5 Astrology Tips to Lure More Love on Feb. 14

10 Astrology Tips to Lure More Love on Feb. 14

Love is the language of the existence, universe. Not just the lovers, but also, it can unite people despite their boundaries and differences. Talking of the same, Yay! the day of lovers is finally here.

Valentine’s day is important, it is the day to celebrate love in some extra lovy-dovy alacrity. After all, this is the pattern of Love Aaj Kal. So, if you have a lover and you wish to spend a romantic February 14, then read on 5 Astrological tips to perk the passion today.

Happy Wall Paintings

Everyone has their own choice of interior designs and aesthetics. At times, lone figures and deep woeful pictures are also good to hang on the walls. However, in your private space, your bedroom should not have any lonely picture. Instead, replace them with beautiful & happy pictures.

According to our Expert Astrologers, when you get right down to it, artwork in a house symbolizes so much about the people who live inside. Also, it impacts enormously on the subconscious. Thus, you should hold yourself better as you surround yourself with portraits, drawings, sculptures, and solitary pictures. Replacing these pictures with portrayals of happy couples can make you more open to love. After all, Feb 14 is the day to invite all the love and romance in the world.

Bed Away From Wall

In Vastu as well as Feng Shui, a bed right against the wall kills the chance of love to expand in life. Therefore, you must leave a fine distance between your bed and the wall. Arrange your bed so it has enough room on either side to walk around. You’ll be cuddling tightly with your special someone before you know it, rather than hugging your pillow for warmth as if you’re alone.

In addition, nothing else destroys passion like late-night TV. It often separates the interest of conversation in the private space as well. Thus, experts advise keeping your TV out of your bedroom. Also, if you already have trouble sleeping, try poetry or romantic novels to blow off some steam. The subconscious will change accordingly, making you a magnet of the virtual love.

Cozy Settings

Astrology Tips to Lure More Love on Feb. 14

The way it appears is the way a person feels inside a room. Getting my point?

Create cozy settings that reflect a feeling of welcome to your partner. Avert the use of a single chair or stool, it gives a sense of blue. I am pretty sure you don’t want that. Use comfortable sofas or lovers’ seating. It will create a charming cozy space offering a sense of bliss.

Also, you must take care of equal space in the room for your partner. A room of stuff that you own or use may draw a feeling of dominance or overdo in your partner.

Sensual Bedding

The bed is a vital arrangement in a room. To take rest, to relax and obtain optimum comfort, a correct bed setting is important. However, for a couple, a comfortable, as well as sensual bedding, is crucial to keep a vibrant sex life. As far as I know, an old ratty pillow and those workable sheets don’t do any favors to your sex life. Therefore, go ahead and add a set of pillows, blankets, and bedsheets that lures you to linger in bed especially with your special someone.

In addition, sleeping on a giant mattress won’t promote you any intimacy. If you want to cultivate more passion, love, and romance in your life, don’t waste on a king-sized bed. If you just can’t make the move, make sure you sleep on patterned sheets to add a little zest and zeal to your romantic life.

Think White & Pink

As I mentioned in my previous blogs, colors have a significant role to play in the energies we want to attract and add in our lives.

Warm and bright colors always add to the joy and bliss of the house. Significantly, colors like white, pink, light purple and beige are ideal options for the bedroom walls. It will always make

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