Dry January- Is Leaving Alcohol Worth a Try?

Dry January

Alcohol is a major concern in the contemporary world. Despite knowing its harmful effects on health, from teens to adults everyone has indulged in drinking. Intoxication can give short-lived pleasures. But, in the long run, it causes serious ailment. According to research every hour, a person dies because of liquor overdose. Alcohol abuse is dangerous for the brain, heart, liver, and pancreas. Some will experience many side effects and some fewer. Too much Drinking can deviate a person from their goal. We all at some point have made new years’ resolution to abstain from alcoholism but failed miserably. However, the UK government has taken a wonderful initiative to combat this situation. A public health campaign in the name Dry January is practiced by the United Kingdom. It’s truly inspirational, a movement with the aim of a better healthy nation.

What is Dry January?

Dry January started in 2013 with just 4,000 participants. But now it is a huge success by 4 million actively taking part in the January act. This campaign is a January of booze-free. It’s an annual movement by the Charity Alcohol change in the UK. This campaign is popular mainly in the UK. However other countries are also adopting this. It commences from 1st January and lasts till the 31st of January. There are no hard and fast rules to follow an alcohol-free month. Just a resolution that you have to make sure to stick to.

Benefits of Dry January

Are you skeptical? Don’t know if it has any effect on health. Then let me tell you, 72% who tried a month of no drink are drinking less after 6 months. Let’s have a brief look at the various advantages of this campaign.

Regain Lost Energy

Indulging in too much booze leads to loss of sleep. Catching a wink seems a hard task? That’s because of alcohol intake. If you wake up in the middle of the night without any reason, it’s not because of some ghost staring at you. But its a result of liquor. Refraining from intoxicants will help you hit the sack at the right time. As a result, you will wake up early with all the charged-up energy to start a good bright day. Sound sleep is a necessity, so guys say no to drinks.

Waistline Shrinks

loose weight

These intoxicating liquids add to the weight. Alcohol contains calories resulting in weight gain. 4 weeks of abstinent will help you cut down that undesired fat. Also, research shows that the food we consume along with these spirits is another factor. It’s like killing two birds with one stone. People struggling with weight issues should definitely take a break from any alcohol.


Expensive wines and cocktails leave a hole in our pocket. But our addiction still compels us to invest in booze. If we make a serious resolution to abstain from drinking we can save a substantial amount of money. In the UK the money saved is given away as charity to Alcohol Change UK. Now no hefty bills on social gatherings making you feel accomplished.

Overall Health Improvement

healthy life

Wallowing in booze brings 60 health problems. Refraining from intoxicants can be beneficiary for the heart and liver. It will improve your overall health. Though a no alcohol month won’t give instant results but it will keep your body immune. Moreover, it also said that alcohol protects from flu and cold. To see more long term results try a sober February as well.

Skin Brightening

Dry January Benefit

Alcohol speeds up the aging process. These ardent spirits make us visit the washroom more than required. This leads to dehydration of the body. Not having a hydrated body causes dry skin and loss of that natural glow. It will cause breakouts and wrinkles faster making you look older than you are. So, a 4 week sober January will brighten up the skin and you can expect that future back.


No matter how tempting it is, but think of the happy days. Start a new regime, hit the gym and live a healthy life. Kickstart your 2020 with no tolerance for the spirited drink. A dry January will help you rethink your relationship with intoxicants. No more hangover and only bright mornings with a zeal to make your day productive. Going sober a full month may not be easy for all but it does not hurt to try.

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