Bappi Lahiri, Legendary Composer With A Kundli Like No Other

Bappi Lahiri Kundli

The famous singer-composer who gave us the hits of a lifetime and unforgettable disco music in the Indian cinema, Bappi Lahiri, passed away on February 15, 2022. He was suffering from several health problems, because of which he was admitted to the hospital for a month. However, was discharged on Monday. But, because of the re-deterioration of his health on Tuesday, he was again admitted. And, because of sleep apnea, he took his last breath around midnight yesterday. Bappi Da was 69.

Highlights of Bappi Lahiri Career

Bappi Lahiri started his musical career in Bollywood in 1973, and his first-ever tryst with music was at the age of three. Initially, his name was Alokesh Lahiri which he later changed to Bappi Lahiri. Along with being an exceptionally great singer, he was also a trained Tabla player. Ahead in his life, he also learned other instruments like a bongo, dholak, drums, guitar, saxophone, and piano.

In his initial days, his parents—Aparesh Lahiri and Bansari Lahiri trained him. He was the nephew of the legendary singer Kishore Kumar, who was one of his all-time favorite singers. 

He got famous with the name “The Disco King of India” and worked closely with the actors like Mithun Chakraborty. As a music composer, Bappi Da got recognition with the Bollywood movie Zakhmee. Also, he gave some evergreen soundtracks like Disco Dancer, Dance Dance, Shaeb, Commando, Namak Halal, Sharabi, Gang Leader, etc. 

The veteran singer got nominated in the category of Best Music Director in the Filmfare Awards 6 times, between the years 1982—2018. Also, he was honored with the Lifetime Achievement Award in 2018 by Filmfare.

Bappi Lahiri Kundli: Yogas that made his successful career

Bappi Lahiri astrological details—

Date of Birth: Nov 27, 1952

Time of Birth: 00:00

Place of Birth: Jalpāiguri, West Bengal, India

Bappi Lahiri Kundli

According to the Bappi Lahiri Kundli, he was a Leo ascendant person. His Moon sign was Pisces, and the Sun sign (according to western astrology) was Sagittarius. He possessed exalted Mars and Saturn. Also, Jupiter and Sun were friendly in his birth chart. As for the planets Mercury, Venus, and Moon, they were neutral in the Bappi Lahiri Kundli. 

Bappi Lahiri Kundli

The Yogas in Bappi Lahiri Kundli

Bappi Lahiri Kundli was a combination of some highly auspicious Yogas that proved to be grateful in his career:

Anapha Yoga

  • This Yoga, in general, helps the native experience a healthy lifestyle with great physical traits. And the same helped Bappi Da seek his majestic appearance. 
  • Also, because of Anapha Yoga in Bappi Lahiri Kundli, he had his polite and generous nature with a respectable reputation in society. 

Vasumathi Yoga

  • Vasumathi Yoga occurs when the benefic planets occupy the Upachayas 3, 6, 10, and 11 from the ascendant house or from the Moon. 
  • This Yoga, in general, indicates the hard-working nature of the individual. In Bappi Lahiri Kundli, this Yoga highlights his dedication towards his passion for music. 
  • Vasumathi Yoga in the Bappi Lahiri Kundli also aided him to attain the lavish lifestyle, wealth, and prosperity by the means of his career. 

Vasi Yoga

  • Vasi Yoga in horoscopes occurs when any planet(s) other than the Moon takes the twelfth position from planet Sun. 
  • Generally, this Yoga indicates that the person will be full of joyous nature and experience happiness to the core. And, the happy-going nature of Bappi Da says it all. 
  • Vasi Yoga in his birth chart also became the reason he flourished so great in his life and was the ruler of all classes in all forms. 

Budha-Aditya Yoga

  • This Yoga happens when Mercury makes conjunction with the Sun.
  • Budha-Aditya Yoga says that the native would be full of wisdom. And, in Bappi Lahiri’s life, we all have seen how skillful he was in the field of music. 
  • Also, Budha-Aditya Yoga helped him grab a comfortable lifestyle and respect amongst the people around him. 

Lakshmi Yoga

  • Lakshmi Yoga occurs when the Lord of the Lagna is strong, and the Lord of the 9th house occupies the own or exaltation sign which is identical with Trikona or Kendra. 
  • This Yoga illustrates that the individual will be the owner of immense fortune and wealth. 
  • For Bappi Da, this Yoga helped him build the reputation he had. Also, in the time of his political career, this aided him in being a great leader.

Today, the legendary singer is not with us, but he will always be there in our memories in the form of his iconic songs and compositions. Especially the disco trend he started in the Bollywood cinema, which we and coming generations will cherish and enjoy for decades. 

Om Shanti.

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