6 zodiac signs that are hard on themselves

zodiac signs that are hard on themselves

Even if your horoscope indicates that you have some strengths, if you are too hard on yourself, you might not see them. Self-critical individuals frequently focus more on their shortcomings and unfulfilled goals than their successes. They barely acknowledge their accomplishments and spend a lot of time dwelling on their errors because they are preoccupied with them. Hence, some zodiac signs hard on themselves more than others. They harshly criticise themselves and lead to poor self-care because they believe they don’t deserve compassion and consideration.

Such zodiac signs don’t believe that mistakes are excellent, and they teach us about ourselves and that we can always fix whatever we messed up. Instead, they hold on to their errors and stuck and hinder themselves from progressing. If you think that other people possess hidden motives and this habit of people makes you feel bad about yourself, then look to the list below as your sign could be one of those that are hard on themselves.

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1. Libra

Because they are obsessed with perfection, Libras constantly criticise themselves. Since they tend to live life so fully and wonderfully, it’s against their nature to convey how negative they may be. Ironically, this is frequently what prevents them from reaching their greatest potential. What gets ignored is that Libras are incredibly hard on themselves.

They easily get pushed to the point of paradoxical craziness in search of a more serene, loving existence. On the outside, they appear successful, gorgeous, and together, but what’s running inside is harshness and self-criticism. They are probably the zodiac signs that are hardest on themselves but frequently and secretly hate themselves to maintain their image.

2. Scorpio

Because they believe everyone is judging them, Scorpios are particularly hard on themselves because they don’t want to be surprised. Scorpios are among the most deeply feeling, devoted, and loyal signs. They are the happiest when they share their feelings in a union. But, when they find out that other individuals are more liked or wanted than them, they become very suspicious and envious.

Most of their insecurities are internal, and they try to pass them off as humour or not caring. However, they end up being one of the zodiac signs hard on themselves as their minds always work overtime to understand why they continuously feel inadequate.

3. Capricorn

The fact that Capricorns came in third on this list is the thought that they are born perfectionists. These men and women are mostly detrimental to pushing themselves to do better and work harder than everyone else. Even if they are full of flaws, Capricorns possess many outstanding traits that make them appealing to others.

The actual issue that makes them overthink themselves is that they are just never satisfied with who they are or what they do— they are not themselves. Thus, mostly, they don’t see or realise just how incredible they are if they could unwind a bit.

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4. Aquarius

Since they often exude such self-assurance and confidence, it is most unexpected that an Aquarian made it to the list. Aquarius men and women have a keen sense of perception and are particularly receptive to fresh, creative ideas. The result is that they are very perceptive of other people’s perceptions of them.

Moreover, they frequently experience feelings of exclusion and a lack of social acceptance. It starts a lifetime circle of self-doubt for them since they always struggle to feel like they belong, leading them to believe that something must be wrong with them.

5. Virgo

It only seems natural that Virgos will ultimately stray down the path of self-doubt and criticism given their propensity for paranoia and overthinking. While trying all in their ability to appear “cool and bothered” about pretty about everything, Virgos are so mercilessly harsh on themselves.

Their subconscious thoughts are always looking for ways to improve themselves, become individuals who other people like them, their supervisors feel satisfied with their job, and means they can think of to do so, which is why they get hard on themselves.

6. Leo

You can usually tell whether someone has a high ego since they also likely have a strong sense of uncertainty or uneasiness. Don’t let the self-assurance of Leos deceive you; they are just as insecure about themselves as everyone else. Leos frequently humiliate themselves in their imaginations to force them to do better, be better, or feel less embarrassed.

Despite what they would want you to believe, Leos are just as harsh on themselves as anybody else, despite their typically “cool” demeanour, which helps them from being as crazy as some other signs. There is a fine line between pushing ourselves and being overly critical of ourselves.

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Everyone wants to improve in life. Thus, we need to push ourselves a bit to perform better. It’s okay to drive yourself to be better in life or to be a little self-critical, but it may become problematic if you set unrealistic expectations. You are unrealistic and critical if you put too much pressure on yourself to succeed or avoid failure, and it will ultimately get to you.

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