Cause of Infertility in Horoscope- Problems That Can Hinder Progeny

Cause of Infertility in Horoscope- Problems That Can Hinder Progeny

Marriage is considered a sacred bond in the world. After being bound in this sacred bond, every couple has only one wish. This desire is to have children. Particularly for women, finding happiness in motherhood is an unforgettable feeling. The happiness of having a child after an unbearable pain cannot be described in any words. However, some people are deprived of the happiness of having children. One reason for devoid of children may be the bad state of planets in the horoscope. According to astrology, there are various placements in the horoscope that may cause of Infertility in Horoscope.

The weak state of several houses and planets in the horoscope can cause obstacles in child attainment. This type of yoga in women’s horoscope is called Banjh yoga. Let us know the Astrological Cause of Infertility in Horoscope and what are its remedies.

Astrological Cause of Infertility

According to Vedic Astrology, if in a woman’s horoscope the lord of the 5th house is in the 7th house and if the lord of the 7th house forms a yoga with inauspicious planets then it creates Banjh Yoga. It is one of the major reasons behind infertility. It also delays the bliss of progeny in a woman’s life.

The 5th house is the significator of playfulness, progeny, children, and joy. If in a woman’s horoscope the 5th house is inauspicious because planet Mercury it creates a delay in child bliss. Also, when there is an enemy zodiac sign in the 7th house it causes problems.

Even if Shani or Rahu is aspecting the fifth house of the horoscope, child happiness is not attained quickly.

When the Sun or Saturn is low in the seventh house, there can be problems in getting children.

Even if Mars and Ketu are sitting in an inauspicious house in the horoscope, it is a sign of hindrance in getting children.

Astrological Remedies of Infertility for Women

According to astrology, the fifth, ninth, and eleventh houses of the horoscope are responsible for a child in life. Along with this, the seventh house of the horoscope is also the House of the Pregnancy. It reflects relationships, comradery, and its effect on one’s life.

According to astrologers, women can recite Harivamsha Purana or Gopal Sahastranam for the attainment of child happiness. They can get beneficial results from doing these Paath very soon. Also, those who are facing delays in attaining a child, their chances of getting their wish fulfilled are increased. Women can also consume cow’s milk regularly to have children. Even worshiping Shiva-Parvati daily can eradicate the problems coming to the progeny.

They may also perform pooja with Purohits and Pandits.

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Astrological Remedies of Infertility for Couples

Just as two people have a role for achieving children, in the same way, either of the two people can have a role even if they are unable to attain the bliss of a child. According to Vedic Astrology, it is not only the fault of women in the horoscope for child happiness. But it becomes equally important to see the horoscope of men in our so-called male-dominated country. Because the Dosha can also be in the horoscope of the man.

According to Expert Astrologers, a couple deprived of the joy of progeny in life for many years can follow some astrological remedies. It is one of the easiest ways that offer proper results soon. First of all, the couple should worship Lord Krishna regularly together. It can bless them with Santan Yoga.

According to a belief, if the husband and wife mix turmeric in water every morning and offer it to the lord Sun, then even they can enjoy the bliss of progeny soon in their life. Apart from this, the fasting of Ekadashi by husband and wife also brings auspicious results and proves to be helpful in attaining child happiness.

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