Gemini Traits- Positive and Negative Qualities of the Twin Sign

Gemini traits

Gemini is season is just around the corner and we are more than ready to embrace it. It dates from May 21 to June 20, being an air sign you are considered to be dual personalities. However, this is just one dominant trait of a Gemini zodiac sign. In contrast, They possess many positive and negative qualities. Further, they are ruled by the planet Mercury, symbolizing movement and creativity and communication. Every zodiac has some of the other bad characteristics. Let’s have a look at Gemini traits.

Positive Traits of Gemini

1. Intelligent

Geminis is one of the smartest zodiac sign, they are intelligent and witty. They have clever comebacks to all your sarcasm. In fact, they are way too good with numbers. They prove excellent accountants and mathematicians. Also, you guys have a flair for hot topics and always have an upper hand in a debate or argument. In spite of Gemini being fun and all but underneath that, there is an intellectual individual.

2. Funny

We all know that this twin sign is the life of the party, you make the gathering going. Geminis make amusing jokes that are entertaining. Your sarcastic realms are a big giveaway. Having a Gemini friend is a blessing, they won’t let anyone feel sad for a long time. Your slapstick comedy is hysterical all together. It is hard for you to give a shoulder to cry on because you have to maintain that cool image. Nevertheless, your friends rely on you for your outlook on the situation in a hilarious manner.

4. Adaptable

More than anything you are flexible and outgoing in nature. Your best characteristic as a Gemini is that you are ready for change. It is no brainer that you are an extrovert personality, this helps you get along with people well. It is rare to spot you struggling to adjust to a foreign environment. New friends, new place, name it and they will evolve in like they have been there all this time.

5. Multitaskers

Great at handling various jobs or tasks at the same time, Gemini is an expert. You guys are versatile and that is the reason that most of you have mastered multiple languages. The best side job for you is of an Interpreter. You are creative thinkers and have a mind that is keen on learning new things. Life is never dull for a Gemini, they have are always learning and growing.

Negative Traits of Gemini

1. Manipulative

The twin sign is an exceptional manipulator, they will con anyone into doing things. It is difficult to decipher your true intentions as you come off sweet in the beginning. The art of persuasion is well managed by this dual personality sign. You stand true to your image of having multiple faces, this is the reason you are named the Chameleon of the zodiac. One can’t spot the true colors of the cunning Gemini because it is carried out with great artistry.

2. Anxious

Anxiety is the biggest negative characteristic of Gemini. Any worthwhile even in your life gets you worked up. Your anxiety is at its peak under pressure. In addition, an upcoming exam or a highly important project makes you stressed. Also, to calm down you are the hardest possible task. Your anxiety soars when you take up too many roles all at once.

3. Moody

A Gemini is happy one moment and absolutely destroyed the very next minute. It is grinding to know the true personality of a Gemini zodiac sign. Their mood swings may give a person whiplash. Furthermore, they change their attitude at such a fast pace that will leave people baffled. However, as a matter of fact, you get bored super soon from a person, situation, or thing. So this is the sole reason for you to behave in an uncanny way.

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