How Astrology Can Solve Your Financial Issues

How Astrology Can Solve Your Financial Issues

Money may not buy you happiness, but almost everything can be bought with it. Money is the source with which all the basic requirements like food, water, shelter, clothes, etc. It is a necessary evil, in that it’s availability indicates prosperity and it’s abundance often (paradoxically) results in the greed to further accumulate. Whatever may be your view on it, you will probably agree on its importance. Many of us would have probably witnessed someone or the other going through financial issues. This may be due to either the difficulty to earn money or the over-expenditure of it. Many of us would have probably witnessed someone or the other going through financial issues. This may be due to either the difficulty to earn money or the over-expenditure of it.

Although the person himself/herself may try not to spend money and save it, they still find that it is almost impossible to do so. Why? Isn’t that against the law of nature? It is due to the astrological reasons in their birth chart.

Astrological Causes of Financial Issues:

In most cases, the financial crisis is due to the placement and position of the planets in the natal chart of an individual. In others, the houses themselves can also be the culprit. The sixth house is the “House of Debt”, the eleventh represents the ability to earn money and the expenses are related to the twelfth house.


Mars is the main reason for the financial issues for most people because Mars alone can lead to the accumulation of one’s debts. This is due to the fact that Mars is a representation of one’s confidence. When it is in connection with the sixth, eighth, tenth, or twelfth houses, it can lead to over-confidence where the person loses his clarity of thinking and take the wrong decision. Mars in the sixth house brings about debts.

When Mars is in the sixth or eighth house, it leads to the bankruptcy of the concerned individual. Also if Mars is associated with the eleventh house, this is where the payback of the loan or the EMI becomes unbearable. The person spends money on unwanted assets when Mars is in the twelfth house.

Saturn Causing Financial Issues:

Saturn is known for his nature to bring about unfortunate situations and miseries. His position may also play a significant role in a person’s financial life. It is also a malefic planet, who makes the person’s bad situation prolong, as many may already know. When Saturn joins a crisis-inducing combination, he will extend it to a long period. He also makes the situation frustrating. You should try to calm him down, lest he will make you weak and vulnerable.


Rahu will make the crisis more and more critical. When he is in the second house, it is very bad for you, especially if he is weak. As with Saturn, Rahu also in combination with ‘bad Yogas’, can also lead to misery. When Rahu is in the eighth house, it can lead to bankruptcy. When he is in any of six the malefic (Dhusthana) houses, viz. second, third, sixth, eighth, eleventh, and twelfth houses, you are prone to big losses.

Further, the malefic planets are capable of causing financial issues than other planets. Escpecially, when the second, sixth or eleventh houses have a weak planet associated, it can lead to debts. As the 2nd House signifies Dhana or Money. Whereas, the 6th House signifies debts and 11th House signifies Labha or gains.

Astrological Remedies of Financial Issue:

The recitation of powerful and holy texts, such as slokas and mantras. One such great text is Hanuman Chalisa. You can also get some holy charms called yantras. One of the great options is to perform pujas, in which the person seeks the blessings of a god. We pray in order to get the god, to overcome the difficulties. You can also conduct various Yagya in front of the fire, God Agni, to get rid of the problems. Gemstones related to the planet/lord who you want to strengthen can be used.

Some practices that can be employed for this purpose are as follows.

  • Placing a mirror in front of your money safe, shows it’s reflection to itself, thereby leading to it’s multiplication.
  • Since North is the direction associated with Lord Kubera, the god of wealth and money, placing your money in the South can ensure the effective conservation of money. Hence, when you open the safe’s door, it invites him.
  • Pray to Goddess Lakshmi, the Goddess of Wealth, every day in the morning to invite her into your house.
  • Another remedy that is not only astrology based, is to donate a part of your income for the charity. Vedas state that you should allow 10% of your earnings towards charity. Since white is the color of Lakshmi, you can donate it is covered in a white cloth.
  • You can also offer water to Lord Vishnu, who is the consort of Goddess Lakshmi. You can further blow through a conch facing South while offering water to Vishnu.

For detailed recommendations and options of remedies, you can refer to our article Astrological Remedies To Overcome Financial Problems



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