Chandra Yantra- Easy Remedy of Moon Dosha

Chandra Yantra

Moon is a significant planet in Indian Astrology in light of the fact that the Horoscope Rashi (Moon Sign) is overseen by Moon it implies which is ones Nakshatra at the hour of Birth. In Astrology, Planet Moon speaks to personal feelings, fortune, popularity, memory, achievement satisfaction solaces and so forth. Moon is the sign lord of Cancer.

The Moon speaks to the psyche and in like manner, it demonstrates an individual’s reasoning, feeling, and other mental procedures. It speaks to everything that has to do with one’s mom, just as parenthood in ladies.

Negative moon or Chandra Dosha

Moon controls the brain and soul. It is evident that a lost moon in the horoscope can mean mental issues. An individual who has the Chandra dosha will experience the ill effects of discouragement and other mental issues. They will in general stress a ton and don’t coexist with individuals. These individuals seem to be heartless and discourteous to many.

Enthusiastic development is significant in all parts of life and that is what is overrule of the Moon. The stone for the moon is the moonstone. The day of the moon is Monday.

Indeed, even Pearls as Gemstone are recommended to individuals who have Chandra dosha. Individuals who have a solid moon have alluring characters and they can manage any issues with significant serenity.

The ones who don’t have a solid moon get disturbed rapidly and are hot-tempered. In the event that Rahu is set over the Moon, at that point the won’t have thinking power and will get disturbed by little things and can even take to physical savagery and implosion. Callings like a specialist, analysts and healers need individuals who are touchy and have a cool personality.

Chandra Yantra- the Remedy of Dosha

Chandra Yantra is useful in drawing in positive energies from the planet Moon. It is likewise useful in diminishing the negative effect of the Moon on anybody’s Kundli. If somebody has a solid position of Moon in Kundli, where Moon in its very own Sign Cancer or in its commendation sign Taurus or Moon being adjusted by normally profiting planets like Jupiter, is solid in regard to his Will Power and Decision making and is constantly a Positive scholar and never gets rationally unequal.

Chandra Yantra- the Remedy of Dosha

In as opposed to this, an individual with a negative effect of the moon on his Kundli can get sicknesses like chest issues, lung contaminations, tuberculosis, blood-related issues and mental issues (misery) and maladies identified with stomach related framework like looseness of the bowels, parchedness, and so forth. Yet, Chandra Yantra will help you fight and diminish the negative effect of the Moon on your Kundli.

In points of facts, these experts will have a strengthen moon. Sun makes an individual forceful and moon makes an individual an extrovert’s. Everybody needs to have a tranquil life where they share an agreeable association with individuals around them.

On the off chance that you need an actual existence where you are adored by all, at that point you should attempt to manage the Chandra dosha in a viable way. Effectively, only a Chandra yantra, established in your name can rectify it.

Notwithstanding the over, an individual having the negative effect of (Moon in adversary sign like Capricorn, Aquarius, Moon in its Debilitation sign Scorpion, Moon with malefic planets like Saturn or Rahu) on his Kundli consistently pulls in Negative Thoughts and unfit to modify with loved ones. a Chandra yantra will not only control your chaotic mind, soothe your impatience but also make your atmosphere pure.

Role of Moon in Astrology

Moon assumes a significant job in the passionate existence of each person. The moon gives individuals a fluctuating nature, an affection for smells, scents, and adoration for water, and of support. It brings thriving, regard and respect to its devotee and makes them admirers of security. Its devotees are grumpy and effectively powerless to hacks cold skin infection and heart ailments.

They are for the most part reasonable in shading with round countenances, and wavy hair and alluring. Chandra has the accompanying affiliations: the shading white, the metal silver, and the gemstones Pearl and moonstone. His component is water, the bearing is north-west and season is winter. ‘Individual who wears the moon’ which connects to Lord Shiva in Hindu Mythology.

It is illustrative of collaboration with people in general, or open organizations, water, fluids and the tides of the ocean, over which it rules. It likewise has strength over the waters and fluids inside our bodies.


The Moon reflects comprehension and feeling of direction, instinctive capacity, exotic nature, and love for expressive arts, verse, music, and gems. It likewise governs our states of mind, feelings, and affectability. Entanglements meant by Moon are Urinary illnesses, Lack of Mental Balance, craziness, apprehension, throat inconveniences, asthma, bronchitis and so on.

It likewise runs over the left eye, left nostril, the left half of the body and the correct side of the equator of the mind. The Moon is likewise answerable for development, richness and impregnation or origination. It impacts labor and memory and has an extraordinary impact on movement.

Shiva and Chandra yantra connection

Master Chandra who is the provider of magnificence, love and delicate quality to the locals of land and the person who embellishes the sky and could decorate the lives of individuals upon the land.

It brings the tranquility upon land and delicateness in a field other than bringing harmony all around. Other than this, it likewise offers the gifts of Lord Shiva to the aficionado through Moon Yantra.

As a matter of fact, keeping a Chandra yantra in your room establishes you as a favorite of Bholenaath. Chandra yantra is the path to lord shiva and hence Moksh.

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