Corona– An Astrological Approach


Corona- An Alarm by WHO

Corona, one word that everyone on this earth is taking so many times. No matter whether you are a millionaire or a daily wage person this has impacted each one of our lives. World Health Organization has declared this Pandemic which is a big thing– this itself is a big thing and made think everyone to be aware.

This has so much impact so that if small fever or sneeze or sore throat – an individual is filled with fear of Corona. In many towns, peoples are going to get admitted to the hospital because of fear.

We seriously believe in the Govt instructions and also request to avoid the public place. Also, do not go to public gatherings. Do wash hands properly with Sanitizer or you can use Dettol soap/liquid or Lifebuoy or Savlon soap(no promotion but for public awareness only) but this recommendation for those who cannot go for the high priced sanitizers. If this too is not available we can use alum/phitkari to sanitize ourselves. Also, Neem too has the medicinal qualities which can be used to sanitize.

Astrological Analysis of Coronavirus

This article is based on the planetary position impact and we will not go much on the negative side as per the “Law of Attraction” so be positive and just always think that this Corona is going to be exit the world soon with new medicine and all. Also, I would suggest do not take this name, again and again, to resonate with its energy.

Clearly, we all are wishing that this should go soon we want our normal lives back. It has stopped everything from schools to transport to temples to work from home etc.

Firstly, This Year is 2020 if we sum this up it comes to the 4. Astrologically, this 4 indicates the Cancer sign which is ruled by Moon. Now, if we see we have twice of 2 which in Numerology stands for the Moon. Now, if we add the two 2’s we get 4 which in Numerology is ruled by the Rahu/Uranus. Moon indicates the heart, chest, lungs, and blood. Moon and Rahu are not friends and Moon are always uncomfortable with Rahu thus more of bad results this yoga is expected to give.

Now, as this will remain the whole year so should this will remain for the whole of 2020? What is the reason for the outbreak of this disease to get converted into the pandemic?

Role of Sun

Sun is the soul of the World.

It has kept us alive. As it rises a ray of hope rises every day whether that is in hot summer or in cold winters. This outbreak happens as Sun was transiting from the Sagittarius sign than Capricorn and Aquarius sign. Geographically, that time we are the farthest away from the Sun. Astrologically, Sun in the enemy sign so the diseases have gone to the height of being problematic.

Now, Sun has moved to the Pisces sign of its friend Jupiter from 14th March 2020 thus certainly will improve the situation now. After this Sun will be moving the Aries sign from 13th April to the 14th May 2020 – this is the sign of exaltation thus good chances to get rid of this disease in this duration. Also, this will be very favorable to get a precise medicine or cure for the corona. The steps taken in this duration will decide the future of the corona.

Impact of Rahu and Ketu

Also, currently, Jupiter-Ketu conjunction is going which gives a special belief to the people and also Rahu impact so this will remain more in the discussion then actually it has to be – this is expected to reduce as Jupiter moves to the next sign on 30th March 2020 then this conjunction will break then improvement in the thought process is expected. Rahu is currently transiting from the Gemini which is indicating neck, hands, respiratory tract so more of such related problems it is giving in the same.

Reduction in Spread of Coronavirus

As Jeev Karak Jupiter moves to the next sign and Sun transit – then there are good chances of this disease reducing and good chances of we will be back to our normal lives.

Also, not much fear we should feel. This is only problematic if the immune system is weak. Also, astrologically if Sun, Moon and Ascendant lord are not well placed (i.e weak in the charts). Also, if Dasas of the Dussthana are going then only some problems are expected. I would request not to panic – as this is the first thing anyone should not have the impact of fear.

I would suggest doing the beej mantra of the Sun, Moon and ascendant lord. Water to Sun daily. Water to Moon daily. Also, worshiping Lord Shiva and doing the Abhishek of the Shivling with milk preferably in the temple will be good for all. Also, recite the Mahamrityunjai mantra – this is the best one as Lord Shiva has all the poison taken in the neck for the betterment of Humanity.

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One line I am using that I have heard long back – Jo Darr Gaya Wo Mar Gaya i.e more fear then more disease will be problematic and impact a person. So, please take precautionary advice of the govt but be positive and strengthen your mind. As it is said every disease starts with a mind so make the mind strong so that the first disease will not impact and if someway disease happens then believe that you will be cured soon.

Also, use meditation and yoga to strengthen mind and yoga which just require your time. It does not cost you anything but gives you a healthy prospect and mind.

There may be an error in the report and this is one simple way (there may be other ways too) as per Astrology to make it understand it to the normal/layman nothing is perfect in this world so do I. As I am also human being but my motive is very positive to help the people through Astrology.

I believe these remedies will help to improve health conditions and to give an astrological analysis of the Corona. I have a strong belief in the Mayee (God) and also believe that it’s the supreme power that decides birth and death.

Also, we are millions in number one mantra of Saptashati if we can do daily for the welfare of the world – if can be done 11 or 21 or 108 times daily(this may help to reduce the disease)- Atleast we should try for the betterment of Humanity as nothing harm in this and it is said that Saptashati mantra as Sidh in themselves:-


Rogan Sheshan-Apahansi Tushta Rushta Tu Kaman Sakalanabhishtan!
Tyamashritanam Na Vipannaranam Tvamashrita Hya Shrayatam Prayanti!!


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