How To Know From Kundli Why My Boyfriend Is Not Talking To Me?

What to do if boyfriend is not talking as per astrology

Are you feeling lost and wondering why your boyfriend not talking to you? The answer may lie in your Kundli, a birth chart in Vedic astrology. By analyzing the planetary positions and their influences on your relationship, you can gain valuable insights into the reasons behind your boyfriend’s silence. With the help of Kundli, you can identify the astrological factors affecting your communication. And, also you can take steps to improve your relationship. Let’s explore how you can use Kundli to decode the mysteries of your boyfriend’s behavior and restore harmony in your relationship. So, let’s dive in!

Role of Mercury in kundli

Mercury plays a significant role in a Kundli when it comes to the aspect of communication, especially in the context of a boyfriend not talking. In astrology, Mercury symbolizes the planet of intellect, speech, and expression. Its placement and influence in one’s Kundli can shed light on how an individual communicates and connects with others, including their boyfriend. When Mercury is afflicted or weakened in a Kundli, it can cause communication hurdles, leading to a boyfriend not talking. Such a planetary position may create misunderstandings, misinterpretations, or even a lack of interest in verbal expression within the relationship. Consequently, it becomes crucial to examine the placement of Mercury and find remedies to restore effective communication.

However, if Mercury is favorably positioned in the Kundli, it empowers the individual with excellent communication skills, facilitating smooth conversations with their boyfriend. A strong Mercury fosters clear articulation, active listening, and effective expression of thoughts and emotions. It encourages healthy dialogue, leading to better understanding and nurturing of the relationship. Transits of Mercury also play a pivotal role in influencing communication patterns. During its retrograde phase, Mercury may disrupt communication channels, resulting in miscommunications, delays, or even a boyfriend not talking. However, it’s essential to note that such periods are temporary and offer an opportunity to reflect, reassess, and realign communication strategies within the relationship.

To address communication challenges caused by Mercury’s negative influence, astrological remedies can be considered. These remedies include recitation of Mercury mantras, performing specific rituals, wearing gemstones associated with Mercury, and seeking guidance from an experienced astrologer. Hence, the placement and influence of Mercury in a Kundli hold a significant role in shaping communication dynamics, which can directly impact the relationship, resulting in a boyfriend not talking. 

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Retrograde planets and communication issues

Retrograde planets can have an impact on communication, and this could be the reason why your boyfriend is not talking. When a planet goes retrograde, it appears to be moving backward in its orbit. This can cause confusion and delays in communication. For example, when Mercury goes retrograde, it can lead to misunderstandings, miscommunications, and delays in important conversations. This can be frustrating for both parties involved, especially if one person is not talking at all. Additionally, retrograde planets can also bring up issues from the past that may need to be addressed in order to move forward in a relationship. This can be difficult to navigate, especially if your boyfriend is not willing to talk about what is bothering him.

However, it is important to remember that retrograde planets are not an excuse for poor communication. While they can certainly make things more challenging, it is still possible to have open and honest conversations with your partner. One way to approach this situation is to be patient and understanding. Try to give your boyfriend space and time to process his thoughts and feelings. Additionally, you can try to initiate conversations in a gentle and non-confrontational way. It may also be helpful to seek the advice of an astrologer, who can provide insight into the specific retrograde planets that may be affecting your relationship. With their guidance, you can work to overcome communication issues and strengthen your bond with your boyfriend.

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Significance of the 5th house in Kundli

The 5th house in Kundli holds immense significance in astrology, particularly when it comes to matters related to romance, creativity, and self-expression. When analyzing a Kundli, the state of the 5th house can shed light on various aspects of a person’s love life and artistic abilities. In the case of a boyfriend not talking, understanding the implications of the 5th house can provide valuable insights. The 5th house represents love affairs, romantic relationships, and one’s approach to dating. It governs the joy and happiness experienced through such connections. If your boyfriend is not talking, analyzing his 5th house can reveal potential reasons behind this behavior.

Transiting through the 5th house, the planet Venus plays a crucial role in determining the level of communication in a romantic relationship. A strong and well-positioned Venus fosters open and expressive dialogue between partners. On the other hand, if Venus is afflicted or weak, it can hinder effective communication, resulting in a boyfriend’s reluctance to talk. Additionally, the 5th house is associated with creativity and self-expression. It governs artistic talents, hobbies, and passion projects. If your boyfriend is experiencing a creative block or feeling uninspired, it could impact his overall communication, including his willingness to talk.

By examining the 5th house, astrologers can also uncover the influence of other planets and their aspects. For example, a challenging aspect between Mercury and Saturn may indicate shyness or introversion, leading to a boyfriend’s silence. Conversely, harmonious aspects between Mercury and Jupiter can foster intellectual conversations and a more talkative nature. Understanding the significance of the 5th house in Kundli astrology offers valuable insights into the dynamics of romantic relationships and the reasons behind a boyfriend’s silence.

Remedies for improving communication with your boyfriend

Improving communication with your boyfriend is crucial for a healthy and fulfilling relationship. In astrology, certain remedies can help enhance the flow of communication and strengthen the bond between you and your partner.

  • Firstly, perform the Mercury planet mantra chant daily to improve communication skills. This powerful mantra, such as “Om Budhaya Namaha,” enhances the positive influence of Mercury, the planet associated with the communication.
  • Additionally, wearing gemstones like Emeralds or Peridot can boost your communication abilities. These stones align with Mercury’s energy, facilitating clear and effective expression.
  • Light a green candle during your conversations. Green symbolizes growth, harmony, and balance, which can help create a peaceful and open environment for communication to flourish.
  • Create a communication altar by placing a picture of you and your boyfriend along with a pair of rose quartz crystals. Rose quartz is the stone of love and harmony, promoting understanding and compassion in relationships.
  • Practice active listening during conversations. Give your full attention to your boyfriend, maintain eye contact, and avoid interrupting. This helps establish a deeper connection and encourages him to express his thoughts and feelings freely.
  • Incorporate breathing exercises into your daily routine. Deep, mindful breathing helps reduce stress and anxiety, allowing you to communicate more calmly and effectively.
  • Keep a journal to write down your thoughts and emotions. This practice can help you reflect on your communication patterns and identify areas that need improvement.

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