How Does Your Sleeping Position Affect Your Health?

How Does Your Sleeping Position Affect Your Health

People are likely to sleep in any position as they feel most comfortable but that favorite position and end up with health problems, ranging from acne sleep apnea and spinal problem. There are different sleeping positions people usually sleep in. Read ahead the pros and cons of some common sleeping position



The majority of people sleep in fetal position Of all the sleep positions, this position makes the natural curve of the spine that our bodies as when we’re in the womb as a fetus. It provides relief from the long day of working in a straight spine and improves circulation and is especially beneficial while pregnancy since it helps nutrients reach the baby.


This position can make you feel hard to breathe and end up hurting the spine and blood as this position does not support the spine properly.

Sleeping over side

It is studied that as we come closer to adulthood more people prefer to over their sides. Most people around their 60s sleep on their side. There are two variations when we sleep over side some people prefer sleeping over their left side and some to their right. Both positions have different effects on the body.

Sleeping over the right side


Sleeping on the right is good for the heart and said to prevent heart attacks while sleeping.


But sleeping over the right side can cause numbness in your arm, acidity, and heartburn as it’s easy for stomach acids to come through the esophagus when we sleep over the right side.

Sleeping over the left side


If you are a side sleeper, you should consider sleeping on your left side. It decreases acid reflux and heartburn, improves digestion and drain toxins from lymph nodes, improves blood circulation, and helps your brain clean waste.


Sleeping on the left side can exert pressure on the stomach and lungs and put a lot of stress on the shoulders.

NOTE: you should keep your legs stacked, as it can inadvertently rotate your spine, which can lead to pain in your hips.

Sleeping over stomach


It decreases chronic snoring and helps in sleep apnea.


It is the worst sleeping position, especially if for people with back problems. For starters, this position throws off the natural curve of your spine by flattening it out. It also puts some serious strain on your neck since sleeping on your stomach means that you’re going to have your head turned to the side all night, which in turn messes with your spine’s natural alignment in the neck.

Sleeping over back


Sleeping on your back has the potentially ideal sleeping position to provide complete support to the spine. Since it spread body weight evenly over back and it doesn’t call for a lot of readjusting throughout the night. Plus, You can also prevent acid reflux by sleeping on your back since your esophagus is slightly higher than the stomach. This position is great for preventing wrinkles or sagging since you don’t have anything rubbing up against your face or pressure on your breast.


Back sleeping can cause apnea and chronic snoring since it destabilizes your upper air. It also makes spine flat all night and can end up undue pressure.

How to prevent the effects of a bad position?

Most of the problem is created because of the wrong spinal position as it has 33 bone and needs to be in their natural position. A person can improve the position of the spine by ensuring the head, shoulders and hips are in the same line, and that the back is properly supported. The best way to do this is usually by sleeping on the back and choosing a good mattress.

Sleep is an important time for the body to recover and refresh, but for too many people, time spent in bed is plagued by back pain. People with serious back pain may find it hard to get good sleep, and sleeping in an unsupported position can lead to backaches.


The sleeping position should play a leading role in deciding which mattress you should buy. Every sleeping position demands unique support based on the number of bulging and convex areas created between your body and the mattress. The right mattress for one’s body will provide support to these gaps, but also provide the right amount of support in deeper layers to keep your spine aligned properly.

An ideally soft mattress can even decrease the effects of a bad sleeping posture and helps in falling asleep faster.

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