Bye Bye 2019- Kick Start your 2020 with these Amazing new year Quotes

Bye Bye 2019- Kick Start your 2020 with these Amazing Quotes

2020 is only a few hours away. Meanwhile of everyone is busy sending messages and quotes to wish Advance Happy New Year, kickstart your new year with the inspiration of these new year quotes.



Aries, you are a fiery zodiac sign. Your beliefs dive deep into dedication and devotion. You don’t believe in things like New Year resolution. For you, New year’s eve is to pop, fizz and sip the energy with the cocktail glass.

So, amid many new year quotes “New year is the beginning of another adventure of your life, make it one that goes with highs and lows but concludes with bliss” is perfect for you.



Taurus, you are quite good at goodbyes. So, why not saying goodbye to a few habits like overthinking and lack of sleep? You are a mystical and sensuous person that people are always comfortable around. So why don’t you become comfortable with yourself too?

So, here’s the quote of the year for you “Roses are red, violets are blue. With the New Year 2020 go to your bed on time, lack of it causes circles black & bleu”



Gemini = party animal.

You enter a celebration the first, commence moving on the floor and stops the last among all. In all the ways, you are unique, sarcastic, funny, dependable and amazing. In addition to your talents, you master the art of hiding your feelings.

For you quote like “Looking back at 2019, you grew emotionally. Say a big Hi to your 2020 and get along to flaunt your madness and drama” is the best.



You, you are an easily bored overthinker. Even the greatest power of the universe can’t understand your true mood. For you, New Year’s Eve means either a big bash or silent trash. You can’t help yourself learning that all the years are a new test with new results.

Thus, for you “2020 is another book with empty 365 pages. So, write an amazing one” is one of the best new year quotes.



Leos are always humorous and vibrant. So, be it a new year eve or a common day, you can always have fun and live to the fullest.

Therefore, the best new year quote for you is “May your coming year be full of magic and lure. Write your heart and energy on the walls of people. Craft the world as you wish.”.



You are a perfectionist with a warming soul. Deep down in your heart, you hide a person with the purest heart under your harsh tone. And you know that people who matter to you, already know this. Indeed, you are an expert in welcoming all the new things that may cross your way in life.

Thus, the quote of the year for you is “It is not late to go where you haven’t been, it’s not late to know what’s unknown.”.


Libra new year quotes

Libra, you are like the cherry on the cake and cream to shake. You make life better and easier for people who are around you. What do we need when we have a friend and family member like you?

So among all the new year quotes, the best one for you is, “Life, it demands change. With the change in a year, let go of the bad and embrace the light & bright similar to your illumination.”


Scorpio new year quotes

Scorpios are the mystery most of the world wishes to unfold. However, your hidden softness deserves a window to breathe. Allow it to sit and sip some great drinks with your favorite people.

Thus, the best new year quote for you is “With a beautiful new year, promise to be yourself, like yourself and love yourself.”


Sagittarius new year quotes

Adventure freaks must be on the peak of mountains or table of a retro club. Sagittarian, you cannot spoil your new year’s eve for any reason. You are a distinctive type of amalgamation of modern and traditional. Thus, it is not easy for you to jump over a permanent option. You need changes.

So, here goes the best quote for you “Why not reinvent yourself with the new year, after all, the entire 365 new beginnings are coming on your way”.


new year quotes Capricorn

You both love and dislike being at a party. Regardless of how well a person knows you, you as your Capricorn self would never fail to impress and surprise them. So, now that you’re that amazing, you need a more than amazing quote for yourself in the new year.

Here you go “You’re always brave to say goodbye to accept a new hello. Just open your arms and let the flow of love come to you”.


new year quotes Aquarius

Aquarius, you have a world of your own. We understand that, but, a New Year celebration deserves a bit of your attention, doesn’t it? Or how else will you grove at your favorite jam? So, wear your favorite party dress, grab your shy self out and enjoy the New Year Eve.

Here’s what you are searching for “the presents from New year depend on what you present to the new year”.


Pisces new year quotes

Attain lovers, gigglers, and launching geniuses, Pisces, you are a wonder to watch. First of all, you need a break. Even if you’re at a party, grab a drink, take a sharp cut to the front corner and do what do best, Observe. After a hectic year of socializing, take a deep breath and enjoy the bliss of a new year.

Thus, the quote “it is a good party to celebrate a good New Year.” is the best for you.

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