8 Things to know if having sex with a Libra

8 Things To Know If Having Sex With A Libra!

Sexual intimacy as persuaded by people, is basically how good you can be in bed which in a way is correct and plays a major role in upbringing the heat between you two. But, there are certain things about the sun signs that are specifically to be considered if building a sexual intimacy of the ultimate power. 

There are certain stepping stones that are necessary to surpass for getting the utmost pleasure. And when it comes to Libra, achieving those stepping stones won’t be difficult but surely will be fun for you too! Sex with Libras will come along with many secrets and sex habits, so let’s unfold the mystery!

1. A touch of friendship

This is one unique thing about Libras, if caught up. Friendship with lover seems a lot common but friendship and sex? Seems very weird, right?


But, if we think deeply, friendship is the most purest form of a relationship and when shared with your partner closely, it makes sex even enjoyable and pleasurable.

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2. Equality in bed

Libra partners are wild, no second thoughts. But, they too have desires of equal reciprocation from their partners in bed.


This equality in sexual act turns on Libras even more giving an instant boom to your sex experience.

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3.Old School Romance

They surely are an old school lover because commitment is their weapon. They stay committed and ask for the same from their partner.


This comes with the emotional side of them that wishes to have sex with the same person they’re connected to for the rest of their lives rather an unknown person.

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4.Extremely erotic

This is something that is most essential when having sex with someone, nothing excites us more than the erotic version of our partners.


That’s the truth about Libras. They are extremely erotic when they feel on top of the world in love. The art of seduction ain’t hidden anymore because one look from them itself is enough to bring you on your knees. 

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5. Sexual surprises

Uh-huh, don’t expect anything when having sex with a Libra because all of that will go into vain. They are full of surprises in bed when it comes to sex, one of the most creative sexual Zodiac signs of all time.


You might wake up to an oral session or sleep to spooning. 

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6. Conversations

One impressive characteristic of Libras is that they talk about their needs and desires in bed. Which makes it even easier to get along with a Libra when having sex.


Some days they might just cuddle you and spoon whereas, some days might be a treat to you because it’s going to be all about the rough sex!

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7. Adventurous in bed

Once in bed with a Libra, send the shyness out for a walk because that ain’t needed!


They have an extreme thirst of thrilling and hardcore sex so don’t think twice before trying out something adventurous in bed because all you will receive in return is double pleasure! 

8. Compliment exchange 

This is one very important aspect of a great sex experience~ giving compliments. Who doesn’t like to hear how their partner’s sex experience is like?


Libras love to hear them so just bring on the compliments, how you’re feeling, the love you have for them, keep smiling and make those moans louder and see, no one can stop you from confronting the wilder side of your Libra partner. 

Keep in mind these things when having sex with a Libra and see what turn in takes! A perfect sex life with a Libra partner and no doubt, a wild Libra partner themself! No one can stop you from hitting a six if you adhere to these tips.

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