How each Zodiac Sign Manipulates Others?


Being manipulative is a human trait. Everyone is manipulative and clever to get their things done. However, the trick varies from person to person. Each zodiac has a special way of manipulating others. Read further to know and be careful next time your friend tries to manipulate you.


Aries are relentless and don’t give up easily. They manipulate others by keeping at one if they want someone to do something. They don’t care much about others and what their things to be done. Often, they will hide their pushiness behind a sweet smile or lovely talk. Be smart! Don’t be fooled. They don’t care about anything as long as their wishes are fulfilled.


Taurus is an expert in playing the victim card. They may induce guilt in others by giving a sob or showing as if the world has beaten them. They are the strongest but they can act being weak so well. If you have a Taurus acquaintance, be smart. They will fool you with the victim card and you won’t even come to know.


The Gemini manipulates by hiding the truth or should I ay, by lying. Yes! They do lie and they can rationalize others with it. They may say they are going to take a drastic step when they are actually not. Moreover, they can also terminate a situation worst when it is not that bad.


This overemotional and mood zodiac neither lies nor plays the victim card. They actually make one seem a situation worse than actually it is. After a breakup, they might be sad and convinced as well that they will find true love soon. However, while looking at them you may feel as if a mountain had fallen on their head. The one witnessing cancer’s heartbreak will b ready to do anything to make them feel good.


Leo manipulates by minimizing their talks and behavior. This zodiac is confident but a bit egoistic as well. And, when their ego comes in between it con lead to negative consequences for others. If they are going to do a task that may bring benefits to them and loss to others, they will manipulate it such that it will sound to be good for both the parties.


This zodiac taunts in an indirect manner. They don’t directly say their heart out instead they will give you hints. Virgo may even give you vague suggestions that may sem the idea cam from your mind however it was actually a Virgo’s plan. They re too sneaky and clever.


Libra uses the manipulative trick of ignorance. They may show you they don’t have relevant skills and they can’t do any work. It simply means an indication of their work. At times, they can also be flirty to their work done.


This zodiac masters the act of emotional blackmailing. They can make you seem a minor mistake into a major one. You may feel you will lose them forever if you don’t listen to them. This manipulative trick of their actually works. They can even spill out all your secrets if you don’t go as per their wishes.


These people act too nice to manipulate. Whenever they want others to do their work, they act so sweet. They will ask you to do something for them in such a manner that you will simply not be able to refuse. If you want to learn the act of true kindness, learn it from Sagittarius.


Capricon can use the weapon of their knowledge to get things done. They will make you feel dumb and as if you need guidance. You may feel so low in front of them and will not be able to refuse their work. This is what a Capricon’s plan of action.


This zodiac signs ghosts people and that is quite manipulative. One second they will be replying to your texts while the other they may be in total silence. This will make you desperate and this will compel you to do work for them. You will not be even come to know and you will be manipulated.


This zodiac manipulates others by not taking responsibility for their actions. It is not their fault that something happened or someone got hurt. They were just doing their thing and lost in their thoughts. Pisces feel they are not accountable for anything because they are so creative and unique.

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