Chaitra Navratri Day 7- Worship Maa Kalratri

Chaitra Navratri Day 7- Worship Maa Kalratri

Navratri Day 7 Significance

Worship Date- Navratri day 7 (Maha Saptami).
Chaitra Navratri Day 7- Tuesday, 31 March 2020.
The deity of 7th Day- Goddess Kalaratri.
The favorite flower of Goddess Kalratri- Krishna Kamal.
Color of the Day is Grey.
The mantra of Goddess Kalratri- ‘Om Devi Kalaratryai Namah’.
Ruling Planet- Saturn (Shani).

The seventh day of Chaitra Navratri is dedicated to the most fierce incarnation of Goddess Durga. According to the Bhagwat Purana, Maa Kalratri’s form of Maa Durga is worshiped on this day of Navratri. Goddess Kalratri blesses her devotees with auspicious results for worshipping with utmost devotion during Navratri.

Maa Kalratri is has a fierce-looking form. She slaughters evils and bestows peace to the world every time. In Puranas, we also find her mentions in the form of Devi Shubhankari as she endows with prosperity to her devotees. With evils, she slaughters fear of people and removes obstacles from the life of her devotees. On Navratri Day 7, in order to obtain the Goddess Kalratri’s blessing, you must worship her with Ganga Jal, Panchamrit, flowers, Akshat, and jaggery.

Powerful Form of Goddess Kalratri

The grace and glance of Goddess Kalratri are different than any other goddess in Hindu mythology. She has a ferocious form. She is the warrior, savior, and executioner of all the evils.

As the darkness of cold night, the body of goddess Kalratri’s is black and shadowy. Her breath is like a storm and it gives fire to smoke. The mother’s hair is scattered and her neck shines like a thunder. Hindu Mythology says that Goddess Kalratri is the destroyer of all strength and power in any form.

According to the Bhagwat Purana, Goddess Kalratri’s three eyes are enormous, round like universe, beams are the same as lightning and are mounted with four arms, one has a khadag i.e. sword and another carrying a weapon of iron. And the fourth is in the Vermudra. She rides on a donkey and it is the most diligent & fearless creature. This form of Goddess bestows Riddhi and Siddhi and saves her devotees from the Kaal.

History of Navratri Day 7 and Goddess Kalratri

The 7th day marks the worship of Goddess Kalratri. She is the goddess of power and strength. According to mythology, the origin of Maa Kalratri takes place during the fearsome fight of 9 days of Goddess Durga with demon Mahisasura. Further, she slaughters him in the war on the 10th day.

At the time of destruction by the Demon Shumbha and Nishumbha, Goddess Parvati takes the incarnation of Maa Kalratri. When these two demons invade the Devlok and the abode of gods, Goddess Parvati determines to slaughter the asuras. Upon this, she takes the form of fiery, thundering Goddess Kalratri. Later, she slays all the demons and frees Devlok from their fear.

Ritual and Mantra of Navratri Day 7

Goddess Kalratri is also known as Kali Mata. Worship, rituals, and mantras of Devi Kalratri are extremely powerful and helpful for one and all.

By worshiping Maa Kalratri, you may resolve all your resentment. In the morning, like other days, you may worship on Saptami in the same manner as all the 9 days of Navratri. However, at night, the goddess was adorated through special regulations.

Before the beginning of Puja, clean yourself and the worship area. Further, after taking the bath, worship the Kalashdevta and all the gods dwelling in the Kalash. After this, take the blessing of Goddess Kalratri. Further, take flowers in your right hand and offer them in the feet of the God and Goddess. Next, chant Devi Kalratri Mantra while you invoke the Goddess.

The Mantra of Devi Kalratri is as follows-

Karlvandana Dhoran Muktkeshee Chaturbhurjama
Kalaratri Kaaralinka Divya Vidyutmaala Vibhushitam
Divya Lauhvraja Vamoghordhawa Karambujama
Abhayana Vardana Chaiv Dakshinodhvagha Panirkaam Mama
Mahamegha Prabhana Shayama Taksha Chaiv Gardbharurah
Ghordansha Karalasyana Pinonanta Payodharaam
Sukha Prasan Vadna Smeraana Saroruham
Evam Sachiyanantyet Kalaratri Sarvakaam Samriddhidadam.

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