8 Zodiac signs whose first relationship falls apart

first relationship

Ever notice how breakups frequently occur all at once? Since astrology likely plays a role in why partners split up, we bet you would have observed that some zodiac signs experience breakups more frequently than others. In fact, their first relationship usually ends up being a mess. Fortunately, even if love doesn’t endure forever like anything else, the experience was still worthwhile.

Breakups stink, whether you started them or not. There is no getting around it. Additionally, it can be challenging attempting to decide how to terminate a relationship when you know it is over. Even though ending a relationship is never going to be simple, certain methods may seem more comfortable than others. Fortunately, the universe gives suggestions regarding which zodiac signs usually end up separating from their partner in their first relationship.

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1. Aries

The fastest way to fall in love and out of it is with your impatient sign. However, when the roles reverse, breakups enrage you. Aries is a sign of self-love. Your ego would take a serious hit if someone rejected you since you are proud and self-assured. You spend hours wondering— Why would they be mad enough to leave me?

While other indicators of a breakup may develop into self-doubt. You already know you are attractive. One would assume that with that mentality, you would move on swiftly. But, no! Your sign is fiercely independent and difficult to commit to. Hence, often your first relationship tends to fall apart.

2. Cancer

A lover must have long-term potential to pierce your shell. If they do? You’re all in! If a relationship ends unceremoniously, some Cancers put up a fierce front, excoriating your ex to anyone in earshot. Behind the scenes, you’ll plunge into your wounded feelings, isolating yourself or huddling up with your besties or your mom. Even if your crab claws aren’t visibly engaged, you may cling to the nostalgia of what once was. Ultimately, you emerge, often sharing your heartbreak in a cathartic way that helps others heal from similar situations.

3. Virgo

You might waste a lot of time protecting against heartbreak if you are the perfectionist of the zodiac. You will go through all relationship manuals, light uncrossing candles from the neighborhood witchcraft store, and sign up for pricey self-help seminars. Alternatively, you may adopt the role of carer and occupy yourself with aiding friends in finding solutions to their difficulties.

Virgo men and women, don’t put your heart in an igloo! Allow yourself to feel and express all of the unpleasant emotions. We understand it’s unfair that first love doesn’t come with a protection plan, but ultimately, the first relationship is one from the numbers game. Get back outside as soon as possible.

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4. Scorpio

You frequently don’t understand how connected people become to you, Scorpio. Your significant other could have moved on by the time you are ready, having grown weary of the head games and power conflicts. If only others were able to decipher your convoluted interpretation of love. Perhaps this explains why so many Scorpios go on dates.

But if your first relationship ends, the first thing to do is find something else to get fixated on. Take a break from dating to restore your pride. You don’t want to take someone through your vengeance dating period to crush their heart. You might end up in some dark places while you are depressed, so stay away from anything addicting.

5. Capricorn

While occasionally going on a casual date is fun, you are too busy to waste time. Capricorn, you prefer to invest in high-quality things. That makes you a long-term partner who takes partnerships seriously. However, you are also tenacious. But just like everyone else, the first breakup may be depressing. Being the sign of the provider in the zodiac, you find it difficult to ask for help.

So, you may choose to immerse yourself in your work to block out the hurt. But in this situation, it is important to allow your former friends and family to support you just as you have for them. If you don’t, you risk falling into a pit of despair and developing a jaded outlook on life.

6. Aquarius

Breathe in deeply. Although a breakup might be upsetting, the only way to get over it is to remain still and be with the sorrow. You could find it tough to reach your emotions until reality pushes you to you since Aquarius is an emotionally aloof sign. Remember that emotions are energy you store, and when you suppress them, they become trapped.

You must allow your sentiments to flow via you like electricity through a wire because Aquarius governs circulation. Exercise your breathing, go for a run on the beach, and schedule an appointment with an acupuncturist, Reiki master, or energy healer. Launch your fury in advance!

7. Libra

Libra is the sign of the scales, so balance is the first thing to go when emotional turbulence hits. The first-time heartbroken Libra is a depressing sight—and requires emergency relief. You will skulk to the cafe with your Moleskine journal, order black coffee, and pour out pages of emo poetry.

Or, panic-stricken about being alone, you put on your thirst trap bandage dress and head to the bar, only to attract the shadiest character you could meet. Or, you will announce that love is for suckers and leave on a Peace Corps mission for six months. Pamper yourself as much as your budget allows. Cliché as it may be, time heals all wounds for the heartbroken Libra.

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8. Leo

Your love life might become eerily Shakespearean due to your propensity for the dramatic. Your first relationship may split up and come back to you several times, wearing out pals who spend hours consoling you. Hence, enforce a no social media policy for 72 hours following any separation. Another false alarm meme is not necessary to frighten anyone!

Nothing soothes the Leo heart so quickly than starting a creative endeavor if it’s over. Your artwork serves as a form of catharsis. You may sob your way through a collection of oil paintings or the songs on your debut EP. Put all your efforts into your work and rediscover who you truly are.

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