Ram Mantra


Ram Mantra: Meaning, Significance and Benefits

Shree ram is one of the most worshiped and believed in Hindi gods andis looked up to as the symbol of Hinduism. The mere chanting of “Jay Shree Ram” is enough to mark your identity in society. Shree Ram was one of the incarnations of Lord Vishnu, and apart from Lord Krishna, one of the most important Vishnu avatars of Hindu history. His purpose of birth on earth was to annihilate the demons, specially Asurr Raj Ravana, and to set the path for humans to follow. He is the one that established the path of dharma and is considered the Maryada Purushottam, which means the perfect form of man that exceeds every limit.

He is the ideal form of human being and his existence sets an example for all the men to follow to live a soulful life. Along with establishing the dharma among men, he is also part of the Hindu Trimurti in Rama-centric sects, along with being considered to be a supreme being rather than an avatar. He is the epitome of virtuousness and the embodiment of living the life of dharma. It is prevalent in Hinduism to live life the way Shree ram has lived and follow the teachings of Lord Krishna, which says no one can live like lord Krishna, but living life like Shree ram is the right way of living and is very possible. Shree Ram did not set the rules in the Gita and is not the author of the book, but rather lived his own life according to the teachings of the Gita and showed it to the people. Lord Shri Ram lived the life of a very simple ascetic in the forest. Wherever he went, he used to build a hut for three people to live in. While sleeping on the ground, eating tubers and roots every day, and used to meditate daily.

On his body were clothes made by himself. With a bow and arrow, he used to protect everyone in the jungles from demons and predatory animals. One can imagine how many terrible forests used to be in those times and also in those forests there used to be fierce wild animals as well as violent wild humans. But with wisdom and knowledge and handling everything with patience, Shree ram was able to complete his trial and was successful in killing Ravana. There are two ways in which the Shree Ram is worshiped and viewed, the enchanted form is out of his own will to be born as the son of King Dasharath, and the second form is of a supreme Brahman, whose actions and spirituality delight the yogis.

Ram Mantra

Ram mantra: How do they help

One who worships Lord Ram has enhanced self-esteem and is self-assured. They have extremely strong willpower, their mental stability is strong enough to surpass any difficult situation. Chanting the word RAMA is enough to bring positive energy and awaken the soul. “Sri Ram '' is the yin(Sri) and yang(ram) of the soul, and brings balance to the Ida Pingala nadis of the body, which ensures proper blood circulation and general good health. The word “RAM” in itself is very powerful as it’s made of “Raa '' and “Omm” which are the two chakras among the seven of the human body. Worshiping Rama and following his ideals is the guide to achieving perfection spiritually. One can also expect to have material blessings as well by worshiping lord Ram and chanting his mantras. Along with adhering to the material needs of the devotees, shree ram makes way for a better life for the person.

How to chant Ram mantra

  • There are multiple ram mantras and each mantra holds a special meaning. So each one should be followed with utter devotion and dedication.
  • Chanting any mantra should be started with a clean body. So make sure to wash your hands and feet. It is also recommended to recite the mantra only after a proper bath.
  • While chanting, make sure that you are facing the north or east direction at all times, as these directions give the most benefit.
  • Let go of all the thoughts and worries of the material world, and concentrate only on the word Ram and the words in the mantra, creating a connection with the universe.
  • One should consider wearing white clothes, with adding black or blue elements, to enhance the spirituality and it shows our complete devotion to Lord Rama.
  • It is recommended that to get a complete benefit, the mantras should be chanted for 48 consecutive days. If it becomes too difficult then you should consider chanting the mantras on Mondays only.
  • There are specific offerings allotted to Shree Ram, but if one wishes, they can offer payasam, panchamirtham, anagram (jaggery, muskmelon, and ginger), and methi pulao.
  • The mantras should be chanted 9, 27, 54, 108, or 1,008 times, three times a day. Count the repetitions on the rudraksha bead mala when doing so.

Important Shree Ram Mantras

1. Powerful Ram Mantra

Lord Shri Ram is a Vachani, that is, to whomever he gives any promise or makes a resolution, he puts all his power to fulfill it. Raghukul ritual always went on, but the word did not die. Lord Shri Ram loved and married only one woman in his life. He never even thought of another woman. He loved Mother Sita immensely and could not live without her even for a moment. When Sita was abducted, he wandered from forest to forest crying in search of her, and when Mata Sita went to live in Valmiki’s ashram, Shri Ram also left the pleasures of the palaces and started sleeping on the ground.

