9 Vishnu avatars and the planets they control

9 vishnu avatars and the planets they control

Dashavatara alludes to the ten symbols of Lord Vishnu. Lord Vishnu embodies on Earth occasionally to annihilate abhorrent powers, to reestablish the dharma. He has taken nine symbols till now and the tenth Avathar will slip on Earth toward the finish of the Kali Yuga.

Why Vishnu took birth on Earth in various symbols?

There were wars between Devas(Demi divine beings) and Asuras(Demons). The divine beings would consistently beat the Demons in every one of the fights that went on. Mortified, Shukracharya (Shukra), the master of the Asuras, left to appeal to ruler Shiva. This was to acquire the Mritasanjeevani Stotram, a Mantra that would make the Asuras undefeatable.

Meanwhile, in his nonattendance, Shukracharya requested that the evil presences take shelter at the Ashram of his dad Bhrigu.


The divine beings saw the nonappearance of Shukrachrya as a decent time to assault the asuras. Additionally, they believed that it probably won’t be conceivable to overcome the Asuras if Shukracharya figures out how to accomplish the mantra which makes the asuras undefeatable. Consequently, driven by Indra, the Devas progressed to strike.

The evil spirits fled to Bhrigu’s significant other (Shukracharya’s mom) for cover. Since sage Bhrigu was somewhere else, his significant other chose to secure the Asuras and utilizing her forces she made Indra stationary.

Devas took shelter at the feet of Lord Vishnu. Be that as it may, Bhrigu’s better half cautioned them that if it somehow managed to occur, she would consume them two to remains.

Indra asked Vishnu to murder her, whereupon Lord Vishnu cut off her head with his Sudarshana Chakra.

When Sage Bhrigu returned and saw the cut-off leader of his significant other. He reviled Vishnu to be conceived on earth a few times and endure the agonies of death and common life.

With respect to his own better half, Bhrigu reestablished her significant other to live through his forces.

Thus, Vishnu took birth on the Earth as his famous avatars

10 avatars of Vishnu

Matsya, The Divine Fish:

Bears closeness to the tale of Noah of the Arc. As Sage Manu was playing out his everyday customs at the lake close to his seclusion, he got a fish in his grasp which mentioned him not to drop it back and to shield it from the other ocean animals. It developed in measurements from a little fish that could fit into a little vessel to a colossal size when the Sage had to give it access to the sea.

At that point, the fish uncovered itself and vowed to help him at the end of the world which before long happened. It taught the sage to gather all foodgrains, creatures and different creatures expected to repopulate the earth. At that point, the fish itself drove the ship of Manu to security.

Connection with Ketu

Connection with Ketu

Vishnu embodied as Matsaya to spare Manu from an incredible flood after which Manu started another cycle of creation. Ketu is the planet of endings for a fresh start. Revering the Matsaya symbol will enable us to relinquish the past and move towards a perfect reason!

Kurma, The Divine Tortoise:

because of Rishi Durvasa’s revile, when the Gods lost their force and eternality, Lord Vishnu recommended the Gods to churn the sea of milk to get Amrita, the ambrosia of everlasting status. Having made every one of the game plans, the Gods and Rakshasas picked the Mandara as the beating bar and the Serpent Vasuki as the rope.

Anyway, at their first endeavor, Mandara lost equalization and tumbled down profound into the Ocean of Milk. At that point, Lord Vishnu accepted the type of tortoise and helped balance the mountain and effectively produced the Amrita.

Connection with Rahu

Connection with Rahu

Master Vishnu as the turtle conveyed the whole universe on his back during the “Samudra Manthan”. The most misconstrued planet is Saturn. We frequently related Saturn to deferrals and obstructions.

Yet, Saturn gives the best help and quality throughout everyday life in the event that you enable it to chip away at you! There is no brave story without impediments – So Saturn is the person who makes you a saint! Adoring the Kurma symbol reinforces our Saturn!

Varaha, The Divine Boar:

As an outcome of the scourge of the children of Lord Brahma and the decision offered by Lord Vishnu. Hiranyaksha and Hiranyakashyapa, they assumed control over the reins of administering and unleashed ruin. The senior sibling Hiranyaksha went to diving the earth into the Ocean of Milk. He himself concealed profound into it. Ruler Vishnu as the Boar, went into the Ocean, executed the Asura reestablished the Vedas and saved the Earth.

Connection with Rahu

Connection with Rahu

Ruler Vishnu embodied as a Boar to spare mother Earth when she was taken by Hiranyaksha. Rahu, when it is working on its higher guideline, can secure and spare the universe. Rahu is likewise identified with the vitality of Goddess Durga. Loving the Varaha symbol causes us to lift our Rahu vitality and put it to right utilize.

Narasimha, The Man Lion:

My undisputed top choice manifestation of Vishnu was conceived as Narasimha the Man-lion. It’s practically precisely what it seems like. He was brought into the world half-man and half-lion toward the finish of the Satya Yuga. Narasimha challenges the laws of nature and tries to overwhelm humans because they endeavor to discover everlasting status in unnatural manners.

