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Prediction by- Expert Astrologer Manchanda Karan and Expert Tarot Card Reader Preeti Sanjay
Horoscope For CANCER
[ DOB - June 21- July 22 ]


You will become your own creator in 2020, fulfilling all of your duties. You will recognize and take it in a superior form the art/quality that is in you.


Your luck depends on your hard work this year. However, 2020 will bring a lot of fortunes for you but how to utilize it completely depends on you.


You need to be very vigilant about your health this year. However, make a visit to the doctor on regular basis and pay a proper attention to your diet. Nevertheless, you may experience sadness for the damages done to your body. Also, you need to take special care of the health of women your family.


In terms of money matters take decision very wisely. The more you take other people's advice and consider and analyze other people's experiences, the more you will benefit.

Business / Workplace

At the beginning of the year, there will be such a huge benefit of money that you might abandon hard work and adopt laziness and go out for a holiday. After considering it, you need to focus on your work again and by making wise decisions with new investors, you will earn a good name and fame. The more you take the advice of others and understand the experiences of other, the more you will benefit.

Family & Love

In family / personal life, you need to express your feelings with everyone and remove the confusion or misunderstandings that create a communication barrier.

n 2020, happiness will be with you from every now and then. You need to control your anger and just follow the path of fulfilling your dreams.

Our Advice

If you have any doubts about your work,try to pay more attention and solve the issues. Crosscheck your plans and believe in what your heart says. Believe in yourself and let the God decide what is best for you.