Mangal Mantra


Mangal Mantra: Meaning, Significance, and Benefits

Red colored Mars or mangal, as referred to in Hindu mythology and astrology is the 4th planet from the sun. The nearest outer planet from the earth, it is also the 7th largest planet in the solar system. Also called the red planet because of its red-orange appearance, its colour is very well fitting of its possessing characteristics. When it comes to the subject of Astrology, planet Mangal has been the most compelling celestial being due to its unbeatable vigour and high dominion upon the horoscope charts of mortal beings.

Mangal or Mars is a masculine planet associated with masculinity and manly traits. It expresses the toughest shades of masculine attributes like strength of body, dominating attitude, assertiveness, bravery, valour, belief in self and full of energy. Mangal or planet Mars, one of the Navgrahas (nine planets) is understood to be Goddess Bhuma (Earth) and Lord Varaha's son. For the unversed, the Earth (Bhuma) is an incarnation of Goddess Lakshmi, and Lord Varaha is the third avatar of Lord Vishnu.

A prayer to this planet is said to free one from debts, poverty and illness afflicting the skin. This graha bestows property and conveyance .Tuesdays are intended for the worship of Mangal who loves the chanting of Sama Veda. If one observes the fast on Tuesday for 21 times, the unlucky influence of Tuesday (Mangal) can be removed. The legend that depicts the influence of the worship of MANGAL goes as follows, and is narrated whenever a worship or offering is made to the deity:

An old woman used to observe fast on every Tuesday and chanted Mangal Mantras to appease the Lord Mangal. Her son was named Mangaliya. Lord Mangal desired to test the piety of this old woman. He arrived at her home in the disguise of a Brahmin. He asked her "I am hungry and I shall prepare my own food but you must plaster the ground with cow-dung." The woman then explained to him that since it was a Tuesday; she does not plaster cow-dung on that day. Instead she offered to sprinkle water so the Brahmin could prepare his food. The Brahmin insisted on only cooking on a cow-dung plastered surface. The woman refused and said that she could do anything else except cow-dung plaster. The Brahmin said, "Let your son lie upside down, I shall cook on his back."

After some thought, the woman agreed to this bound by her Dharma and called her son. The disguised Brahmin lit the furnace on his back and cooked his food. After cooking, the Brahmin asked the woman to call her son so that he could take the auspicious food. The woman, in grief, told him to not make such cruel jokes and since after cooking on his back, he would not have survived. The Brahmin explained and insisted that she call the son. When the woman called, the son came running. The Brahmin said, "Old woman, your fast is successful. With kindness, your mind is also full of devotion and faith. May you be ever happy." The deity (Mangal) in disguise disappeared. This story explains the benefits of Mangal worship and chanting.

Mangal Mantra

Mangal Mantra: How do they help

Lord Mangal is known by many names such as Angaraka (the one who emits radiance like the colour red) Raktavarna (the one whose skin is red like blood), Bhauma, Lohitanga and Kuja. The colour red is associated with him, and hence, people donate red colored items on Tuesdays. Appeasing him helps one take the full benefit of the Mangal positions in their chart as well as fix the unfavourable ones. Angaraka is portrayed with four hands, carrying a trident, mace, lotus and a spear. Wearing red clothes, he often rides on a ram/goat.

The masculine energy of Mars shows the projection of our vital energy and emotion, and it indicates our passion, motivation, and determination. A strong Mars will indicate these qualities of vitality, power, endurance, drive, courage etc. Also when Mars is well placed, it provides confidence, strong will power, insight and discrimination. However an ill placed Mars can cause violence, control, domination, or injury, accident, anger, war, criticism, delayed marriages, relationship struggles etc.

How to Recite Mangal Mantra

  • Do your recitations on a Tuesday for most advantages. Start by taking a bath and wearing fresh and washed clothes.
  • Sit yourself in a lotus position and have you Jaapa Mala with you for the chanting of your Mangal Mantra.
  • Now chant the Mangal Mantra 108 times which is also one full round of the Jaap Maala.
  • You must repeat the above process for at least 11 days. If you are doing the Mantra for a specific reason, ensure to do the Mantra for as long as your wish is granted. Generally it takes at least 21 days for any wish to be granted by Mangal Graha.
  • Donating things and doing charity on Tuesdays will help you get a better effect of the Mantra. Donate red things for example copper utensils, red lentils, jaggery and mounds.
  • You can also fast on Tuesdays for yielding the maximum benefits of the Mangal Mantra. An appeased Lord Mangal will help you in your life and will remove your hurdles.

Important Mangal Mantras

1. Mangal Beej Mantra

Beej Mantras also understood as Vedic Seed Mantras and are the core mantras or sounds endowed with exuberant spiritual powers. They are popularly called the audible seed version of all the Deities majorly in Hinduism. Beejas compose part of several mantra chants and hence they are almost like the batteries of mantras. It is believed that when chanted with concentration Beej mantras can fulfil the desires of the devotees and act like a protective shield surrounding them.

The Mangal Beej Mantra is:

|| ॐ क्राम क्रीम सः भौमाय नमः ||

Om Kraam Kreem Kraum Sahah Bhaumaay Namah

Meaning - I bow down with reverence to Bhauma (another name for Lord Mangal as the Son of Bhuma).