The Ram Mantra is:

|| रामाय रामभद्राय रामचन्द्राय वेधसे, रघुनाथाय नाथाय सीताया पतये नमः ||

Ramaya Ramabhadraya Ramachandraya Vedasey,

Raghunaathaaya Naathaaya Seethaayaah Pathaye Namaha

Meaning - This mantra addresses the several names of Lord Sriram. It praises Ram as the descendant of the Raghu clan and the most auspicious one. It calls him the husband of Mother Sita and the most venerated person who can end suffering and promote happiness.

Benefits of chanting this Ram Mantra
  • One chanting this mantra can rest assured as lord Ram is with them in every step of their life and is making sure they are taking the right path in life.
  • A strong sense of stability and willpower is gained by following the Shree ram mantra, which makes a person strong enough to fight any battle.
Best time to chant the Ram mantra Anytime, early morning, Mondays
Number of times to chant this mantra 9, 27, 54, 108, 1,008 times
Who can recite the Ram mantra Everyone
Chant this mantra facing North or east

2. Ram mantra to attract success and wealth

When Shri Ram used to go to the forests for tuber-root, there were many occasions when the tuber-root was not available. So he had to live on what was left. People often do not get the food of their mind when they go abroad, in the forest, in the desert, or in difficult areas, but meat is available everywhere. It is said that while living in the forest, Lakshman used to stay in fasting for most of the days. Living in the forest, Lord Shri Ram, Lakshmana, and Mother Sita never took tamasic or rajasic food. Everyone knows that one day and night they lived only by eating shabri berries.

The Ram mantra to attract success and wealth is:

|| ॐ क्लीं नमो भगवते रामचन्द्राय सकलजन वश्यं कराय स्वाह: ||

Om Kleem Namo Bhagavathey Raamachandraaya sakala jana vashyakaraaya Swaaha

Meaning - This mantra contains the kleem beej sound. This sound is a magnetic seed to attract success and happiness into the chanter’s life. The mantra praises Lord Ram as a charismatic god who can promote peace and harmony in the universe.

Benefits of chanting Ram mantra to attract success and wealth
  • Shree Ram was incarcerated as the son of King dasharath, and set the dharma, the right way of living. He is the example that should be followed to achieve perfection.
  • Chanting his mantra gives the person a glance at the vastness of Shree ram and brings the person face to face with their virtues.
  • With regular chanting to Shree ram mantras can make the performer strong will, using which they can achieve every happiness and success in life.
Best time to chant the Ram mantra Anytime, early morning, Mondays
Number of times to chant this mantra 9, 27, 54, 108, 1,008 times
Who can recite the Ram mantra Everyone
Chant this mantra facing North or east

3. Shri Ram Gayatri Mantra

When Lord Shri Ram took exile, he renounced all his royal clothes, and wearing the clothes of ascetics, he left the forest with bare feet. They are whatever they could find in the forest, although they made sure never to touch nonvegetarian food, even if they had to sleep on an empty stomach on occasions. On many occasions, they were invited by multiple kings of different nations for the feast and the kings made ample arrangements to please them. But Shree Ram along with Mata Sita and brother Lakshman never accepted their invitation and declined with respect. They only lived in the ashrams of the rishi munis and sages or made their huts made of leaves, branches, and other raw materials.

ॐ दाशरथये विद्महे सीतावल्लभाय धीमहि, तन्नो राम प्रचोदयात्॥

Om Dasharathaye Vidmahe Sitavallabhaya Dhimahi, tanno Rama Prachodaya

Meaning - Similar to any other Gayatri mantras, the Ram Gayatri mantra is depended on for gaining protection. This mantra addresses Ram as the son of Dasharat and the husband of Mother Sita. It prays the Lord to give clarity of thought and the power of right judgment.

Benefits of chanting Ram Gayatri Mantra
  • The Shree ram Gayatri mantra is centered on mother Sita, who is the beloved wife of Shree ram. Chanting the site-ram mantra brings balance to the brain.
  • A restless mind can be brought to rest by continuous chanting of this mantra. It brings complete peace and calms the body and soul.
  • If someone is facing problems regarding sleep and are going through insomnia, they should chant this mantra as it will bring them calm, make their brain harmonious and balanced which induces sleep easily.
Best time to chant the Ram Gayatri mantra Anytime, early morning, Mondays
Number of times to chant this mantra 108 times
Who can recite the Ram Gayatri mantra Everyone
Chant this mantra facing North or east

Other Powerful Rama Mantras

In difficult times, Lord Shri Ram set an example of restraint, determination, patience, courage, and living with fewer means everywhere. He also did not lose patience and restraint when making a treaty with another enemy, in case of a calamity. He did not take any decision in anger, although his brother Shree Lakshman was known to get angry quite easily. In the face of adversity, he used his intelligence to think of solutions and taught us to find a solution by communicating without the team.

