Astrological Benefits of Hanuman Chalisa

AstrBenefits of Hanuman Chalisa

The extraordinary Hanuman Chalisa has a very saintly spot in the hearts of every Hindu. This great devotional hymn consists fundamentally of 40 verses to worship the Lord Hanuman. There are many benefits of Hanuman Chalisa.

Hanuman Chalisa is a spiritual poem that was created by the great saint and poet Tulsidas who has been entitled as a manifestation of Saint Valmiki. Tulsidas wrote the Hanuman Chalisa during the days when he was caught by Mughal emperor Aurangzeb. In his words, those who will recite this would appreciate the bountiful blessings from Lord Hanuman.

In order to read Hanuman Chalisa daily, you can follow – Hanuman Chalisa.

Astrological Benefits of Hanuman Chalisa

Mitigate Saturn’s Influence:

Recent discoveries have revealed that reciting Hanuman Chalisa for around forty days can reduce the terrible impacts of Saturn’s movement. For the individuals who have a malefic placement of Saturn should recite Hanuman Chalisa verses, in any event, multiple times on Saturday. This will repel the harmful impacts of Saturn and will provide a great amount of help to the individual.

Mitigate Mars’s Influence:

If you are suffering from Mangal Dosh or you are Manglik, reciting Hanuman Chalisa will bring much relief and help.

By reciting Hanuman Chalisa you can improve the positive influences of Mars. Constructive qualities of Mars, like courage, strength, energy, and indomitable spirit are inculcated through chanting the Chalisa. Those who find themselves under the demonic influence of the planets will find relief and benefit if on Saturday they chant the Chalisa for eight times.

For other people, this practice of reciting the Hanuman Chalisa can be pursued at the beginning of the day and also at the night. The practice of reciting Hanuman Chalisa does not take more than 10 minutes. Hanuman Chalisa’s recitation has also gives impacts like the cleansing of the human body’s mind and edify his mysticism. It prevents an individual from forthcoming hazards and ingrains trust in him to conquer the world. 

Our body is 60% water and each and every word we speak has a vibration associated with it and an impact on the conscious and subconscious level of our body. If we start to repeat the mantra or holy name then bliss can be achieved as there are significant patterns for every vibration. The vibration of every bad word is different and likewise for a good word is also different. Similarly, the patterns formed in our bodies by holy names or mantras are totally different from the observed patterns of bad words.

Spiritual Wisdom

Perusing the Hanuman Chalisa in the evening time can help in drawing positive perspectives from the abhorrent powers. It doesn’t make a difference whether we are experts, skeptics, understudied, or non-believer. Reciting Hanuman Chalisa has always improved people’s lifestyle along with providing an optimistic and positive way to deal with tough situations.

For the ones who seek enlightenment, reading Hanuman Chalisa can help gain spiritual knowledge and wisdom. Reciting Hanuman Chalisa drives away the bad company that keeps a person distracted. It demotes disagreements and promotes contentment and unanimity. Reciting Hanuman Chalisa promotes like-mindedness and reduces unnecessary arguments by making one aware of their surroundings.

Astronomical Significance of Hanuman Chalisa

Hanuman Chalisa predicts the distance between the sun and the earth. There is a strong belief that one of the hymns (Stotra) in Hanuman Chalisa is capable of calculating the distance between the sun and the earth.

The following Stotra helps to determine the distance between the sun and the earth.

Yuga-sahasra-yojana para bhanu

leelyo taahi madhura phala janu

Scientists all across the world still find it very astonishing that Tulsidas mentioned the distance between the sun and earth to this level of accuracy in the 16th century when the Western astronomers, even with the help of high-tech instruments, were unable to get to such conclusions.

To understand the Hanuman Chalisa in even greater detail, please head over to this link

Jai Hanuman!

These were some Astrological Benefits of Hanuman Chalisa.

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