Coronavirus- How Paranoid Are You According to Your Zodiac Sign

Coronavirus- How Paranoid Are You According to Your Zodiac Sign

Up until the last six months, unless you have been under a stone, we are quite sure that you understand what the Coronavirus is and how it had changed the outlook of the entire world. As people are suffering all across the globe, global health situations and economic conditions have taken a sore turn. However, every person has a different level of paranoia about the Coronavirus outbreak. So, let’s discover How Paranoid Are You According to Your Zodiac Sign-

Aries (21st Mar-19th April) Paranoia Level 60%

Aries are born with a fire in their soul. You are a born leader and you are the master of your sail. To be frank, nothing really scares you. You are commonly too busy in life to let things frighten you. However, the idea of quarantine and lockdown for you is indeed a delicate subject.

Amidst all this chaos, you will be keeping a clean mindset. You are a master of improvisation. So, the Coronavirus outbreak doesn’t make you paranoid. It is the forced vacation that does. It might keep you on the edge and when it is over, you might just rush to a busy life that you crave.

Taurus (20th April to 20th May) Paranoia Level 20%

Oh! you are incredibly factual and wise. You don’t need people to tell you what are the precautions to avert the spread of the virus.

Basically, you would stick to the facts related to the virus spread. Alongside this, you are an extremely calm person. So, for you being paranoid is a big no-no. You will just sit down patiently and won’t become a part of any unnecessary conversation. You will practice a stable daily routine and work on your self on a loop.

Gemini (21st May-20th June) Paranoia Level 50%

Gemini, you just love to step out of your house. Gathering details about everything and facts are something you feed on. So, just be careful about your resources.

Although, you must be checking the COVID tracker every 10 mins. Well, that must be freaking you out. So, the paranoia level might take a boost by the time you finish reading this. Therefore, for you, I can say, too much information at this pandemic time may be bad. Thus, sit back and relax. Grasp your optimistic attitude that Mercury gifts you. Your friends cannot go any further if you will have such a half glass is empty kinda spirit.

Cancer (21st June-22nd July) Paranoia Level 3%

Coronavirus who? For you, nothing. You are all chill and you just don’t care.

Being a Cancerian, quarantine is a slight benefit for you. Now, you can just spend all the time at your home with your favorite things. Leaving the home is anyway a burden for you. So, staying at home for more than straight two weeks is just awesome for you.

You are a complete family person who could be at their home and feels no issue in cooking nice meals, sipping tea, and getting fat. COVID-19 is a concern for you, though. Yet, you are not paranoid. Why would you be? You are at home with whole safety and your family. Besides, you might be extremely worried about your friends’ safety. So, they might get a lot of your phone calls during the lockdown.

Leo (23rd July-22nd Aug) Paranoia Level 7%

Is any Leo reading this? I hope you are not crying in the corner as you cannot get all the attention you fancy.

Being a Leo, you need all the attention in your room. At this time of Coronavirus, you might only have a slight FOMO of missing the COVID-19 talks. TBH you cannot let that happen, so, no FOMO too. Besides, you are a natural when it comes to calming people. In your conversation with people who are under the threat of the virus outbreak, you will only give attention to offer help.

You are a fighter with a prideful spirit who is ready to face any challenge. Thus, the quarantine doesn’t really bother you. After all, you love swinging high and testing your own limits.

Virgo (23rd Aug-22nd Sep) Paranoia Level 98%

Halt! Halt!

I know you are in a complete panic. You hate creating scenes and freaking out, though. So, currently, you may be in your room secretly freaking out every second. However, you are choosing to stay calm and cool on your exterior. After all, you love to display strict and tranquil.

Ps. right now you are constantly cleaning things around you. Washing your hand, scrubbing your house, and obsessively sanitizing everything to make sure you don’t fall sick. It is your duty to perfectly maintain the neatness.

Libra (23rd Sep-22nd Oct) Paranoia Level 10%

Being a Libra you love the genre of balancing in everything. So, you appreciate when stuff is in rhythm, and the thought when stuff is out of sync sure drives you to a chain! Though, you are exceptionally popular for your empathic abilities.

As you are such a person, you first understand and then, process. Around you, if someone is struggling, you cannot stop yourself from giving a hand to them. Besides, you are a level ahead when it comes to security. Thus, you are already all set to stay far-far away from being paranoid about Coronavirus. Your fame fully well-known led, so we know that you can handle it with pure elegance and beauty (as always), but don’t forget. You should all be as high-level as you are!

Scorpio (23rd Oct-21st Nov) Paranoia Level 200%

If you are a Scorpio, your intensity amalgamated with anxiety would’ve created a castle paranoia about Coronavirus. And the thing is, you can’t help it yourself.

Whatever you do, you do it 100%. So, how come you not be 100% paranoid about the pandemic. By now, you might have created all the possible guards to ensure your and your family’s safety. You will need to have the person that can comfort you pretty much right now in practically any scenario. For them, you will make sure they don’t leave the safe place and keep everything clean.

Sagittarius (22nd Nov-21st Dec) Paranoia Level 4% or 5% or 88%

Duh! Sags, you love staying outdoors. I hope you can manage your explorer spirit to be in a living form during the lockdown.

All that you must be thinking is an airplane ticket to Miami or Paris or anywhere. After the quarantine is over, all you need is a good hiking trip to a new place with lots and lots of people. However, you are very tender. So, you will offer as much as abundance possible in this tough time to people in need. Taking those nearest you, bring the brainstorming nuggets around! You will eventually come up with something exciting and interesting to hold you and your loved ones happy and calm! We have no doubt!

Capricorn (22nd Dec-19th Jan) Paranoia Level 80%

Capricorn, you are a person who strictly goes for structure, rules, legislation, and orders. You know things are bad and you know it will not come under control if you act immaturely.

At this time, Coronavirus has you on the edge. You might have a little pessimism. But, you can manage to get dealt with an apocalypse so, no big deal. You are highly paranoid, though. Yet, your friends and family would pull you out of it.

Aquarius (20th Jan-18th Feb) Paranoia Level 40%

Naturally, an Aquarius is born to seek all the bliss as well as reliance. By this time, you might know every detail about Coronavirus. You know how you can prevent the disease and stay safe.

In addition to this, you have a strong faith that when all this ends, you are going to be fine and you will enjoy another evening with your family and friends when you can breathe in the fresh air outside. Besides, it is a tough time for you as you are an extrovert and love going out. However, you accept how important it is to stay at home in isolation.

Pisces (19th Feb-20th Mar) Paranoia Level 100%

Piscean, the easy-going fishes! You must be in the stealth mode right now.

You are compassionate and sensitive, thus, for you, it is normal to feel paranoid. At the end of the day, you are there for everyone. Thus, you deserve your people to be there by your side in the time of the pandemic.

Commonly, you are cool and collected. However, you might not be completely freaking out. Yet, you need someone to support you while you support everyone around you.

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