Effects of Mars on your zodiac during its transit in Aquarius

Mars Mahadasha meaning

Mars has transited in the sign of Aquarius on April 7, 2022, at 14:24. The red and energetic masculine planet will remain here till May 17, 2022. Aquarius is ruled by Saturn, and Mars shares a neutral relationship with the mighty Saturn. Relationship aspects require increased attention to ensure that we remain connected and satisfied with our loved ones. Additional attempts are required to focus on career aspects to make progress in my career.

Let’s have a look at how this transit will affect various Zodiacs.


Arians will enjoy the best of their career with a great time at work. Business owners can plan to bring their ideas into action. Financial strength will improve. Family lives seem very prosperous. A slight rise in income and property is on the cards if you have been planning to or have already planned.


Taureans will be well-respected with their style of work where they would also make wise investments. Please conduct all your relationships in family and profession with care not to strain them. 


Great news for the Gemini’s to increase your financial prospects and solve any issues you might have. Good time for all the real estate and property business owners. Please make sure to respect elders at home and not strain any relationships. Long-distance travel is on the cards.


Dearest Cancerians, this is the time to prove that you are a pro in self-motivation and that you don’t need any external aspects to motivate you. Please maintain cordial relationships with superiors at work, I know. I know, frustrating times are there.. please try your best.


Leos as your signs very bright time for your finances and promotions and income raise are on the cards. Good time for investments. Please talk politely in all your spheres of life during this transit at least. Arguments are likely.


Virgos will have great support from Superiors for your commitment to work. You will follow your passion and financially, it is going to be a testing time. So, the famous 8 letters magic word- PATIENCE is key. Anyone with court issues will have good news flowing towards them. Please take care of your Spouse’s health.


This transit will prove favorable for changing jobs; however, please make sure you choose the right one. Beware of those not-so-nice colleagues if there are any. The financial situation seems better but take care of your loans. Be wary of getting into any new relationships. Common Librans, this phase will pass.


Good time to complete all your pending tasks Scorpions as you are going to have great support from family. Please make sure to handle your relationships with care as aggression seems to be on a high since the 7th of April, yeah. Dont worry, the breather is your spouse will have your back all the time.


Saggis, it is a good time to take up new ventures and increase your productivity. You deserve a “Pat on your backs”. Career-related travel is on the cards and will be productive. Family celebrations are very much on your cards. FUN is key these 45 days.


Capris, Financial gains are on the cards if work or business is conducted with care and diligence. Please drive safely and make sure you exert caution in your words as family relationships could be strained at this point. Please avoid bitterness in your words. 


Confidence could be felt in you but stubbornness could be an attached bonus that you need to get rid of. You will work with great speed and will be able to complete your work on time. There seems to be an increase in expenditure. HARMONY is the keyword for you to maintain a calm and peaceful life until May 17th.


Pisceans, calm down, please understand the difference between flowing water and oceanic waves. Times could be irritating at times and you could feel a little jealous at times too. Please remember, our lives are governed by KARMA. To make your family lives a little more blissful, let your hair down and do all that it requires to be content in your relationships.

Blog by – Astrologer Maadhavee

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