How Gemini People Are Misunderstood?


Gemini is the third sign of the Zodiac signs. The dates fall from 21st May to 21st June. The Twins of Castor and Palmer represents this sign. Geminis like to gather information as well as share it. Geminis gather love even though they are career-driven. They are fun-loving people who are lively, versatile and quick-witted.

However, people often misjudge Geminis. This is because of a lot of reasons. Nevertheless, it is time to understand them and give them a chance. This summer lets try to see how people misinterpret Geminis.

Gemini- Multi-faceted?

Many people assume that Geminis have many personalities or are “two persons” because the “Twins” represent their sign. However, this is not true. Geminis have multiple interests. For example, they may like reading books and staying alone but may also go partying or go skydiving.

They are a mutable sign. This means that they don’t have a fixed character and that they will change it according to other signs. Hence, they have dual-natures and are not double-faced. The word double-faced has a negative connotation, usually indicating deceit.

That is why it is important to understand that Geminis have multiple interests and personalities, and are not double-faced just because they have multiple natures. 


The twins, people say, have a flirtatious streak in them. They are often called out because of this. Geminis often flirt harmlessly and for fun. They like going out to parties, meeting people and socializing with them.


Often, they become friends and indulge in casual flirting. However, they understand when it is acceptable and when it is not acceptable. Many people assume that they are perpetually flirtatious and have deeper intentions. 

But the truth is that they know when to be well-mannered and when to be charming. Geminis are friendly, not flirtatious.


Many people often say that Gemini is wishy-washy because they can quickly shift opinions and get distracted easily. This roots out of their “multi-faceted” personality. Yes, they do change their opinions or decisions from time to time.

However, this is not because they do not have a good attention span or do not have a stance or a perspective, but it is because they want to understand the different sides of the truth.

Gemini always want to know the truth. They will keep trying to learn new things and explore new ideas. As a result, people misjudge them and call them flaky. However, in reality, they are simply trying to become more aware of the truth. 


When it comes to talking about Gemini most obvious trait, people often say that they are unreliable and cannot be trusted. This is because they tend to change their perspectives quite often.

When a person says that they love you and then says that they don’t, you may want to believe that they are unreliable and untrustworthy.

You may not trust them with your emotions and feelings. However, one should consider that just because a person changes their opinions or thoughts, it doesn’t mean that they cannot be relied on. Geminis can be trustworthy and dependable as well. 


Because of their flirtatious, outgoing and energetic nature, people often call them superficial. Gemini like going out, meeting people and having a great time. Yes, they sometimes go overboard with their social life and extroversion.


However, calling them fake or superficial can be a little unfair,  especially when people call all Gemini fake. The truth is that they want to, in fact, get deeper into the matter and see beneath the surface of things.

This helps them get a holistic perspective, which helps them make better and more informed decisions. Therefore, they should not be called fake, rather more mature and responsible. 


A lot of times, Gemini are straight-up called aloof or cold-hearted. This is because they do not wear their hearts on their sleeves. They tend to be more practical with things. They often are seen as distant because they focus on both sides of the spectrum in an argument or a situation and don’t take “sides”.

As a result, their loved ones often feel like they do not have feelings. However, in reality, they do care about people who are close to them. Like mentioned earlier, they like to take time to get to the whole truth and because of this, they come off as distant. Nevertheless, when given the chance, they try their best to show love and support.

For ages, Gemini has been misinterpreted and judged for having undesirable personality traits and have been the center of many astrological rumors.

As a result, their special and likable qualities such as their lively spirit, their outgoing nature, their genuine friendliness, the ability to make things perfect, and their generosity and hospitality were often overshadowed.

Nevertheless,  this coming June, let us try to understand Gemini better by understanding them and giving them another chance. 

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