Coronavirus the Astrology Behind it

Coronavirus the Astrology behind it !!

Lately, Coronavirus has created a global panic. With almost 4000 people dead across the globe, the disease has also begun to grow a number of patients in India. In this blog, you can scroll through the Astrological reason behind the spread of Coronavirus.

Astrology says the effects of Zodiac signs cause such mass distress. No single planet could do so but if we need to understand the origination. On December 1, 2019, the very first case of “2019-nCoV,” first comes in Wuhan, China. However, this happened as Jupiter which is the god of global travel and also brings good luck in general to the world when in right positions, was ending a 13-month visit to its own sign Sagittarius.

Astrology behind Coronavirus

On December 2, Jupiter moved into fall in Capricorn, joining Saturn and Pluto in this sobering sign. The effect of Jupiter’s presence could have acted as a catalyst to the devil that was kept suppressed. As an observation, the major medium of spreading the virus is the use of Seafood. Thus there is a sheer involvement of Moon’s influence in spreading this disease because the Moon governs the ocean and sea-related products.

On 21 March Saturn enters the sign that rules society and community. All group gatherings this phase will impact the community and social services. We will likely see Saturn’s imprint on public health, Meantime, as we consider astrology and the coronavirus.

Let’s take a cue from Aquarius, the Water Bearer. Saturn will make its first foray here from March 21 to July 1, then it will return again from December 17, 2020. As a result, industries like manufacturing, transport and even consulting might go down. However, the good news in all this evil is that yet again as humans we need to introspect that is this kind of virus attack really caused by mother nature or it is the act of us humans and after the incidence, we are demanding the answers from the starts.

The Great conversion of 2020 requires us to recalibrate on an individual level, to get in touch with what we by instinct feel is true. This will greatly support society’s evolution out of old arrangements into new ones. Assume nothing, question everything and in answers, I will help you.

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