Best Films to Watch During Quarantine for Each Zodiac Sign

Best Films to Watch During Quarantine for Each Zodiac Sign

Many of us have a strict office job and it doesn’t allow us to bring work home. As a result, we have a lot of free time amid the COVID-19 and quarantine. An ironic part of this is, most people mock artists for their lifestyle, choices, and appearances. Besides, when the world brought them boredom, we don’t know how the entire world turned to the same artists. Keeping the topic on point, many zodiac signs have not find a good movie to watch with their loved ones. Here’s a suggestion to start your journey with. So, let’s skip any unnecessary discussion and jump to see which best film you should watch during the quarantine according to your zodiac sign-

Aries- Shawshank Redemption

Aries natives are like HOPE. They reflect it in all the conversations they have with people. Thus, you must watch Shawshank Redemption once. This story offers a genuine approach to introduce belief, friendship, dream, and of course, MIND. Similar to many popular dramas, it showcases the importance of education, smartness, and faith merged with FIRE & DESIRE just like an ARIES.

Taurus- Seven

Taurus, a Zodiac Signs most popular for their mysterious reflection. Brad Pitt, Morgan Freeman, and Kevin Spacey starred SEVEN is the best film for a Taurus to watch during this quarantine.

It is one of the films that grasps your attention in the initial few minutes. Finally, the suspense and ending leave you wondering. Simply, it leaves you amazed.

Gemini- The Wolf of Wall Street

Fun, humor, flexibility, skills, and wit is all about a Gemini.

Fun fact: Same about The Wolf Of Wall Street. There is no fun that this film misses to offer. By the fantastic director Martin Scorcese and on-screen with Leonardo DiCaprio, this film gives to a bomb of laughter.

Cancer- Pulp Fiction

Regardless of the zodiac sign, this is surely one of the best films to watch during quarantine. I am a personal big fan of Pulp Fiction. Also, I am a Cancerian. Thus, I am here giving myself a suggestion to binge-watch this epic film by Tarantino. (wink)

Well, Cancerians are full of drama, fun, emotions, and depth and so is PULP FICTION. The begins quickly and keeps you to the edge of your seat till the very end. And as it ends, you won’t notice but you’d be dancing on the Waitin’ In School.

Leo- Memento

Leos like searching. They keep looking for something new and amazing. Memento is undoubtedly the most original and jaw-dropping thriller til date. It makes you invest your time in finding what the character is looking for. It compels you to stay focused and not miss a single frame.

With Memento, one can simply scratch their terms with the brain, puzzles, and mysteries.

Virgo- Interstellar

Do I really have to specify why? Of course, perfect & intellectual people only watch movies from Christopher Nolan. For a Virgo, Interstellar, Dunkirk, and Inception are the Best Films to Watch During quarantine.

Libra- Saving Private Ryan

Saving Private Ryan is a heartfelt cinematic representation of war and how a unit of brave soldiers take the command to send one of their comrades home to his mother who has already suffered loss of 4 sons in the same war.

As Librans prefer watching something that has equal brilliance and emotion, this film is a perfect option for them.

Scorpio- Troy

Scorpions= secret, intensity, emotions, and war. Troy=secret, intensity, emotions, and war. A Scorpion is well popular for their intense nature. Troy is an emotional and sharp film. It shows beautiful love stories and the battle followed by it.

In addition to this, watching Brad Pitt in Troy as the warrior Achilles is a super visual treat. It is so very expensive to miss.

Sagittarius- Life is Beautiful and Into the Wild

Sags are a little special when it comes to movies, entertainment, enjoyment, and adventure. Therefore, I can suggest two films at a time for them.

As Sagittarius is real wanderers they would love watching these two films for sure. This glorious film gave us a glimpse of the Holocaust but really it’s about love and humankind’s fearlessness even in the midst of barbarity. Whereas, Into the Wild fills the soul of wanderers. It teaches life.

Capricorn- The Social Network

Most of you would think Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg has far more friends than anyone else. Maybe not as much as this special fictional narrative comes remotely close to the facts somewhere.

For a Capricorn who strictly loves factual description, The Social Network is one of the best films to watch during quarantine.

Aquarius- No Country For Old Men

Aggressive, dramatic, thrilling, exciting and blackly funny: that’s going to be the Coens doing what they’re doing best then. Now with modern mankind. No Country For Old Men makes you feel the terror of people who are not afraid of things.

For an Aquarius, it a perfect thing to watch on a free evening.

Pisces- The Green Mile

To be frank, all that a Piscean look in a movie is a reason to sit back and cry. So, why not cry because of the amazing acting, fabulous storyline, and compelling direction.

The Green Mile introduces you to a horrifying real incident that takes place in the 90s due to the discrimination between White people and Black people.

Tell us in the comment section if you wish us to share a list of latest best films to enjoy in quarantine.

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