5 zodiac signs that make empty promises

signs that make empty promises

We promise with intent to keep them. They don’t merely want to get the other person off their back or appease them. Committing is frequently too simple, and you can be sincerely doing it. But frequently, keeping such commitments is harder than they look. So, when you break a promise, not only do you lose someone’s confidence, but also make it harder for them to have faith in other people. There are zodiac signs who make empty promises and barely care about loyalty and trust, who are hardly trustworthy and don’t believe in keeping promises. Let us see!

1. Gemini

When a Gemini commits, they likely harbor internal skepticism. They have too much, making it impossible to decide how to express their allegiance. They want to uphold the promises that they make. Their dualistic character, however, prevents them from adhering to a single strategy.

Hence, from the zodiac signs who make empty promises, Gemini gives you their words without giving them any thought as to whether they can truly follow through. They find it challenging to concentrate on just one subject at a time. These natives might bite off more than they can chew. As a result, they disappoint others out of fear of being rejected. They offer assurances that they won’t betray your confidence but instead try to evade it more.

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2. Scorpio

You can often see a Scorpio as cold-blooded and vengeful people. These individuals do, however, occasionally lie when they make commitments. In every way, scorpions are hospitable and amazing. They don’t want to disappoint you or make your life miserable. They must continue acting coldly, though. They frequently lie and make promises to you that they would never keep. They look for indulgence and delight in all its forms.

As a result, whether they are your friend or lover, they will not express having the life they want with you. Thus, you will undoubtedly obtain it from a different source. They are also good at keeping information to themselves. Even their most sinister secrets will be with them only. You can never tell if these people will keep their commitments, as their methods for concealing secrets will astound you.

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3. Sagittarius

Some people can renege on any commitment and save for their carefreeness, and Sagittarius natives belong to this group. Never count on a Sagittarius to put too much effort into keeping a promise or appear respectable while honouring a commitment. Sometimes, they could do something wrong. But they are too irresponsible to follow through on their pledges. Additionally, you should figuratively anticipate them forgetting what they promised you straight away.

Sags are well known for their laid-back demeanour. Though they are not poisonous in a relationship, sometimes they are harsh and non-giving. You cannot, in reality, expect to have a committed relationship with them right away. They only pay close attention to what they need. As a result, doing whatever they want takes precedence over upholding a pledge.

4. Aquarius

The old-gold spirits, Aquarians, are sometimes too complicated to comprehend. In actuality, they only promise to have anything done in their favour. Promises, trust, and related concepts are like cash to Aquarians. They make use of these items in line with their needs. These master manipulators can persuade you of nearly anything. Furthermore, they find it simple to defend their actions.

Most notably, Aquarians are erratic and distant. Therefore, they experience no hurt or shame associated with breaching vows. These natives are so the zodiac signs who make empty promises that they could offer you anything to keep you loyal to them. It is difficult for them to maintain their commitments, though. They have no faith in either making or fulfilling commitments.

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5. Aries

Aries people are known for their quiet demeanour, and they are good at hiding their flaws. They have a strong desire to keep their promises. But when the moment arrives, they are overpowered. As a result, commitments suddenly don’t make as much sense to them. It, therefore, falls to the bottom of their list of priorities.

Aries is too bashful and determined to break a promise. No one can logically do everything, but Aries is too stubborn to acknowledge it. They dislike it when others enquire about their capacities. As a result, they make things more difficult for themselves. These natives are, for sure, the signs who make empty promises as they give a wide range of words about what they can and cannot achieve. They eventually find it challenging to stick to their promises.

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