Astrology Framework- What Defines Astrology

Astrology- an ontological framework

Introduction and Brief History

A good framework is essential to improve the quality of life. The astrology framework has been present for thousands of years. Humans have always been curious about their origins, and astrology served as a mode to get answers.

This article aims to find out why Astrology is considered the ultimate ontological framework. Our ancestors had extensive knowledge of astrology. Therefore, we must try to unearth this vast pool of knowledge so that it finds usage in the modern context. The unknown fascinates us, which propelled us to make cave paintings of the stars and later enabled us to land on the moon. Curiosity, as it turns out, has been our greatest ally.

Taking the Astrology Framework discussion forward

Let us define some of the terms surrounding Astrology so that it becomes easier to understand the topic. Getting a hold of these topics would enable everyone to appreciate that astrology is, in fact, the ontological framework. Because its core philosophy is misunderstood by many, people must know what astrology strives to achieve.

Before we get on to ontology and the Astrological framework and what they mean, we must understand what Metaphysics means. Metaphysics is concerned about the nature and existence of things.

It deals with aspects that try to examine the nature of reality. Metaphysics deals with abstract concepts such as time, identity, space and truth, and concepts that defy scientific analysis or experiments. ‘Meta’ means beyond; therefore, metaphysics takes into account all those that phenomenons defy physics and extend after it.

Ontology is a branch of metaphysics dealing with the concepts of the being and essence of all things universal. Astrology helps explain the nature of the being with the planets’ position through a fixed framework. Thus, Astrology is the gateway to all the secrets of the universe. It is frankly beyond the realm of normal science to understand the concepts and implications of these secrets.

The ultimate ontological framework

Astrology can take us to a whole new journey of the universe across the solar system while we stay on humble earth. Institutes like NASA correlate their knowledge with the ancient Vedic Sciences of astrology. This shows the profound importance of astrology. Astrology traverses the universe and takes its users for a ride into the stars, thereby proving that it is the single best ontological system. The entirety of the astrological framework dedicates itself searching inside our souls

Astrology finds its base on the details of our date of birth up until the exact second. It bases its core logic on the premise that what we depend upon the circumstances of our birth. Even the 12 Zodiac Signs are a dumbed-down watered version of this core belief of astrology.

How can twins who are born around the same time have completely different lives then? To which astrology’s answer is harmonic charts. Astrology has the answers to all the queries one might have; regarding their purpose of birth, karmic challenges in rebirth, and the obvious foretelling of events, both good and bad. These are the aspects that help astrology become the ontological framework that it has set out to become.

Conclusion on Astrology Framework

Everything as in life boils down to beliefs. Whether you choose to believe in astrology or not, you must recognize that much of it finds its roots in modern sciences, calculations, and mathematics.

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