Akashic Tarot-A 62-card deck to Discover Hidden Meanings of Life In Astrology

Need to open your mystic capacities more than ever? Do you wish you could have simple access to the exact direction? let’s explore this powerful tool. The celestial tarot is an unmistakably accurate tool for predicting the future, unveiling insights, and uncovering new powers. Akashic Tarot a 62-card deck can take you to the Great Hall of Records to help you discover the unknown.

It can also reveal steps to attract ancient and new talents, unexpected victories, imminent rendezvous, unfamiliar allies, your greatest love, and prosperity.

The Akashic Tarot intends to get to the significant vitality and boundless data that make up the heavenly record, which are incredible fields of information and power that rise above existence and are promptly accessible to all. With each card, you can interface with amazing heavenly power and open the psychological flows that consistently stream among you and the divine circle

History of Akashic Tarot

History of Akashic Tarot

If we talk about the history of tarot cards, then this mode of Ancient Astrology started about 2000 years ago. The people of the country called Celtic used to first try to know the future with this knowledge. According to beliefs, this technique comes into vogue since 1971. Further, when it comes as a medium of entertainment in Italy.

After this, the practice of tarot card reading became very popular in England and France. Currently, the prevalence of tarot card readings has increased greatly in India.

Elements of Akashic Tarot Card Reading

Before 1971, tarot cards were believed to be used only for playing normal cards. After this, they were used to know Astrology and the future. It is mandatory to have two people under the tarot card. First questioner and second reader. In this mode, the person who is the questioner shuffles the card. The tarot card reader then assigns these cards a regular sequence.

Elements of Akashic Tarot Card Reading

Thereafter, in each order from each card, one responds to future events. The card reader first understands the meaning contained in the card itself, then answers the questions of the questioner. This science of astrology is based on faith and belief. If the questioner does not believe in this discipline, he should not use it.

Techniques to connect with your Tarot Cards

Tarot can assist you with taking advantage of your sub-cognizant by enabling you to identify concealed feelings, enthusiastic clashes, and all the more significantly offer the plausibility of recuperating.

– Choose a card

Glance through your tarot deck, take a gander at each image, possibly one will stand apart to you, or maybe you are progressively alright with just haphazardly choosing a card. Put in almost no time concentrating your picked tarot card.

Techniques to connect with your Tarot Cards

Notice things like hues, figures on the card, their position, creatures, images, and shapes. Attempt to hold the picture of your picked tarot card delicately in your psyche; don’t attempt to constrain the picture you can even now take a gander at the card.


Discover a spot where you won’t be upset for around 20 minutes. Presently either sit or lie in an agreeable position, relax any prohibitive garments, you may even prefer to take off your shoes. Close your eyes and inhale profoundly for 2-3 min. It might help you now to utilize a psychological clearing exercise.

– Connect with the Card

Delicately associate with the picture of the tarot card, recollect what it resembled, what the picture was brought into your memory every one of the subtleties that ring a bell.

This progression will turn out to be a lot simpler as you become increasingly more acquainted with your deck. Presently focusing on your card watch it become greater and greater until it is life-size, presently take a gander at the fringe of the card this is the entryway through which you would now be able to walk, proceed stroll into your card.

Akashic Records Using Tarot Card

Presently you are inside your picked tarot card, what do you see, are there any sounds, what time is it, will be it warm, what season is it, what do you feel, what is the general climate?

Akashic Records Using Tarot Card

Presently become mindful of your sentiments, how would you feel would you say you are apprehensive, on edge or do you feel quiet and settled, check out you the scene will unfurl, move around, contact, smell and notice everything.

Converse with the Characters in Akashic Tarot

Try not to be hesitant to converse with the characters inside your picked tarot card, approach one and make companions, make proper acquaintance, grin and expand a warm welcome. You can pose inquiries like what’s going on with you? what is your name?

When an association is set up the time has come to pose inquiries, for example, what do you speak to, what exercises do I have to know in this lifetime and how might you help me? When you have your answers you should state much obliged.

There is no standard about when you should leave your card, you are allowed to invest as a lot of energy as you need in the card investigating and cooperating with the characters. When you feel prepared to leave imagine the fringe of the card again, this is your entryway pull out of the card once again into the room you are sitting in. Exit and envision the card contracting back to its typical size. Take a couple of full breaths and open your eyes.

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