Astrologer’s fan gets a FREE session, you can get one too

Have a bag full of questions to ask to your favourite astrologer? Here is your chance. Golden chance, tbh!! 

Do you know an astrologer jo apko jaan se bhi zaada pyara hai? Now imagine getting a chance to have a session with your favourite astrologer with wallet balance or time being no bar.

In an effort to spice things up a little, Astrotalk is here with a new series where all of you have a chance to be hosted by your favourite astrologer over a video call where you can ask him or her questions for FREE. 

And to start things off, our first lucky winner was Deeksha, who recently got a chance to talk to her favourite astrologer SnehaG.

Deeksha (Guest) and SnehaG (Astrologer) met on Astrotalk a couple of years ago. Deeksha recalls being depressed about her breakup when she chose to take advice on how to move on from Sneha.

“We all know what happens after a breakup. You feel frustrated, don’t feel like doing things, and your whole life becomes a mess. And though we feel that being alone will help us heal, but it is the exact opposite. Being alone was messing me up. So I saw this ad about Astrotalk, downloaded the app and decided to talk to SnehaG, and haven’t looked back since then,” says Deeksha.

Deeksha is a customer of Sneha and binge-watches all her live sessions. When we got to know her story, we decided to have her on the show where she had the freedom to ask any question to SnehaG. Deeksha describes her experience of getting to talk to SnehaG as special and fulfilling. 

“Free tips from your favourite astrologers? Always a keeper. But the fact that I got the chance to talk to her personally is so special for me. SnehaG is so gentle and kind and can heal anyone from within,” Deeksha tells Astrotalk.

Likewise, there are many more life-changing astrologer-customer interactions that need to be heard and we are here to make sure that happens. 

Having said that, send us your stories about how an Astrotalk astrologer has helped you at, and the lucky ones will get a free one-on-one session with their favourite astrologer.  


Posted On - June 3, 2022 | Posted By - Kushagra Gupta | Read By -


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