10 Vastu Tips For Sex Life

Vastu Tips for Sex Life

Are you looking to ignite the spark in your relationship and enhance your intimacy with your partner? Vastu Shastra, the ancient Indian science of architecture and design, offers valuable insights on how to create a harmonious and passionate atmosphere in your home. In this blog, we’ll share 10 Vastu tips for a fulfilling sex life, ensuring that the energy in your space aligns with your desires. Whether you’re single or in a relationship, these tips can help you experience a more satisfying and passionate sex life.

Bedroom Placement

Vastu emphasizes the importance of placing your bedroom in the southwest corner of your home. This location promotes stability and intimacy in your relationship. Make sure your bed is positioned with its head towards the south to enhance the flow of positive energy and deep connection.

De-clutter Your Space

A cluttered space can create negative energy and hinder the flow of positive vibes. Clear out unnecessary items and maintain a clean and tidy bedroom. This will help you create a peaceful and inviting atmosphere for intimacy.

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Soothing Colors

Choose soothing and romantic colors for your bedroom. Shades of pink, red, and soft pastels can enhance the romantic vibe of the room. These colors stimulate feelings of love and passion, setting the mood for an intimate experience.

Sensual Fragrances

Aromatherapy plays a significant role in setting the right ambiance for intimacy. Incorporate sensual fragrances like lavender, jasmine, or rose in your bedroom. These scents can help you relax and create a more sensual environment.

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Mirror Placement

Mirrors can reflect and amplify energy. However, avoid placing mirrors directly across from the bed, as it can create a sense of discomfort and restlessness. Opt for mirrors that enhance the room’s aesthetics without disturbing the tranquility.

Balance Elements

Maintain a balance of the five elements (earth, water, fire, air, and space) in your bedroom. This balance fosters harmony and positive energy. You can achieve this by incorporating natural materials, such as wooden furniture, and using soft, flowing fabrics.

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Lighting Matters

Soft, dim lighting can create an intimate and cozy atmosphere. Invest in adjustable lighting options, like dimmer switches or bedside lamps, to control the mood and intensity of light in your bedroom.

Personal Space

Ensure that both you and your partner have personal space within the bedroom. This helps in maintaining a sense of independence and harmony in the relationship. Personal spaces can be defined through separate closets or designated areas within the room.

Positive Energy Flow

Allow fresh air and natural light to enter your bedroom. Proper ventilation not only ensures a healthy living environment but also encourages the flow of positive energy. Consider adding potted plants to purify the air and bring a touch of nature indoors.

Remove Obstacles

Check for any obstacles or sharp corners in your bedroom. These can obstruct the flow of energy and disrupt the harmony in your relationship. Position your furniture and decor items strategically to avoid such hindrances.

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