Who Will Win IPL 2021? Here’s What Astrologers Predict

Who will win IPL 2021?

After being postponed earlier in the year, IPL 2021 is once again back in our life. And with its arrival follows all the fun and excitement for cricket lovers across the world.

Interestingly, predicting Who will win IPL 2021, from a layman point of view, could get pretty difficult this year. Why so? Well, a simple glance at the IPL points table 2021 will give you an idea of how tables have turned for teams like Delhi Capitals, Royal Challengers Bangalore, who are cursing on top while the performers from the last year – Sunrisers Hyderabad, Kolkata Knight Riders – are somewhere at the bottom. 

However, despite being at the bottom of the table, the capabilities of these teams to claim the top spot can’t be questioned, especially when we have half the tournament left. So now that would surely make many wonder who could possibly win the IPL 2021? And to answer this question is astrology and our astrologers.

Who will win IPL 2021? An astrological insight.

Before we divulge deeper into this question, let us, first and foremost, reveal what team, as per our astrologers, is clearly not going to win the IPL 2021. And that would – drum rolls – be Sunrisers Hyderabad. 

Sunrisers Hyderabad

As per our astrologers, owing to the presence of Saturn in the chart of the Hyderabad team, consistency is what could have helped them sail through the IPL 2021. However, owing to the on and off character of IPL 2021 – and some incompatible choices – consistency is missing, which is something Saturn hates. Thus, the team is all set to embrace a tougher phase in its way ahead.

Royal Challengers Bangalore

IPL 2021 is the last chance for Virat Kohli to claim an IPL trophy for himself as he has decided to quit IPL captaincy after IPL 2021. So will RCB win IPL 2021? For RCB, though the current period is highly auspicious but it is not going to last for long due to the effect of Mars. As per astrologers, RCB will make it to the playoffs but will struggle to reach the finals. 

Delhi Capitals 

Confidence and a big YES was on the face of our astrologers when we asked them whether DC will win IPL 2021 or not? The astrological Sun for DC is rising and shining in its full glory. And to further improve the prospects for the Rishab Pant lead team is Venus in the 9th house, bringing DC all the luck. DC, as per astrologers, may make it to the playoffs but not the finals as per our astrologers.

Kolkata Knight Riders 

The SRK owned Knight Riders have really been dominating the IPL over the years. And this year too, the team, despite lagging behind in the initial stages of the tournament, is all set to make it to the playoffs and even the IPL final as per our astrologers’ prediction for IPL 2021. However, the team won’t win the IPL due to the 9th house, house of luck, not being in their favour.

Rajasthan Royals

Rajasthan Royals currently stand at the 5th spot on the table. As per our astrologers, the team is quite strong and will maintain the spot for the majority of the tournament. Owing to the influence of malefic planets in the 3rd house, the team won’t be able to qualify for the playoffs but will emerge as a roadblock for other teams.

Chennai Super Kings 

Chennai Super Kings seem to be our astrologers favourite as the majority of them predict that CSK will make it to the IPL final 2021 and likely win it. This is owing to the strong influence of Jupiter on the team horoscope. However, the one’s seeking some Dhoni-action may not have much to savour as the planetary position is not in favour – sports-wise – of Thala this year.

Mumbai Indians 

Mumbai Indians and the IPL trophy is a world-renowned affair. The five times IPL winner – including back to back in 2019, 2020 – would want to achieve a hat trick by winning the IPL 2021. However, when asked if MI can win the IPL 2021? Our astrologers were not in agreement. Astrologers believe that MI would even find it tough to make it to the finals despite dominating the tournament. This is owing to the transit of Malefic planets in MI’s horoscope. The influence of malefic planets have been away from the team for a while but this is to change going forward. 

Kings XI Punjab 

IPL astrology predictions for Kings XI are not the best. Astrologers are in denial that Kings XI would even be able to acquire any spot other than the bottom two; once the qualifying rounds end. Going forward, the team may also have to deal with the sorrow of some of the players getting injured.

What team do you think will win IPL 2021?

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