7 Laws of Karma that will eventually change your life


Karma is the universal truth that no one can deny. Karma in simple words means the result you seek for your action. The word Karma is used by us like it is so basic, but what we don’t know is that it’s highly powerful. The consequences of it can be either be positive or negative depending on your actions. You need not seek personal vendetta on the ones you hurt, Karma has got your back. Nevertheless, the laws of karma should be followed to have a great life.

However, Karma is effective and can be a pioneer in your life. Not to forget that it spares none and what you sow shall you reap. The natural law of karma is that whatever you manifest you will reincarnate in this life or maybe in the next life. Moreover, there are 7 golden laws of Karma that one should follow for a successful life.

1. The Great law

The great law means that whatever you give you receive that. For example, if you are generous you will bear fruits accordingly. Similarly, if you are loving towards other human beings you will reap favourable fruits. This law is more or less like the Law of attraction. So, thin good, do good and you will see its outcome. Whatever thoughts you send to the universe you will draw that.

2. The law of Neutrality

Karma is not bias it has no favourite person like us humans. It will be equal to all irrespective of caste creed, sex, colour. It also cares about everyone, be good Karma will be good to you, be evil it will lash out on you. Destiny is a fair player in this game of life.

3. The law of humility

laws of karma

The law of humility states that accepting what is in for you. The Buddhist law of Karma repeatedly mentions this law as highly relevant in one’s life. Self-reflection of our actions is critical to our well being, For example, if you did bad to someone and you are not agreeing to the fact that you were wrong then it will be difficult for you to make the necessary changes in your life.

4. The law of connection

If you feel like whatever you are facing is because of past life actions then the law of connection plays a crucial rule here. The past, present, and future are interconnected. If you want to neutralize past life mistakes then you have to work in favour of the present and future. Your desires will be affirmative only if you work in ringing positive changes in your life now.

5. The law of Hospitality

laws of karma

Whatever we give we will get it back, so our cations should be detrimental to our thoughts. Being selfless is the key to our own growth. Without having any evil intentions just be selfless and the universe will endow you with its choicest blessings. Your behaviour should not clash with your thoughts and actions.

6.The law of creation

This world is created with an intention, things will not happen on its own, we have to make it happen. Active participation in life will yield the desired result. Surround yourself with what you truly long for this will help you achieve your goal. If you are not satisfied with the current situation then the power is vested in your hands, go ahead and make the necessary changes.

7. The law of patience and rewards

One of the laws of Karma is patience and rewards, states that without hard work no rewards will be in your cards ever. There is no immediate result for a task, it always takes patience and perseverance. Moreover, to make things happen it takes efforts and time, instant results will never give you the same joy as hard work will.

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