3rd Season of Dark – Which Character Do You Relate To

3rd Season of Dark, which character do you relate to

Netflix’s Dark has been in much news recently. It is a sci-fi series that involves time-traveling and a lot more mystery. “Dark” the drama has attained much attention in the past and people were desperately waiting for its 3rd season to stream. The characters of the series are well enhanced and developed. Interestingly, the story of the show revolves around 1986 with the involvement of supernatural elements.

We all know how zodiac signs govern our life. It tells so much about your likes, dislikes, characteristics, etc. Through astrology, you can explore which “Dark” do you relate most to. Here is the article that can tell you about which Dark character your personality most relates.

ARIES- Ulrich Nielsen

Ulrich Nielsen shows anger, passion, and impulsive behavior, throughout the series. We know his approach towards dealing with situations is indecisive sometimes and this makes him resemble Aries more. He enters the cave without a second thought for his son Mikkel.

TAURUS- Katharina

Taurus is known for their stubborn nature and strong dedication. When they truly get indulged in something, they make sure they put every effort into it. Katharina showed the same attitude in the series. She is a loyal personality that works tirelessly.

GEMINI- Charlotte Doppler

The first thing that comes to our mind when we hear Gemini is “clever”. Gemini is known for how clever and smart they are. They love making goals and achieving them. So is the case with Charlotte, chief of the Winden Police. She is one of the strongest vibes in the series. Her problem-solving ability is similar to Geminis.

CANCER- Jonas Kahnwald

Cancer is emotional. Their tendency to keep things within them is amazing. Though they don’t share much about their feelings they still know how to make people feel comfortable when they are feeling miserable. Jonas understands a lot about the people around him. He works selflessly for his loved ones. Also, he can go to any extent to make people feel protected. He is a total CANCER.

LEO- Hannah

Leo is strong and loves having attention. They have a broad view of everything they come across. Hannah is a ruthless personality who is always backed up with a good plan. She is definitely a Leo because she is strong enough to not shy away from conspiracies. Her character makes us pay attention to each and every detail, just like Leo’s. She cannot stay unnoticed because of her fearless personality.


Virgo is a patient sign. They know exactly what they are doing its consequences. Their patience makes them disciplined and dedicated to their goals. Adam is a Virgo! His analytical skills are mind-blowing. He has all the listed qualities of a Virgo.

LIBRA- Claudia Tiedemann

Libra knows how to keep things in harmony and so does Claudia Tiedemann. She is patient, peaceful, and helpful, which are the main traits of a Libra. We might see that Claudi is not how Libra makes decisions but that is probably because of pressurized situations. Her patience level tells us that she is pure Libra.


Scorpio is an influencing sign. They have great power in making things happen their way. Noah is a perfect Scorpio. He will make others believe his actions are always correct. Even if he does something cruel, he will be able to justify the positive impact of it. Just like Scorpio would do, he uses his tricks to escape from the cycle of suffering.

SAGITTARIUS- Elisabeth Doppler

Sag is adventurous and fearless. They can take any major challenge life throws at them. Their nature is tough and unbreakable. We know them for their leadership skills. Elisabeth is an appropriate resemblance to Sagittarius. Her rebellious nature makes her outstand everyone.

CAPRICON- Aleksander Tiedemann

He is a director of the Winden Nuclear Power Plant. We can see how ambitious he is and this makes him complete Capricon. Aleksander is confident about everything he does. His will to be successful is the core trait of a Capricon.


Martha, the biological daughter of Katharina Nielsen and Ulrich Nielsen is an ideal Aquarius. Her imaginary skills take hem away from reality and no one can do this better than an Aquarius. She maintains a good relationship with people she is close with. Her love for her family shows her Aquarius traits. She is confident and passionate, just like an Aquarius.

PISCES: Helge Doppler

Pisces are charming and spiritual. They have high imagination powers that no one can beat. Pisces can get sad easily, they can lose their purpose and that is when they need to rely on their imagination. Helge is a total Pisces, confused about things, he can easily become sad and vulnerable. His childhood tragedies made him what he is. Same as Pisces, he can be molded as wanted.

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