Holi 2020- 5 Things You Should Never Donate on Holi

Holi 2020- 5 Things You Should Never Donate on Holi

Holi signifies Blushing pink cheeks, colorful hands, and blissful vibes. Now that Holika Dahan and Holi 2020 is only a few days away, people have started preparing for the celebration.

As a matter of fact, Indian festivals are all about spreading happiness and joy in all the forms and seeking blessings of celestials. According to expert Astrologers, Daan or donation is one of the noblest deeds. It adds in our good deeds and offers us blessings of gods. Also, it brings fortune and nobility in your life. However, what are we donating, to whom we are donating and when are we donating are a few important facts that influence the fruit of Daan.

On the festival of colors, many people prefer to celebrate by performing Daan. They have their own freewill for donating according to their capacity. However, there are a few things that are not auspicious to donate. Thus, if you’re going to offer Daan on Holi 2020, here are 5 things that you should not donate-

Used Books and Copies

Donating books and copies and any other education-related accessory is one of the virtuous deeds. However, when you donate new books and copies, it brings prosperity and adds nobility to your Karma. On the other hand, when you donate used books and copies, it adds in your bad deeds. Also, it averts the fortune you may attract from performing Daan. Thus, you must not donate any education relating accessory on Holi.

Worn Clothes

Clothes are one of the basic things to donate any person whether poor or not. Nonetheless, on an occasion like Holi, you should not intend to donate a used cloth. Instead, according to your capacity donate newly purchased clothes. By grace, you’ll be able to earn twice what you donate. Also, if a person comes to your place for donations at this festival, in the place of old clothes offer them food and a special offering of the festivals.

Steel Utensils

According to Hindu mythology, the donation of steel utensils lessens delight and cheerfulness at your place. It causes misfortune, misery, and emotional suffering. Thus, you must not Daan any steel utensils on Holi. Alternatively, donate wheat, rice, and Gulal.

Used Oil

Donating oil pleases Lord Shani or Planet Saturn. It helps a person get rid of the malefic effect of Saturn. However, donating used oil brings adverse impact. It angers Shani Deva. Therefore, don’t donate used oil. As an alternative, use fresh oil to Daan any auspicious person.

Plastic Items

Most of us use a plastic container for daily use, storage, and numerous other uses. However, when it comes to Daan, you must not think to give any kind of plastic container. It brings misery, bad luck, and poverty in the family. In addition, you should not donate a broomstick.

Best Things to Donate on Holi 2020

  • Sweets like Gujiya, Laddu, Gulabjamun, Shakkar Para, and Halwa.
  • Holi special snacks such as Papad, Dahi-Vada, Namak Para, and Dal Kachori.
  • Gulal, Rang, and Abeer.
  • New clothes.
  • Wheat and rice.

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