1. Kodanda Ram Mantra

|| श्री राम जय राम कुंडा राम ||

Shri Rama Jaya Rama Kodhanda Rama

Meaning - Kodhanda is the name of the bow that Rama held in his hands for vanquishing the demons and evil forces. The mantra says victory be to Lord Rama who carries the Kodhanda. The Rama – Kodanda pair is the symbol of invincibility and ultimate victory. Chanting this mantra removes all fears and promotes harmony and success.

2. Jayam Mantra

|| श्री राम जय ||

Sri Rama Jayam

Meaning - Literal meaning of this mantra is ‘Victory to Lord Rama’. This is a very popular chant used widely for congregational chanting and also Nama Jap writing. This mantra instills confidence and promotes peace and harmony.

3. Heen Mantra

हीन राम हीन राम ||

Heen Ram Heen Ram

Meaning - This is another simple mantra that can be used by those who are inexperienced in meditation or do not have a sufficient guide in their spiritual journey. It is a mantra that helps awaken spiritual awareness in the practitioner.

4. Ram Clin Mantra

क्लीन राम क्लीन राम ||

Clin Ram Clin Ram

Meaning - This Ram mantra is used to protect from negative energies. These may be more esoteric things like black magic, psychic attacks, and invisible entities, or the more mundane – the negative thoughts and feelings of other people, the depressive moods, attitudes, and actions that might bring our energy down.

5. Phat Mantra

फाट राम फाट ||

Phat Ram Phat

Meaning - Seeking an inner peace that brings about a positive change in their behavior will benefit from this mantra. This simple Ram mantra brings harmony to the spirit, helping the chanter to be more sincere and honest as a person. It also brings clarity of thought, word, and action, setting the chanter on the path of dharma.

6. Ramay Mantra

रामाय नमः ||

Ramay Namah

Meaning - Another simple mantra intended to bring focus and clarity to the user. Here it is specifically purity of mind and word. This purity covers things like focus and articulation, but also purity in a moral sense – removing impure thoughts from the mind. It frees the chanter of negative, distracting, or destructive thoughts, and helps them achieve a sense of inner peace and spirituality.

7. Ram Chandray Mantra

श्री रामचन्द्राय नमः ||

Shri Ram Chandray Namah

Meaning - This mantra dedicated to Shri Rama along with the Moon God prepares one for meditation. As a result of the healing sound vibrations, different patterns of the mind rearrange themselves to become tranquil.

8. Sharnam Mantra

|| श्री राम शरणम ममः ||

Shri Ram Sharnam Mamah

Meaning - With the regular chanting of this mantra, the performer will have strong mental and physical strength. It heals the body and brings a surge of happiness throughout the body.

9. Hun Mantra

ॐ रामाय हुं फत स्वाहा ||

Om Ramay hun Phat Swaha

Meaning - the healing energy gets activated in the Manipura chakra by the chanting of this mantra. The mantra precisely prepares the solar plexus chakra to be able to handle the inflow of kundalini healing energy that gives the chakra its power.

Overall benefits of chanting ram mantras

  • Shree Ram is the epitome of perfection and lived an exemplary life. Chanting Ram mantras brings positive energy to the body and soul and in doing so, the self-esteem of the person increases. Those doubting themselves or their potential will have a surge of confidence by chanting Ram mantras.
  • Regular chanting of ram mantras solidifies the willpower of the performer. One should never go against their words or promises and that has been thoroughly taught to us through Shree ram. Taking that as an example, ram mantras make the performer strong-willed and brave.
  • Using the word “Sri Ram” in any mantra enhances the strength of the mantra itself as the word contains the female and male energy of the universe.
  • The chanting of the ram mantras regularly creates a healthy environment around the performer as every word uttered during the chanting has the power to cancel out all the negative energies that could be harming the person, and surrounds them with positive energy only.
  • Wealth and prosperity can also be attracted by reciting the ram mantras regularly, and those struggling financially or are under a lot of debt will surely see positive results and will eventually be debt-free.
  • With the combination of the Klim seed mantra, the ram mantra becomes more powerful, and chanting it can bring all kinds of happiness, be it mental or material. Shree ram not only brings spiritual satisfaction, but his generous nature can guarantee material happiness as well.

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