Zodiac Signs Who Believe in Fake it Till You Make it

Zodiac Signs Who Believe in Fake it Till You Make it

This universe is a big place and there are all kinds of people living here. One most important thing that reflects your personality is how you treat people around you. Well, speak for yourself, are you real or fake? Don’t worry meanwhile you upkeep many answers, your Zodiac has a lot to tell you about your personality. These days people are so smart that you cannot differentiate between real and fake.

Reading this article to find out who are the fakest zodiac signs is a perfect way to resolve this problem. I agree that every person has their own charisma. Yet, talking facts, there are some zodiac signs who can’t fake even their “Good morning”. Specifically, Capricorn and Taurus. Now you must be thinking who’s a FAKE Zodiac?

Well, let’s explore’em below-


Libra is considered one of the fake zodiac. They master the art of diplomacy and manipulation. Librans are sweet and beautiful souls. However, when needed, they know to speak fluent dexterity. Although they may often resort to at-work diplomacy. Nonetheless, they dislike this aspect of themselves most of the time.

Librans are very calculative and that makes them brilliant at work. Hence they resort once in a while to diplomacy. They might be considered by many to be fake but they don’t really care; they’re good as long as their feelings are untouched by harm.


Zodiac Signs

Pisceans, the twelfth Zodiac sign and one fake zodiac who can literally make you believe in their ploys.

Identical to Air sign Libra and Water sign Cancer, Pisceans are calm and tender people who wish everybody to like them. Also, they like to please everyone. Nonetheless, a Piscean would usually know they’re fake. However, if it makes others happier they will keep the façade up. As a result, they often experience tremendous emotional impairment.


With a zero-tolerance for sarcasm, mistreatment, and emotional prejudice Virgos are sweet & sour diplomats. Not exactly a fake zodiac but you may call a Virgo manipulative. They don’t take criticism lightly and they don’t believe in slimming words and even if their words sometimes hurt someone.

However, you can never sense their diplomacy. Often too sweet and yet too straight behaviour constantly confuse people. Thus, it is tough to perceive their diplomacy.


Duh! being my own Sun sign, I have some real issues with Scorpio sign.

We have a significant issue of not being able to speak our hearts out. A Scorpio will judge you and frankly tell you. As a matter of fact, you can’t escape them. Nonetheless, with egoistic people like Scorpios, you may grow personally. They are cunning and considerate people. True, a Scorpio is very crafty, and they know how to balance a situation.


Not exactly ploying but Geminis are demeaningly sarcastic, too often. Further, they’d just say “oh I was kidding”. Many times, it makes them sound very fake even if they aren’t knowingly doing so. (Ps Geminis are too cute to know if they are real or fake).

However, the willingness to be a good person in front of people around them, under different circumstances makes them sound fairly fake. The desire to be a good person in everybody’s eyes, under different circumstances, makes them say different things that they wouldn’t be able to keep up with.

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