Vastu Tips for office to flourish your business

Vastu tips for office

The office is the backbone behind a successful business. Not only it is responsible for the good economy of the country but it also runs many homes. Hence, it is important that one’s business should flourish. Vastu comes here for the rescue. Here are some Vastu Tips which one must follow while the construction of the office for a successful and prosperous business.

The Southwest direction

The business owner’s home in an office building should be in the southwest direction. Also, his desk should be placed as such that he is facing the north. Not a window or any glass design, the solid wall behind the desk should be of solid color. Same way, the ideal place for office at home is the southwest direction.

Office entrance

Vastu believes that the directions north, northwest and northeast are the harbingers of positive energy. Hence, it is recommended to have the main entrance of the office in any of these directions. It is for the reason that nothing should stop or obstruct the flow of energy from the door. Moreover, one should make sure that there’s no wall to the entrance of the main door.

Office Reception Area

It is the place where the new clients come and are greeted. Hence, this area should be full of positivity and relaxing space. The northeast or the east direction is considered ideal for the reception. Also, it should have comfortable seating.

The center or the lobby

The central part of the office should be left open as it indicates maximum prosperity. You can build an indoor garden or lounge in this area. It will not only enhance profit but will also provide an area for employees to get fresh and recharge.

Staff Seating Arrangement

The desks or the workplace of the employees should also be designed according to Vastu. They should sit either facing north or east to boost productivity.

The Account section of the office

This is the important section as this is the section of wealth. The staff handling accounts should sit in the southeast. Their faces should either be towards the north or the east.

Increase revenue

Northwest direction influences the financial condition of the business and brings prosperity. Hence, this direction is the best to place the marketing team as they are responsible for bringing more business. This area should be free of negative energy. Also, washrooms should not be built in this region.

Conference Room

The northwest direction is also the best for gatherings. Therefore, for fruitful meetings and discussions, the conference room should be built in this direction.

Electrical Appliances

In the present world, electrical equipment is a must in the office. According to Vastu the best place for it in the southeast direction. It will low down the risk of defects and repair them again and again.

Risks and conflicts

Fewer risks are the key to a fruitful business. Be it reducing delay in payments or receipt of new orders, the north direction should be free from the elements of fire. The red color should be strictly avoided for this area. Also, don’t locate the kitchen or pantry in this section.


Yes! The aquarium can actually do wonders. Placing it in the northeast brings maximum success and prosperity. Moreover, Vastu recommends keeping nine goldfish and one blackfish.

Furniture for office

According to Vastu, square or rectangular desks should be placed. However, one should avoid irregular shaped or even L shaped couch to maximize positive energy.

Cash Corner

If your office has a safe or a locker, the best direction for it is the southwest direction. Also, one should ensure that the locker opens up towards the north.

Office temple

 The ideal place for a temple in the office is the northeast direction.


Washrooms are often associated with bad energies. However, an office cannot be without washrooms as well. The northeast and the southwest are the preferred locations for it.

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