These Zodiacs Are in the Dislike List of all Water Signs

These Zodiacs Are in the Dislike List of all Water Signs

The dislike list of water signs is long. These zodiac signs top the roll.

Water Signs of zodiac wheel are Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces. They are highly sensitive, emotional, and generous. With a pinch of temper, these signs make the best of people. They are attuned with the waves of feelings. They are made with the elements of emotions and imagination. Water Signs are the most intuitive signs. They read the depth of a situation that many people would ignore. If you are special to them, they would go to any extent to support you.

These signs are commonly off their guards with open arms for love. However, if you are an unfaithful and greedy sign, then by no chance you could fit with them. Water Signs believe in justice. For them, respect and faithfulness is essential traits in people. Thus, they will eliminate themselves from your surrounding with no guilt in case of infidelity.

As far as the Astrology says, there are many things that these signs dislike. Speaking of which, zodiac signs that are selfish, unloyal have a red underline in the dislike list of Water Signs.

These are the Zodiac Signs that are highly disliked by Water Signs-

Gemini (21st May to 20th June)

Gemini is an over the top, cold-hearted, and chatty sign. These people speak too much and have a little less sense to make in their speech. For a Water Sign, it is important to talk sense and logic. A long and meaningful talk is something they crave. However, a typical Gemini has no sense to make at all in their talks. They only look out for entertainment and fun. As far as they care, it is all about the amount of relaxation they are absorbing from a convo. Besides, Geminis are the least loyal zodiac sign.

Thus, it is a big-big TURN OFF for any Water Sign.

Leo (23rd July to 22nd August)

Leos bloom loyalty as much as any Water Sign. Then why would Water Signs don’t like Leos?

Arrogance. Simple.

Leos are warm people with a gentle attitude. However, the way they put themselves in front of people makes them flaunt a selfish and boastful persona. Water Signs are very selfless. Whereas, Leo has too much to make public about themselves. As the water babies are not a fan of much ado. They find Leos strugglers for the spotlight. Leos draw a sense of inferiority to others. Therefore, the hubris of a Leo drops them in the hate list.

Sagittarius (22nd Nov to 21st Dec)

Water Sings are well-known for their fixed, reliable, and stable traits. On the other hand, Sags are popular for their fiery, adventurous, upbeat nature. They are free wild birds. Water signs are homebodies. While Sagittarius love to explore, have fun, and make connections, Water Signs would rather stay home with their favorite people and a cup of tea.

Water Signs like adventures but they are not very fond of instability. It makes the Sags land directly to their dislike list.

Aquarius (20th Jan to 18th Feb)

Well, opposites attract but not here.

Aquarians are not very popular when we talk about lover or friends. They make the most detached person around. They are most likely to be in love with you today and completely fall out of it tomorrow. As Water Signs are extremely sensitive and emotional, they don’t like people who don’t respect feelings. Moreover, they are serious people and Aquarians are not at all a serious zodiac sign. They are exactly opposite of each other.

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