Alcohol Addiction- How it Affect our Horoscope

Alcohol Addiction- How it Affect our Horoscope

Addiction can belong to the state of being where the consumption or gulping of a substance in a person’s life becomes a pushing force. Today, it is legal for anybody to purchase and consume any amount of liquor they wish for. Also, you wouldn’t be surprised if people smoke weed, hash, and meth on road today. Similar to any, alcohol addiction is also slow and very long.

It consumes whosoever consumes it. The life of an addict is disturbed both physically and mentally. With time, the habit starts eating on their original behavior. Often, alcohol addicts think they will quit drinking. However, till then the dreadful impact of their alcoholism has ruined their possibility of going back to CLEAN.

Not only on their body and mind but they draw a terrible impact of their addiction on their Horoscope. According to Astrology, there are a few selective planets that are responsible for alcohol abuse.

Planetary Position with alcohol addictions

In Vedic Astrology, Rahu, Saturn, and Mars are the real perpetrator of alcohol addiction and drug abuse in a native’s life. Also, due to the malefic effect of these planets, a person may suffer from a continuous will to join a rehab and not being able to overcome the obsession for the drug. In addition, a negative association with the 1st house, 2nd house, 5th house, 6th house, and the 11th house of any of these three pushes the person into alcoholism.

Planetary Position with alcohol addictions

In a Horoscope, when Mercury has the malefic position and is giving a malefic effect, it also generates the craving for Alcohol. For instance, when Mercury is in the 1st house, 2nd house, 5th house 6th house, and 11th house is a placement where Mercury bestows negativity to the person and makes them choose the path of alcohol. Scorpio sign stands for intoxicants. The same goes for Venus or Saturn, too.

If Scorpio is placed in the 8th house or the 3rd house and Venus or Saturn occupies an afflicted place, the citizen will become addicted to poisonous substances.

When Scorpio happens to be the 8th house or the 3rd house, and Venus or Saturn occupies an afflicted position, the native will be addicted to liquor. Anyone who has a strong Scorpio in their Birth Chart will be driven to be addictive nature and obsessive energy.

– Venus

Significantly, planet Venus governs over aspects like alcohol, drugs, and sex. Similar to the impact on pleasures and joy, this planet blocks all the ways to return from the path of addiction. The conjunction of Saturn and Venus is tremendous for a native. If these two planets form any kind of relation or connection then the native finds luck around alcohol.

In addition, it causes overdo of sexual pleasures as well.

– Saturn

Especially, if you have a malefic Saturn in your Horoscope, then you should avoid consumption of alcohol and drugs. According to the expert Astrologers, liquor consumption in such a case only drives a person to worst situations.

– Rahu

Whenever Rahu or Ketu comes together with Venus, it creates addictive tendencies in a native. Such a person has an addiction to pretty women, fine-wines and magnificent Gems.

Alcohol addiction is a Shani/ Saturn Karakatwa. In a Horoscope, Lagna or Ascendant signifies a native’s way of life and code of conduct. Moon signifies to a native’s fluctuating mind and unbalanced emotion. Whereas, Kuja forces the person to act or go for it. Therefore if in a Kundli, Saturn is placed with Lord of Ascendant, then addiction can be seen in a native’s nature.

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