Everything you should know about Karwachauth 2022!

KarwaChauth 2022 is a festival of married women, they celebrate this by marking the end of their husbands’ solar fast. This festival primarily comprises a ritual bath that marks the beginning and end of the fast.

After bathing in water, women fast for an entire year with only a few exceptions for health reasons or during marriage ceremonies. This year Karwachauth 2022 is on 13th October 2022.

About the traditions and history of Karwachauth

Karwa Chauth or “the day of separation” is the festival celebrated on the first day of Kartik.

Women fast for their husbands, they can not eat food or not even drink water during this fast.

The name signifies the bearing away of sins. As per the legend, Lord Vishnu took the nectar or ambrosia and shared it with Lakshmi and Indra, who were his devotees.

Various stories are there behind celebrating this festival such as the story of the karwa, a story in Mahabharata, etc. There is huge importance in celebrating this festival. Karwachauth holds traditional values and marks a bliss of spark in a woman’s life. Womens in almost every part of India celebrates this great festival of Karwachauth.

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About the rituals of the Karwachauth 2022


People celebrate Karwachauth by: 1)beating drums 2) singing traditional folk songs, 4) exchanging gifts, and 5) celebrating with sweets. According to the religion, Not only married womens but unmarried girls also keep this fast to get a good husband. 

Karwachauth is one of the most popular events in Gujarat, where people celebrate a festival of sacrifice. It is also believed that this festival was originally celebrated by a tribe from Rajasthan, who came to India and settled down in Gujarat.

During this festival, women keep the fast for their husband’s long life. Nowadays, not only womens but men also keep fast for the long life of their wife.

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Womens get ready for their husbands by wearing new fancy clothes and jewelry to look good. Womens perform the basic rituals of KarwaChauth 2022 such as doing karwa puja before midday and continuing their fast for the entire day.

People belonging to different religions have different ways to celebrate this festival. Women are supposed to eat once very early in the morning (also called Sargi), and then stay hungry for the whole day till night. 


At night, they perform all the necessary rituals by having a glimpse at the moon. After that their husbands are supposed to open the fast by feeding their wives with water and some sweets. People also celebrate with some dance and music to make this festival a little more memorable. 


This great festival of karwa Chauth comes once a year. Men and women must equally pray for each other’s long life. Hence, this festival of Karwachauth holds a special place in the life of every woman.

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