all kinds of prosperity.
  • With the association of Mata Saraswati, who is Lord Ganesha's sister, they bless everyone in the field of education and success. With the chanting of ganesh mantras, one can achieve scholarships and knowledge that will help them move to higher places in life.
  • Lord Ganesha is blessed to be the first god to be worshiped before starting any ritual, and hence is the representative of successful beginnings. Chanting these mantras before starting any new venture is recommended as it will ensure the work gets successful.
  • Ganesh mantras are very powerful and when recited with complete trust and clean mind, it can do wonders. These mantras will easily remove any obstacles that might have been causing troubles in the life of the reciter.
  • Being the god of knowledge and wisdom, worshiping lord ganesh and chanting these mantras is very beneficial as they will open the doors to great knowledge and let the performer discover the secrets of the universe.

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