Love Astrology- Find Out about Your True Love with Astrology

Find Out about Your True Love with Astrology

True Love is freedom. It is a stimulation for a person to free themselves from the sigh. As per google synonyms, it is a lifetime of comfort.

Love is an emotion that everybody wants to explore in their lifetime, at least once. A lot of people may fall in love at an early age and know this is a special person right away, while some may have to wait long years to find their true love. It is extremely important to find your true love because it brings the relationship to a whole new level. You would accept that love offers passion, intimacy, friendship, joy, and trust forever as it is much needed in a true relationship. Also, if you’ve found love then you’d be keen to know if it’s real love or even a short-lived one. If you’ve not found your true love, then astrology may help you through satisfying the desire.

The following are the astrological aspects that reflect love in your Birth Chart. Read ahead to learn-

Astrological Aspect Reflecting Love

Planets in Birth Chart

Planets are the most vital components in the Birth Chart. They influence all the incidents in your life from health & career to Love & relationship. Specifically, in analyzing love in your life, planet Venus, Mars, and Moon have great importance. Venus signifies love and beauty. Mars is the significator of passion whereas Moon represents the mind. If your planets like Venus or Mars are associated with the moon, then it can lead to true love in life. People fall in love under Moon’s right influence and live a healthy and loving relationship.

7th House

The 7th House of Birth Chart represents all kinds of partnerships. Whether a romantic or professional, every combination is included in this dominion. First off, the condition of the seventh house and the seventh lord’s placement in the horoscope really contribute to the love life.

When your 7th house is positive and planetary influences are not malevolent, chances are very high that you really can create the ideal partner. Auspicious planets like Venus, Mars, or Moon occupying or affecting the 7th house clearly imply you can fall into true love and meet your soul mate in the form of your life partner. On the other hand, a malefic placement can turn things upside down.

For instance, the conjunction of Rahu and Mars in the 7th house never brings happiness. However, with the help and guidance of an expert astrologer, you may get a cure for the issue.

5th House

The 5th House of Birth Chart comprises playfulness, love, romance, and pleasure. When the lord of 5th House is well placed and the 5th House has auspicious planets, you enjoy a warm and loving relationship with your partner.

Jamini astrology

Guiding you through classical Jamini astrology will help to decide your future life of love. The positions of Putrakaraka (the 5th highest value bearer) as well as Dharakaraka-a planet with the lowest grades with the exception of Rahu and Ketu-need to be analyzed. If Putrakaraka is placed in birth chart 1st, 5th, or 7th Houses, the probability of you falling into true love is high.

These were some basic and yet interesting influences of planets to cultivate your love life. In the case of a malefic planetary placement, you may seek guidance from experts. Everything in the world appears in your birth chart and it helps you nurture love and peace in your life. Also, when you are at the edge of issues, Astrology can always offer a helping hand.

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