5 Players Who Can Be Orange Cap Winners in IPL 2022 As Per Astrology

Orange Cap Winners in IPL 2022

Season 15 of the Indian Premier League is almost here. It will begin on March 26 this year. With a plus of two new teams, Indian Premier League 2022 would be more thrilling than ever. This year the big cricket battle would be thus between 10 teams. And, in the frame of the same, the players will not only fight for the great IPL trophy 2022 but many other titles as well. One of these is the Orange Cap. And, there will be a tough fight for being Orange Cap winners in IPL 2022.

Orange Cap in IPL 2022 is awarded to the player who scores the most runs in a particular season. And, with ten teams playing in Indian Premier League 2022, we shall see an immensely close battle between some great new players.

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Let us see the top 5 players who shall become Orange Cap winners in IPL 2022 on the basis of their Sun Sign:

Virat  Kohli (Royal Challengers Bangalore)

Player Virat Kohli has been a successful player in the previous seasons. Managing to score 400+ runs in the last four IPL seasons, he generally scores great in the powerplay overs.

As per astrology, the Sun sign of Virat Kohli is Scorpio. It makes him who he is in the field of cricket— focused, dedicated, and driven. The same you can see with the performance he has shown in the previous IPL seasons with many big shots and an easy peasy chase of scoring 50s.

Scorpios also use their charisma and strengths to their best. It also becomes a big reason that he stands as a strong contender for Orange Cap winner in IPL 2022. Strategy is another factor that Scorpions show. Under pressure even, Virat Kohli uses his mind wittily to navigate himself out of hard times. This shall also make him a great player who could win an Orange Cap in Indian Premier League 2022.

If we see his performance in previous seasons, Virat Kohli has over 6000 runs in IPL at an average of 37.39. There are five centuries and 42 half-centuries to his name.

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Ishan Kishan (Mumbai Indians)

Next on the list of contenders for the Orange Cap in IPL 2022 is the Mumbai Indian player Ishan Kishan. He started his career in the Indian Premier League in 2020. Ishan Kishan is the young backbone of Mumbai Indians. Also, he is a star performer who holds high chances of performing exceptionally well being an opening batsman.

He scored more than 500 runs in his debut IPL season. Be it boundaries or handling the situation on the crease, Ishan Kishan has been a fair player on an overall basis.

The Sun sign of Ishan Kishan is Cancer, as per astrology. This makes him a hard-working and loyal person towards his game. Being a Cancerian, he works wholeheartedly to achieve his goals and aims. Also, this makes him approach everything in his game as a star performer, using brains and tactics in balance.

Unsurprisingly, as much as he looks to the facts to play his game with utmost dedication, he also looks to the fact that he keeps his guard on. Playing safe is what he also keeps in mind. Thus, scoring better to best. It makes him a strong player who shall become one of the Orange Cap winners in IPL 2022.

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David Warner (Delhi Capitals)

The player needs no introduction in the Indian Premier League. David Warner already has 3 Orange Caps in the previous IPL seasons in 2015, 2017, and 2019. Previously, he used to play for Sunrisers Hyderabad. But, currently, he is on the team of Delhi Capitals.

According to astrology, David Warner Sun sign is Libra. It makes him a being with a collaborative nature. Also, he promotes tactics immensely. His playing solely depends on qualities like balance and fair play. Being a Libran, David Warner also possesses qualities like managing situations in times of crisis or when the team needs him the most.

Seeing from a technical point of view, David Warner has been a great player in most of the seasons of IPL. He has scored over 5000 runs in around 145 IPL matches with an alluring average of 41.59. Not just this, he has also scored four centuries and 50 half-centuries. Therefore, fulfill all grounds to be Orange Cap winners in IPL 2022.

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Shreyas Iyer (Kolkata Knight Riders)

Shreyas Iyer in IPL 2022 is the captain of Kolkata Knight Riders. Previously he was in Mumbai Indians and served the team greatly with his outstanding performance and active playing. He was at his best in the IPL 2020, when he scored 519 runs.

As per astrology, Shreyas Iyer Sun sign is Scorpio. This makes him a dedicated player who plays every match with passion. He gets driven with vision and looks for analytical and detailed-oriented approaches. He is usually a middle-order batsman and believes in proving his worth in each match he plays.

Shreyas Iyer loves performing exceptionally outstandingly under pressure. In fact, he behaves methodically and accepts challenges and new skills to improve his game. His bat does the talking instead of anything else.

Be it his sixes or fours, be it his running between the wickets or releasing pressure in times of need, he just does it all effortlessly. Scorpios are known to pull off the weight in needful times. It makes him a great candidate for being in the league of an Orange Cap winner in IPL 2022.

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Shikhar Dhawan (Punjab Kings)

Despite the fact that Shikhar Dhawan has not played many matches in the T20 format, he still holds a strong position in winning an Orange Cap in IPL 2022. The player generally answers people more from his bat and swag than words. He is a critical player and generally plays aggressively, reckoning each IPL season.

In the previous seasons, Shikhar Dhawan has been a consistent player. He has scored 500+ runs since the Indian Premier League 2016. Not just this, he even scored back to back centuries in 2020 IPL. As per astrology, the Sun sign of Shikhar Dhawan is Scorpio. Being a career-focused yet aggressive player, he focuses more on scoring the best he could.

Not forgetting the swag he possesses, he also loves to frame an impressive tally that could entertain the crowd and bucket runs for himself and his team.

This year, Shikhar Dhawan will play for Punjab Kings. And, the team has never ever won any Orange Cap to date. Having him in the team shall be a great opportunity for Punjab Kings to grab a title in IPL 2022. Also, it is a wonderful chance for him to be one of the players with Orange Cap winners in IPL 2022.

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