Healing and Spells – How They Help You and Your Love Life!

Healing and Spells

Healing is an ancient practice to promote the overall health and well-being of a person. This is done by repurposing their energy, aligning the energy flow and removing any blockages in the body. 

Spells are incantations or specific mantras chanted with genuine intentions and a particular effect in mind. Love spells are one of the most used spells to improve relationships, and find love and happiness in life. 

Both these practices are a significant part of astrology, and are done keeping in mind that a person contains universal cosmic energy within themselves, and that they can channel this energy to attract or deflect other people, objects, or circumstances. 

Let’s learn about the different types of healing, spells, and their benefits, as explained by one of Astrotalk’s most trusted astrologers.

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Angel and Seven Chakras Healing

This form of reiki healing calls upon the seven archangels to focus on the seven different chakras of the body. These are Crown chakra, Third eye chakra, Throat chakra, Heart chakra, Solar plexus chakra, Sacral chakra, and Root chakra. 

Angel healing is beneficial for anxiety, overthinking, low self-confidence, and frequent mood swings, which may affect your health, relationships or career. The Seven chakras healing helps you feel relaxed, calm, and effectively lowers your restlessness and anxiety levels.

One can perform this healing at any time of the day or week. We recommend our users to seek this healing at least once in their lifetime to experience its benefits. 

Relationship Healing

This form of healing primarily improves emotional relationships with a partner or spouse. In a relationship where the partners are unable to communicate with each other properly, do not understand each other, or feel disconnected from each other, Relationship healing provides the right direction to the relationship.

It is aimed toward the Heart and Sacral chakras, and balancing these chakras improves your ability to give and receive love. Moreover, this healing is especially beneficial for individuals to move on from their painful memories of past relationships or betrayals.

Medical Healing

When your medical reports are normal, but you don’t seem to be feeling well or getting better, this is an alternative form of healing that you can use to bring out any concealed medical problem. 

Medical healing can also heal medical problems that have a mental root cause. It is effective for those with a preoccupation about having an illness and are distressed due to the same.

Additionally, if there is a persistent physical illness, and medicine is proving ineffective, the positive energy channeled through Medical healing can assist the medicine to take effect on your body.

Protection and Blessing Spell

There are times when circumstances or unfavourable planetary positions may cause ill-fate. There may be negative energy surrounding you, hindering you from new ventures or a successful relationship. 

You can cast a protection spell to harness positive cosmic energy, protect you from the negative energy, and receive blessings in your life, to fulfill your dreams and desires.

This spell is most beneficial if done on Tuesdays, Saturdays, new moon and full moon.

Love Spell and Love Honey Spell

Along with a stable career and family life, everyone needs love and emotional support. These spells focus on love and relationships. However, there is a difference between the purpose of the two spells.

Those who are single, unable to find love, or looking to love a specific person in their life can use the Love Spell. Through this spell, you can attract a person towards you, and channel your energy of love towards them.

On the other hand, the Love Honey Spell is beneficial for couples who love each other but have separated due to certain circumstances, or their relationship is going through a tumultuous time, or their feelings for each other are starting to grow faint. In such situations, one needs to add some ‘honey’ to it, and so we call it the Love Honey spell. 

Interestingly, the Love Spell and Love Honey Spell have additional energy when performed on a New Moon or Full Moon, and thus have stronger effects on these days.

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Cord Cutting

Cords are connections between two people that are spiritual in nature. Energy flows from one person to the other through this cord. If this is a negative cord, this flow of negative energy can be draining for a person and may leave them with toxic feelings, unhappiness and anger.

In such a situation, cord cutting is an effective ritual spell that breaks the burden of unwanted relationships or negative cords. In cases where there is a toxic influence of a third person in a romantic relationship, cord cutting helps to remove that so the romantic relationship can stay healthy.

However, it is important to note that cord cutting works only if the person who requires the cord cutting ritual is connected to the other person/relationship forcefully or by compulsion. 

When Does a Love Spell Work?

Our trusted astrologers say: “Spells work on true intentions and on unconditional love.” They don’t work on addiction or anxiety. If two people in love separate for a period of time due to family, career, or unfavourable planetary positions, the Love Honey Spell can ensure that their love does not detach. If the other person’s intentions are true, then the spell works wonders and brings them back to the person who has cast the spell. 

Love spells will fail only when the other person is not interested in the relationship anymore, or they have made up their mind about not wanting to continue the relationship. Spells cast on a person can only work if you have any kind of prior connection or communication with them.

It is important to note that one cannot keep trying to use the same spell if it keeps failing. Like in an IVF treatment, there is a limit for how many times you try it, if you keep failing. If your body rejects the IVF treatment, it fails. Similarly, if the other person’s energy rejects yours, the spell will also be ineffective. But if the other person’s energy accepts yours, the spell is effective and brings happiness in your love life.

How is a Spell different from Magic?

A spell never brings someone or something forcefully. A spell helps you to transfer energy from one person to another, to realign their energy towards yours. To accept or reject it is in the other person’s hands. Moreover, you can use spells to help gain clarity about your relationship. Hence, it is completely different from Vashikaran or magic, which diverts attention towards a person. In short, a spell requires a synergy – a partnership and reciprocation of the energies of two people.

Final Words

Healing and spells provide a vital flow of energy through your body, facilitating wellness and happiness, and channel it to the other person.

These ancient practices have proven effective since time immemorial. Our astrologers and users strongly recommend that a person should try them at least once in their life.



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