How Can Astrology Tell Me Why Am I Not Getting Pregnant?

Astrology for pregnancy

Discovering the hidden celestial wisdom, astrology holds the key to unraveling the mysterious roadblocks on your path to pregnancy. Astrology can tell why you are not getting pregnant after analysis of several factors. By analyzing the cosmic energies, house placements, planetary alignments, and the doshas at the time of your birth, astrology provides a unique lens through which to understand the intricate connections between the stars and your reproductive health. Embracing the power of Astrology for predicting Pregnancy, let’s explore how this can offer profound insights into the underlying factors affecting your fertility, enabling you to navigate toward the joyful journey of parenthood.

Houses responsible for childbirth

In astrology, there are specific houses that play a significant role in predicting childbirth. These houses provide valuable insights into a person’s fertility and the likelihood of pregnancy. Let’s delve into these houses and explore their influence.

Firstly, the fifth house is often associated with children and childbirth. It represents creativity, self-expression, and the joy of bringing new life into the world. When this house is strong and well-aspected, it signifies a high potential for pregnancy and successful childbirth. Secondly, the eighth house holds great importance in astrology for predicting pregnancy. This house represents transformation, shared resources, and deep emotional bonds. It also encompasses the mysteries of life, including the process of conception and birth. A favorable alignment of planets in this house indicates the possibility of fertility and the potential for a blessed pregnancy. 

Furthermore, the fourth house has a role to play in the realm of childbirth. This house symbolizes the home, family, and the foundation of life. It reflects the supportive environment necessary for raising children. A well-aspected fourth house signifies a nurturing and stable family life, which is crucial for a healthy pregnancy and the overall well-being of the child.  Lastly, the ascendant, or the first house represents the physical body and the self. While it may not directly indicate childbirth, a strong and well-positioned ascendant is essential for a healthy pregnancy. A robust and balanced body creates a favorable environment for conceiving and carrying a child to term. 

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Planets responsible for no child

In astrology, certain planets play a crucial role in predicting pregnancy and the birth of children. The planets responsible for no child are Saturn and Uranus. 

Saturn, known as the planet of limitations, imposes restrictions on fertility and childbearing. Its influence can create delays, obstacles, and difficulties in conceiving or carrying a pregnancy to full term. Saturn’s energy demands patience and perseverance in the journey toward parenthood. However, it is important to note that Saturn’s impact may not always signify a complete inability to have children, but rather a need for extra effort and resilience. On the other hand, Uranus, the planet of unpredictability and change, can disrupt the natural flow of conception. Its influence brings unexpected events and circumstances that may hinder the conception process. Uranus introduces an element of surprise and irregularity, making it challenging for couples to conceive or maintain a pregnancy. Its presence suggests a need for adaptability and flexibility in the face of fertility struggles.

When Saturn and Uranus combine their energies, the challenges related to fertility become more pronounced. The combination of Saturn’s limitations and Uranus’s disruptions can create a complex dynamic, making it even more difficult for couples to conceive.  Couples facing difficulties in conceiving or carrying a pregnancy can seek support and guidance from astrologers. By acknowledging the planetary influences and using them as a guide, individuals can approach their fertility struggles with a deeper understanding and a sense of preparedness, seeking alternative paths or treatments if necessary.

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Doshas responsible for no child

Astrology plays a significant role in predicting various aspects of life, including pregnancy. There are specific Doshas in astrology that are believed to be responsible for no child. These Doshas can provide insights into a couple’s fertility and their chances of conceiving.

  • One such Dosha is the “Beej Dosha.” This yoga occurs when the malefic planets, such as Saturn, Mars, or Rahu, occupy the 5th or 9th house in a person’s birth chart. The presence of Beej Dosha can create obstacles in conception and may lead to no child.
  • Another Dosha associated with no child is the “Kaal Sarpa Dosha.” All the planets in a birth chart are placed between the Rahu-Ketu axis, causing this dosha. Believers attribute it to bringing difficulties in childbirth and suggest that it can cause delays or even denial of having children.
  • Furthermore, the “Putra Dosha” yoga can also influence a couple’s ability to have children. This Dosha is formed when Jupiter, the significator of progeny, is weak or afflicted in a birth chart. The presence of this dosha can result in no child complications during pregnancy.
  • The “Nakshatra Dosha” is yet another Dosha associated with no child. This dosha occurs when the birth star (nakshatra) of the husband and wife are incompatible. Believers believe that this incompatibility can lead to difficulties in conceiving or carrying a pregnancy to full term.

To overcome these Doshas and increase the chances of having a child, astrologers may recommend specific remedies. These remedies can include performing specific rituals, wearing gemstones, or chanting mantras associated with the benefic planets. By analyzing the birth chart and identifying these Doshas, astrologers can offer guidance and suggest remedies to overcome the obstacles and enhance the chances of having a child.

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Astrological remedies for no child 

 Astrology offers various remedies to address the issue of not conceiving a child.

  • One effective remedy is performing specific rituals or poojas dedicated to deities associated with fertility and childbirth.
  • Additionally, wearing gemstones like coral or pearl, as suggested by an astrologer, can help enhance the chances of conceiving.
  • Moreover, astrologers may recommend fasting on certain auspicious days and observing specific dietary restrictions to improve fertility.
  • Furthermore, seeking guidance from an experienced astrologer can provide valuable insights into the planetary positions and their impact on childbirth.
  • Another important point to consider is the performance of specific mantras or chants, which believers believe have a positive influence on fertility and conception.
  • Additionally, performing remedies like ‘Santana Gopala’ homam or ‘Putra Kameshti’ yagna can also be advised to overcome infertility issues.
  • Moreover, performing charitable acts and donations as suggested by astrologers can help appease the planetary influences and increase the chances of having a child.
  • Finally, seeking the blessings of elders, performing prayers together as a couple, and keeping faith in astrology for predicting pregnancy can contribute to a positive outcome.

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