Each Zodiac Sign Turn-Ons That You Should Know About

zodiac sign turn-ons

It would suffice to say the twelve horoscopes of our astrology are vastly different from each other. The star signs personalities’ are always at odds with one another. That is what makes them so quirky and unique after all. Each of these signs also has its own sexual identity. So, if you want to woo your partner in bed you better learn their zodiac sign turn-ons. There’s much to explore in bed but you might not get the green light to do so if you fumble and fail the first few times.

Seduction is a delicate art and only a few can fully master it. What pleases you in bed may not satisfy your lover. You have to find their kink to truly keep them satiated. Our list of biggest turn-ons of zodiac signs can do just that for you. So don’t forget to take notes!

Here are the zodiac sign’s major turn-ons


Aries is known to be the horniest zodiac sign of all. They have a high sex drive and it would be no exaggeration to say that the zodiac sign is insatiable in bed. If you want to quench their never-ending lust you have to take a few bold steps. Nothing turns on Aries like a quickie in a public setting. Bars, restaurants, your parent’s washroom, are some ideal spots where you can interest them for a quick session.

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Taurus is ruled by Venus, the planet of everything love and sensual. They want their lovemaking sessions to be nothing short of an erotica. So, don’t forget to keep it classy. Invite them over for a romantic dinner. Set the mood with aromatic candles. Pour them their favourite wine. And watch them shed their clothes and inhibitions at the same time.

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Geminis are known for their duality – they have a bashful side and they have a freaky side. If you want to unleash Gemini’s sexual prowess, you will have to show them your kinks first. Your wild fantasies will not only stand to turn on your zodiac sign. Handcuffs, BDSM, roleplay – this naughty star sign is into it all and more. Get experimental!


Cancerians are big softies. Their emotions run so high that people often assume it takes a lot of work to turn on this zodiac sign. You couldn’t be more wrong. If you want to get down and dirty with your Cancer partner show them you care. Start with cuddles, soft kisses and hickeys and they will be the one to lead you to bed. Emotional and physical foreplay is the key to this zodiac sign.

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Leo is energetic and always on the move. They cannot deal with monotony in regular life so you can imagine how they want their sex lives to be. Leo wants to be teased and appreciated in bed. They want you to flirt your way into their bed. To turn-on Leo let them know that they are the best you have ever had. That’s all it really takes.


The sensual earth sign, Virgo is often labelled as a prude. They shy away from talking about their sexual preferences so no one really knows how to please them. Want to know how this zodiac sign turn-ons? They get off on pleasing their partner. So, if you want to amuse your Virgo lover hand over the reins to them. Let Virgo touch, kiss and play with you however they want. And don’t worry they will let you rough them up too once they have had their fill with you.

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With its ruling planet as Venus, one cannot expect Libra not to have any carnal instincts. The zodiac sign may pretend to be all prim and proper but they have their needs too. This zodiac sign turn-ons include partners who are flexible in bed. Libras are all about maintaining a balance so don’t be surprised when you find out they are eager to switch between being dominant and submissive.  

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Scorpio may be very sexual but you will fail to turn them on if you both have no chemistry. Scorpios can only do the dirty with someone if they have a connection with them. So, may be do that first if you want to lure the zodiac into bed. Once you have accomplished that there’s little else Scorpio will say no to.

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Sagittarius’ biggest turn-on is adventure. So try to bring that into the bedroom. Try different positions. Do the dominating. Maybe experiment with toys. The zodiac sign will consent to everything because they want to have a taste of everything. The zodiac also likes a sliver of danger in their sexual escapades so don’t turn them down if they are drunk and nudging you towards the nearest washroom.


Want to know the easiest way to into Capricorn’s pants? Beg for it. Or they will make you do it. Either way there will be begging involved so you might as well take the initiative. The zodiac sign turn-ons include dominating, choking, spanking, and just about anything rough really. Oh, and if you want Cap to do the begging, we will just leave you with two words: oral sex.

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Give Aquarius time to open up to you. It’s hard to predict what this weird zodiac sign likes because they don’t believe in sharing. If Aquarius feels comfortable with you they will tell you exactly what they want. More often than not their sexcapades involve blindfolds and handcuffs. Don’t be so surprised. The shy ones are usually the nastiest ones in bed.

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Pisces is a lost soul. They believe in spirituality, deep connections and intimacy. Sex won’t appeal to them unless it could lead to something more. So, if you want to turn on Pisces for a one night stand, your chances are extremely slim my friend. If you want to please your Pisces lover try shower sex or hot-tub sex, we assure you they won’t be able to resist it.

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