Breakup line of Each Zodiac Sign- What Line You Use?

Breakup line of Each Zodiac Sign- What Line You Use

The zodiac signs can say a lot about one’s personality and feelings. Be it falling in love or coming out of it, the zodiac knows all. Falling in love is a beautiful feeling however breaking things up is never easy. Hence, each zodiac has a go-to breakup line which they use when ending things up.


I am out of this relationship” would be the last statement said by this zodiac. This is a zodiac sign that no matter what will do whatever it wants to do. Aries is a fiery sign and they couldn’t hold back even if they make efforts for it. However, it is not their fault. Their energy is the sign of self. They are in this world to explore and want to be self-sufficient. However, if they are ending things up with you, they are most likely to come to you and tell straight.


Taurus is a zodiac that stays in relationships longer than expected. Moreover, they are a combination of loyalty and stubbornness.  However, they are very practical in life. If you think they will butter you up before ending the things, then you are wrong. They are quick enough to get a slow zodiac and they are done out of their life. Taurus is a sign that will handle you the belongings when you will walk out. Hence, their go-to line says “You’re out.


If you have a Gemini partner, remember to keep the things hooked. The moment your conversation starts dying, their interest in relationships will also die. Actually, this zodiac likes fleeting and they want to keep all their options open. They know how to play safe from both sides. Well, they have the gift of the gab so yes be ready to listen to what you want to hear from them during the breakup. However, mostly their go-to breakup line is “ The conversation has been dying lately and I am not interested anymore.


Cancer is known for being moody but it is emotional as well. This heartfelt and mushy sign doesn’t love distance. This zodiac has very guarded energy but once you get comfortable with you, it is very difficult to let them go. Moreover, they are the ones that will want to be friends even after the break up until and unless you hurt them. Even if you are not friends, they will always have a soft corner in their hearts for you. However, the go-to breakup line is “We can still be friends.


I don’t see you in my future any longer” is the go-yo breakup line of the Leo. Leo is a sign of pride and self-obsession. If you are a partner of a Leo, they will never want you to rub off their glow. Moreover, they don’t think much before cutting ties if it reflects back on them. Having a ruler as the Sun, they always want to be in the limelight. Hence, they consider it important that their partner should give them attention in the relationship. If they fail to do so, then Leo thinks the relationship won’t work. Hence, if they no longer to be with you, they will even walk away in the public.


I wish you had listened to me earlier” will be the breakup line used by Virgo. Virgos are the perfectionists. They do everything with all their efforts and expect the same from others. Moreover, this zodiac is productive and is known for expressing opinions and making suggestions. However, if their partner doesn’t value them then it would hardly take a minute to turn them off.


This is the sign of relationships and hence they hate everything which they don’t find beautiful or pleasing. However, they hate having enemies therefore even if they don’t want to be friends with you post-breakup, they will say so because it is a kind gesture. Moreover, they can a bit aggressive too and believes in the fault of both sides of the relation doesn’t work. Hence, their go-to line is “ It’s definitely me but it could be you too.


The relationship isn’t doing it for me anymore” is the go-to line for Scorpio. This silent and calm zodiac may sting their partner from the back and give them silent treatments just before leaving. Also, Scorpio is the sign of death and rebirth hence they don’t have a problem ending things up and starting a new one.


If you a dating a Sagittarius, then remember they always want their space. Therefore, their go-to line also says ‘I don’t want to be tied down at present.” This zodiac loves doing things and their own. Moreover, they don’t like it if someone keeps a constant check on yourself. Sagittarius is the ruler of truth and therefore they will be pretty blunt while ending a relationship.


You are not putting in enough effort in this relationship” will be most likely the go-to line of the Capricorn. This is a grounded and practical sign and thinks a relationship as a waste of time. They are known for being hardworking and ambitious and tend to value work and security over everything.  Hence, they really want you if they are giving you enough time. However, if they don’t feel similar efforts from the other side, they will not hesitate to wrap things up.


This is a sign of friendship. They are often baffled and lost in their own world discovering their individuality. Moreover, they are fixed signs hence they don’t let people go easily. However, if they think things are not working out between them, they will still want to be friends. Therefore, their go-to line is “I think we are just better off as good friends.


This zodiac lives in a world of fantasy and takes some time to cope with reality. Pisces is very tender-hearted and will leave one wondering what happened. Even if they end things up, they will be the ones still having feelings for their partner. Hence, their go-to line says “I love you, I think you are great and anyone would be lucky to be with you.

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