How to tell if a person likes you – Discover through their zodiac sign

How to tell if a person likes you – Discover through their zodiac sign

All of us want to be loved. The initial stages of any romance are the most exciting yet confusing stages in one’s love life. While some people prefer hiding their emotions, others can’t help but make it obvious. Some love stories remain incomplete due to people not knowing someone’s feelings for them. According to astrology, we can know whether someone likes us or not based on their zodiac signs.


Aries is one of the most confident and upfront zodiac signs. So, they make it obvious and might tell you it in a straightforward manner if an Aries likes you. They won’t make you guess and wonder. Besides, an Aries needs to be sure of the personality of the person they like. They need to know what they are getting into. So they might ask you relationship-specific questions if they are into you. These questions might be very personal to a person.


If a Taurus finds reasons to constantly stay physically close to you, they are definitely into you. They are the ones who will try to express their feelings by leaning their head on your shoulder. Moreover, a Taurus will tend to compliment your appearance and will be extremely sweet. Since Taurus observe and appreciate finer details and beauty in life the most, they try to make sure that they appreciate your beauty multiple times if they are crushing on you. Also, they might try to break the ice by cracking a joke. Above all, one can assume that a Taurus likes you if they show signs of jealousy. This jealousy is quite evident, even though they try to hide it.


It is very easy to decide whether a Gemini likes you or not. They make it very obvious if they like someone. They are the ones who become touchy and flirty – and aren’t shy to show how they feel. Moreover, it is very difficult to entertain a Gemini. They get bored very easily. However, if a Gemini is into you, they laugh at everything you say. You become the most entertaining person they know and they never seem to get bored of you. Moreover, they will keep the momentum going on.


Cancer is one of the most caring zodiac signs. So, Cancer becomes overprotective about their loved ones. This is the first sign you can notice if a Cancer is crushing on you. They are the individuals who will ask you to text them when you reach home. In addition, Cancers are amazing conversationalists and have great social skills. Surprisingly, if a Cancer falls for you, they start behaving nervous and shy. They avoid any eye-contact. Moreover, if a Cancer mentions you and their mom in the same conversation multiple times, it means that the Cancer really likes you.


Leos are very confident and will mostly confront and tell you if they like you. Also, Leos generally like being the providers. So, if Leo likes you, they will be ready to do anything for you. If you notice a Leo constantly offering to help you, while setting their priorities aside at the moment, they are definitely into you. Moreover, Leo’s are known for being the center of attraction at any place they go. They enjoy this. But, if Leo likes you, they will try to make things about you. They become willing to let you be the decision-maker.


Virgos are perfectionists and are known to pay attention to detail to most of the things in life. If a Virgo likes you, they can be seen analyzing you a lot. They analyze everything about the person they like – their behavior, likes, dislikes, etc. Virgo’s generally don’t care much about others. But, if they start prioritizing you and your needs above anything else, they are totally into you. They do this to make you feel special and happy. They will do small favors for you.


Libras are extremely charming and kind individuals. Firstly, they start behaving contrary if they like you. They suddenly become timid and shy in front of the person they like. This shift in Libra’s behavior can be a huge giveaway. Secondly, Libras become very flirtatious if they like someone. Thirdly, a Libra always tries to show off the person they like/love to others. You might feel like a trophy due to this.


Scorpios don’t talk much about themselves. However, if a Scorpio is into you, they will make sure to share personal details of their lives with you. They are the ones who will stalk you even on social media. In addition, they tend to become protective and possessive. This can also lead to jealousy, which can be toxic sometimes. Their obsession is driven out of their curiosity. Above all, Scorpios enjoy spending their time in solitude at their homes. So, if a Scorpio leaves their home to spend time with you, they are definitely into you.


Sagittarius too like Scorpios can become possessive and protective if they like you. But, this possessiveness can sometimes be way too much and can be toxic. You might feel like you need more personal space. When a Sagittarius likes you, they will ALWAYS want to be around you. You become the center of their world and they are willing to do anything for you. Your wish will be their command. In addition, it is a big giveaway if a Sagittarius remembers every small detail of your life.


Firstly, when a Capricorn likes you, they focus shifts from their professional behavior to a carefree version of themselves. Sometimes it might feel like a hot and cold behavior. One day they could be flirting with you, and they could completely ignore you the next day. After thinking a lot, if they are sure about liking you, and they introduce you to their friends, it is a huge giveaway. Another small tellable sign is that they can suddenly be softer and cheesy when they have a crush on you.


Aquarius is a very independent individual. They are too proud of themselves and so they generally don’t ask people for help. So if they let you do things for them, they definitely like you. They are introverts and enjoy being alone. They also can get easily detached from people and things. So, if an Aquarius wants to spend their time with you, they are totally into you.


Pisces are very secretive. If they let you into their inner dark side or thoughts, they are probably into you. Moreover, if they look at you with adorable eyes that are filled with admiration and respect for you, you can say that they are crushing on you. Above all, when a Pisces likes you, they will want to be there with you all the time. They will do everything for you, to make your life easier.

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