Benefits of chanting Mangal Beej Mantra
  • If you feel your life is absolutely out of goals or you feel as if you have no passion towards achieving anything in life, this is the Mantra you should chant and worship upon.
  • If you feel a lack of energy and often find yourself becoming lazy this Mangal Mantra as per astrology will help you find confidence and liveliness.
  • When the planet Mangal is responsible is displeased, he is not going to bless you with the energy you want or deserve. In order to please him, you can chant the Mangal Beej Mantra.
  • Mangal Beej Mantra chanters become efficiently strong in Mathematics, since this planet influences Maths.
  • This Mangal Mantra can improve the relationship between siblings. If you have issues going on between you and your brother, or sister, you can have them settled by chanting the Mangal Beej Mantra.
Best time to recite the Rudra mantra Early morning
Number of times to chant this mantra 108 times for 11 or 21 days
Who can recite the Rudra mantra? Anyone
Chant this mantra facing Mangal Yantra

2. Rinmochan Mangal Mantra

Also, if you are unable to pay your debts or loaded with debts, chanting Rinmochan Mangal Stotra can do wonders. It has been taken from the Skanda Purana and is dedicated to both Lord Mangal and The Monkey Lord Sri Hanuman. It is used for getting rid of debts and loans. If you are a person who loses control of their temper easily and gets annoyed you might understand the ill effects it brings in professional and personal lives. When you regularly recite the Rinmochan Mangal mantra, it will help you gain control of your temper and emotions.

The Rinmochan Mangal Mantra is:

ॐ अंग अंगरकाय नमः ||

Om An Angarkaya Namah

Meaning - I bow down in reverence to Angarkaya, the one whose skin is red and another name for Lord Mangal.

Benefits of chanting Rinmochan Mangal Mantra
  • Rinmochan Mangal Mantra is very helpful for gaining repayment for loans.
  • If you have given someone money that you find is not coming back to you even when needed, chanting this mantra will help you gain it back.
  • When under heavy debt, this Mangal Mantra will help you free yourself from the clutches of heavy loans.
  • If you are ever in a situation where you feel like you are losing control or you have no control over your surroundings, chanting this Mangal Mantra will bring you great benefits and control.
Best time to recite the Rudra mantra Early morning
Number of times to chant this mantra 108 times for 11 or 21 days
Who can recite the Rudra mantra? Anyone
Chant this mantra facing Mangal Yantra

3. Mangal Mantra

This Mantra helps in the enhancement of the power of Mars. It is meant to increase physical strength and power. If you wish to enhance your sporting abilities or are practising certain forms of martial arts. This Mantra will be very beneficial to you. It will absolutely elevate your psychomotor skills and make you feel some form of power coursing through you. It is also used to achieve influence over other people and helps in becoming more assertive in professional life.

This Mangal Mantra is:

धरणीगर्भसम्भुतम विद्युत्कांति सम्प्रभम् |

कुमाराम शक्तिहस्तम् च तम मंगलम प्रणाम्यम्ः |

ॐ मंगलाय नमः ||

Dharaniigarbhasambhutam vidyutkanti samaprabham

Kumaaram shaktihastam ca tam mangalam pranamaamyaham

Om mangalaaya namah

Meaning - I am paying tribute to the omnipotent Mars by bending down in front of the great lord, who is the most auspicious icon of paradise, supporting and reinforcing all the creatures of almighty. He is glittering over the universe and spreading around the delightful beams of love and adorning the land with the twinkles of affection. He possesses the supreme power of paradise and exert potency in his hands. Om, I bow down to Mars with reverence.

Benefits of chanting Mangal Mantra
  • This Mantra enhances physical power.
  • If you are working on making yourself more physically competent and confident, chanting of this Mangal Mantra will yield great benefits to you.
  • It also helps gain expertise in martial arts. With it, It will help you have more courage and bravery.
  • If you are easily scared or are timid by nature, recitation of this Mangal Mantra will give you more strength to battle out challenges.
Best time to recite the Rudra mantra Early morning
Number of times to chant this mantra 108 times for 11 or 21 days
Who can recite the Rudra mantra? Anyone
Chant this mantra facing Mangal Yantra

Overall Benefits of Mangal Mantras

The recitation of Mangal mantra appeases the valorous Lord Mangal and helps in many ways:

  • Mangal Dosh can be removed or mitigated in the horoscope, when you recite the Mangal mantras.
  • The person reciting the Mangal mantra gets happiness, and the recitation of the mantra removes obstacles from one's life.
  • Mangal Mantra with its vigilance and valour liberates one from poverty, debt, and skin diseases.
  • Reciting the Mangal Mantras blesses one with courage, energy, and pride.
  • Mangal Mantra removes anger, lies, jealousy and blesses one with bravery.
  • It helps you find the purpose of your life and also grants you power and strength to achieve that goal.
  • To achieve the aims in life you must have passion. This is where Mars comes in as the planet of vigour and strength.
  • Mangal Mantra in Vedic astrology helps in getting success in professions related to fire, energy, metals, initiative, weapons, construction, soldiers, police, medical, engineers and sports. It is ideal for you if you are in one of the mentioned fields.
  • It helps in achieving influence over other people. If you are being side lined by people or are unable to face them head on, chanting the Mangal Mantras regularly will help you with this situation.

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