Happy Lohri 2020- Here are the Food Items You Must Try Today

Happy Lohri

On Monday, 13 January people are celebrating the festival of Lohri all around the world. Whereas everyone in North India is immersing in the wave of Happy Lohri, the farmers of Punjab are celebrating it with folk song and dance with the beat of Dhol. In addition, Lohri has a profound association with farms, crops, and harvest. After the celebration, one can see the beautiful yellow flowers of Mustard waving in the fields. In the evening, the ravishing bonfire and delectable food items of the Punjabi folk festival are the essential enhancement. Therefore, you shall not be missing on these amazing foodstuff today.

Happy Lohri with Till Laddu

Till Laddu for Happy Lohri

Till Laddu is one of the most loved sweets that bestows both the marvelous tastes of sesame seeds and the health-promoting favor of Gud (jaggery).

The best highlight of Till Laddu is that it is a popular addition in sweets for two consecutive Sikh and Hindu festivals. Firstly, the entire nation enjoys the delectable laddus on Lohri then the next day, the occasion of Makar Sankranti embraces these in the plate of offerings.

Sarso ka Saag- Makke Ki Roti

Sarso ka Saag- Makke Ki Roti

According to people who have already tasted this amazing combination ” Sarso ka and Makke Ki Roti” is a match made in heaven. Also, the bewildering flavors and aroma of mustard leaves & corn flour can make any person become hungry for this antique meal from Punjab.

Sarso ka and Makke Ki Roti are an inseparable part of Lohri revelry. Thus, to add a spectacular ancient flavor in your dine on this occasion one shall definitely cook this dish today.

If you are planning to cook Sarso ka Saag- Makke Ki Roti today, click here for the recipe.

Gajak to Make a Happy Lohri

Gajak Happy Lohri

You must have got an idea about the importance of sesame seeds in the festivals of winter. Similarly, Gajak is a sweet prepared with sesame seeds cashews, and Ghee.

Gajak boosts digestion and offers skin glow. The sesame seeds make it rich in fiber that works as an energy booster. Thus, besides its appetizing appeal, it makes a proper inclusion in a person’s healthy diet in winters.


Chikki for Happy Lohri

Chikki is an amalgamation of Gud (Jaggery) and peanuts. In addition to its scrumptiousness, the connection of groundnuts with jaggery makes it an energy-efficient & healthy sweet to make a Happy Lohri.

Also, the festival of Lohri falls amid winter chills. Thus, the health favorable traits of Chikki and Revadi avers the impact of cold. It has high vitamins, nutrients, minerals, and anti-oxidants that lowers bad cholesterol and increases good cholesterol. So, in addition to its mouth-watering taste, it aids in sustaining good health.

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