Birth Time Rectification|BTR In Vedic Astrology

Birth Time Rectification

To identify the correct time of the birth of a native for Vedic readings, that corresponds to him/her is called Birth Time Rectification. In Astrology, we require very precise birth data for casting the birth chart and then doing readings, as each one is unique.

Each human being has a unique personality, distinct circumstances, and dissimilar experiences in life. To find this “uniqueness of a native in totality” is called Birth Time Rectification.

Why We Do Birth Time Rectification?

Technically, birth charts are maps/diagrams that represent the complete information regarding a native in a coded language.

As we can never reach a proper destination, without a proper Map! In the same way, we can never predict correctly, nor astrologers can suggest a remedy with the incorrect birth chart.

The most proper time to record birth time is when a child comes out of the mother’s womb. Many believe that time when cord between child and mother is cut down should be noted and given preference.

Different theories and methods are popular among astrologers for the rectification of Birth time in Vedic and KP astrology. Some widely used methods to rectify are listed below:

  • Parashara’s Method
  • Krishnamurti Paddhati
  • Pre Natal Epoch
  • Nadi and Bhrigu’s method
  • Kalidasa Method
  • Nakshatra Shuddhi
  • Event-based rectification

Tattwa Shodana or Ruling Planet

This method is based on the “ruling planet theory”. According to this theory, there are five tattwa or element- Water, Fire, Air, Sky, and Earth. All the 7 planets are assigned the ruling of 5 elements.

Mars and Sun rule Fire, Mercury rules Earth, Saturn rules Air, Venus and Moon rule water, Jupiter rules the sky. Birth of all natives takes place at a certain interval.

Birth of a female takes place under the control of the Moon, Venus, and Saturn. However, the birth of a male takes place under the control of Sun, Jupiter, Mercury, and Mars.

Birth Time Rectification can be done up to a time of 3 minutes.

Lagna Shuddhi

Identify the zodiac occupied by Moon and Mandi; and their navamsa. The native will have this birth either in zodiac occupied by Moon and Mandi; whichever be the stronger or the Ascendant or Zodiac whichever will be 7th, 5th, or 9th.

In other words, this method suggests that the ascendant of a person must be 1,5,7,9 from either the moon or the mandi side.

BTR in KP Astrology

  • Cast the chart with available information.
  • Look at the Lagna and the planets in Lagna. They should give a clue to the personality.
  • Taking ruling planets at the time of birth and ruling planets at the time of BTR.
  • In case, native is indicating the accuracy of a couple of hours then look at the Lagna in the chart, the lord of which should be present in the ruling planets at the time of BTR. If not then the Lagna is incorrect. Look at the earlier or next possible Lagna.

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