He explicitly appeared when a strong underhandedness Demon got annoyed with his child petitioning Vishnu and attempted to hurt him. The Demon had gotten a shelter (a desire) that he couldn’t be killed by man or creature, inside or out, day or night, on earth or the stars, with a weapon either living or lifeless. So Vishnu showed as Narasimha.

With the body of a man, and the head and hooks of a lion. He then murdered the demon utilizing his paws under a yard edge of his home at precise nightfall, while he lays on his lap. Hence finding an escape clause in the aid enabling him to ensure the little youngster.

Connection with mars


Vishnu embodied as the furious Narasimha to ensure his fan Prahlada. Narasimha vitality is that of “Divine Anger” required to conquer abhorrently. Loving Lord Narasimha changes our “Mars” vitality and implants it with nobility

Vamana, The Dwarf:

Hiranyakashyapa’s child was an exceptionally incredible fan of Lord Vishnu. His grandson Bali followed in the strides of his granddad. At the point when he was playing out a Yagya, the Gods were astounded as to their position. Accordingly, when they spoke this to Lord Vishnu, he appeared as a Dwarf. And went to the Yagya mandapa of Bali and requested land secured by His three stages. The Asura Guru, Shukracharya suspecting that something was forthcoming forewarned Bali.

Anyway not paying attention to the exhortation, Bali conceded Him the land. At that point, the Dwarf developed to enormous extents and with one foot, secured the earth, with the other foot he secured the skies and approached the lord for the third foot. The lord respectfully bowed down and offered his head for the third foot. In this way the Gods were cheerful and Bali was pushed to the netherworld. There he was made the interminable King.

Connection with Jupiter


The Dwarf may appear negating to the extensive idea of Jupiter which is additionally the biggest of the considerable number of planets. However, do you recall the story where Vamana takes three steps to quantify the whole universe? To change our Jupiter vitality it is encouraged to venerate the Vamana symbol!

Parashurama, The Ax Wielder:

Parashurama is the first logger. He got his celebrated hatchet after an atonement to Lord Shiva where he additionally got the aid of eternality. When an extraordinary lord and his military visited Parashurama’s dad at his cloister, and his dad bolstered them all with the milk of the heavenly dairy animals he previously possessed.

The ravenous ruler needed the mind-blowing creature and requested the dairy animals for himself, his dad won’t, and the malevolent lord took it by power pulverizing the ashram and Parashurama’s whole family. In vengeance, Parashurama crushed the underhanded ruler and his whole family and took a pledge to wreck each malevolent warrior on earth. After 21 ages of pulverization, he ended and proceeded on the remainder of his interminability in reflection and petition.

Connection with Venus


The planet of magnificence, connections, material solace is Venus and so on. What’s more, Venus typically alludes to Shukra – The master of the asuras. At the point when the negative powers give up to Parashurama, he changes them to the way of honorableness and God. Adoring Parashurama injects profound vitality to our venus!

Rama, The Ideal Man:

Lord Rama takes birth in the Treta Yuga in the abode of Dasharatha and Kausalya. He is the Protagonist of the Epic Ramayana and he is associated with building the Rama Setu as we probably are aware of it today. Rama was an Ideal King and an Ideal Man. He executed Ravana and Kumbhakarna, another type of Jaya and Vijaya.

Connection with sun


The word Ram stands for “Light” and it is suitably identified with the Royal Sun, the provider of light and life to maintain the whole universe. Adoring Lord Vishnu as the Ram symbol causes us to increment the sun oriented vitality in our lives.


Believed by numerous individuals to be a puppeteer, He was instrumental in slaughtering Kamsa and Sishupala (Often substituted for Dantavakra) the third and last types of Jaya and Vijaya. He was likewise the cousin of the Pandavas and went about as their companion, scholar, guide, and friend in need. Lord Krishna was the Peace Messenger to the Court of the King Dhritarashtra after the outcast of the Pandavas. He was the charioteer of Arjuna in the extraordinary war of Kurukshetra.

Connection with moon


No one else is practically identical to the excellence and elegance of Lord Krishna. It is intriguing to take note that Krishna was conceived in Rohini Nakshatra which falls under the moon sign Taurus – and it is the place Moon is lifted up! Going to Krishna causes us to inspire the basic Lunar vitality throughout everyday life.

Buddha, The Ascetic:

Buddha was conceived on earth in our very Kali Yuga to lecture peacefulness and message of harmony and nirvana through contemplation and edification.

Connection with mercury


This isn’t astounding, Buddha implies acumen, knowledge, reason, segregation, and rationale – which is what solid mercury depends on. Change your inconsistent vitality and direct it towards a more significant standard by loving Buddha.

These are a few points to explain 10 Avatars of Vishnu and their connection with planets. Also, you may like to read about Does Colour Therapy really Help?

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